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Trump slams Sen. Murphy meeting with Iranian regime, weighs in on AG Barr

President Trump speaks to the press before departing for a fundraiser in California. 

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  1. I'd retain coaxing if I we're you

  2. Senator Murphy should be charged under the Logan Act just like John Kerry and obama.

  3. It's illegal what Murphy did. And the congress has NO authority in foreign affairs. Trump needs to send a signal and arrest this POS for treason. Murphy is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

  4. You can hear that Trump is not there for himself, but for the USA and the people.

  5. Ask him if he's gonna pardon Rodger Stone once more . Clowns .

  6. This man is evil to the core. Bad to the bone. Scumbag trump.

  7. It's Great when you tell one person a stupid story and mention one key detail, then it gets back to you.
    Now you know who the spy is.
    Now you know who can't keep a secret when you asked them not to say anything.

  8. A strong President, with absolutely no fear of the fake msm press, that has treated him with zero decorum and bias. Have never seen a more transparent POTUS than President Trump!

  9. Dems still lying. Calling my Potus a liar. Why so desperately trying to smear my President.?


  11. Donald Trump is Kryptonite to the Demo rats, Rinos and NWO Globalists…WAKEUP/PUSHBACK/MAGA 💎

  12. I thought it is illegal for these pip squeaks, like Murphy to go behind the presidents back like this? Prosecute some of these crimes and quit letting them off the hook and it will stop. I am so sick of the undermining of the Presidents office and power. IT IS ILLEGAL!

  13. I whish President post pones his visit to India for a short times and President should pressurize Indian govt to remove the law of CAA<NPR<NCR so on which is biased to the real native of the land. These Aryans and Brahmans came to India from neighbor countries. specially Aryans are form Iran

  14. man this guy is simply awesome. Seriously, no BS from him, no thought of if I say this I will get fewer votes etc. Just think people, and I know this for sure with some inside knowledge when he wanted to go after China with tariffs many advise him to wait for reelection. He said no, we are here to do a job and I will not let anyone steal from our country another day. Tell me who would take such a risk with everything the Dems were throwing at him plus a very hostile mainstream media. This guy will go down as one of the greatest presidents.

  15. Exactly. He tells different people at the WH stories and then he traps them when that certain story comes out. Process of elimination. Smart man!!

  16. Still waiting for that big tax break for the middle class you promised just before the midterm elections. lol–suckers

  17. Lmao the ads on this video are slamming trump🤣 total waste of money IMHO 😂

  18. In President Trump we trust , God bless you sir , The vast majority of the civilized world are with you ,

  19. You are not the chief law enforcement officer in the country. Social media and Fox allow you to spew lies unchecked. And people supporting you here are clueless suckers.

  20. Aww I see looks like the president is the leaker after all.

  21. God i love president Trump!

  22. Who would have guessed that Donald Trump would be or potentially could be in top three effective presidents in the history of America. Just goes to show that Americans have been looking in the wrong place for our leadership. No more lawyers leading this country.

  23. Check out Roger Stones meeting at Oxford University. What a treat!

  24. The Democrat Party is not democratic.

  25. Thank YOU President Trump – for YOUR INTEGRITY, YOUR Communicating with the people IN HONESTY, I knew you were gonna be GREAT, I didn't expect you to CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF THE US of A and also for those abroad. May God continue to bring you peace, love, and grace. God Bless you dear man. THANKS AGAIN!!! and AGAIN.


  27. Notice how Trump states it was the same "people, Comey, Fitzpatrick …" Stating how crooked Comey & Co are.
    Trump is Pro America and pro a merican citizen. The swamp hates America and hates Americans.
    Best President Ever 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  28. When a President puts Israel before the United States of America? He's NOT our President. President Trump is a sell out.

  29. President Donald Trump is the best president in americas history.

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