Trump speaks on US air strike that killed Iranian general Soleimani

President Trump delivered swift remarks on the US airstrike that killed Iranian’s top general Qassem Soleimani.

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  1. Troom peeettttt…..that meaning kentut

  2. Look at all the fake Trumper posts here !!
    A bunch of cowards trolls and bots .
    The 2020 election will illustrate the same lack of investment in education ,
    the 2016 so painfully highlighted.
    Have you noticed that cowards always hide and point fingers .
    Have you noticed all the supporters of the draft dodging president who hide behind a fake name.
    Big mouths and little people. Claiming to be Patriots but too much a coward to stand by their statements.
    I guess it's the same inferiority complex that gun dealers use to drive sales ,
    sorry kids no college fund Daddy needs another AK .
    The same inferiority complex that makes them strike out at humans of various colors and religions.
    ( Only my belief system is valid )
    The same inferiority complex that fuels the hate they feel for anyone who they fear is better read ,better educated
    ( I am not )and anyone who weighs less and is better looking ( ha )
    Cowards hiding behind fake names are poorly socialized Insecure and immature .
    more than 600 accounts tied to the pro-Trump conspiracy website The Epoch Times was using identities created by artificial intelligence to push stories .
    The network called “The BL” was run by Vietnamese users posing as Americans, using fake photos generated by algorithms to simulate be real identities and push misleading and false protrump propaganda. The Epoch Media group, which pushes a variety of pro-Trump conspiracy theories, spent $9.5 million on ads to spread content through the now-suspended pages and groups.
    It's easy to manipulate trump supporters .

    Lindsey Graham said
    "He's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot," Graham continued. "He doesn't represent my party. He doesn't represents the values that the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for. … He's the ISIL man of the year."

    Kevin McCarthy said
    There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” McCarthy (R-Calif.) said, according to a recording of the June 15, 2016, exchange, which was listened to and verified 

    Ted Cruz said
    It is the case that Donald, there have been multiple media reports about Donald's business dealings with the mob, with the mafia. Maybe his taxes show those business dealings are a lot more extensive than has been reported"

    And now to save his job he is going to start a war .
    Bet not one of his kids sees combat .
    Draftdodger criminal front man

  3. Trump fired the General

  4. Thing is Iran attacked the US first. Trump is just responding. Why would the best military in the world sit and let someone attack their country? Trump doing the right thing.

  5. Judge ye not. Only our God in heaven knows how to permanently cut off the head of the snake. Just be ready for when he comes keep your household in order treat others like you would like to be treated and Make Disciples of others in other words share the truth of the Gospel

  6. who the u think u are trump aaahhhh soon some1 will take action and u will be terminated

  7. Trump to Soleimani: I want you to say 'allo to my lil friend! Say "allo to el Baghdadi and bin Ladin when you see them!

  8. Someone else will just take his place. It’s time we stop risking war and find a diplomatic resolution to these issues.

  9. I don't want a war I just want to live

  10. Over all the years all we heard is how each administration "Kicked the Iran can down the road"……. This administration said right from the start that we need to send a message to all who wish to challenge us….so they picked up the proverbial can and recycled it into a missile….then sent it where it was most needed….. Ummmm, Iran? We have LOTS of cans here to recycle…..not forgetting to mention all the JUNK import cars……just sayin'…….

  11. Some people were playing with the new drone that Santa left them as a gift. They thought it would be neat to drop water balloons on cars. A guy said,"hey, let's see what happens if we attach a firecracker to it and drop one!" BOOM! Worked pretty well! Wait, it did what? To whom? Really?? Sweet!

  12. Finally got that sob, best New year's ever. Hurray for Trump and his administration on a job well done.

  13. At this point I'm convinced a 4th grader in a General's uniform could be promoted to a Chief military strategist position at the White House

  14. I used to hate trump now thank you trump

  15. Triumph is fool and thinking rest as fools

  16. Did he just say best military?
    Thats so funny.

  17. Is it me or does this fucker look coked tf out

  18. I am so proud of my President right now!! MAGA love!!

  19. And George Soros still roams.


  21. IMPOTUS didn't know who Soleimani was last week.

  22. Solemani was a bad man, working for bad men, in a fine country of an oppressed very evolved people.

  23. Hi Trump …What If We Live To This World Peacefully ? No War, ?

  24. here we go again 🤦🏻‍♂️

  25. Excellent work brother president trump.. love this guy . Any one that Creates havoc terrorist and that hurts men and women and children.its time to send those people back home down below. Trump 2020

  26. Selfish Americans people all over the world are going hungry and all they can think of is who is more powerful US or Iran, US or Russia, US or China. Stop thinking about yourselves for once!

  27. We should all be vigilant about irresponsible media reporting. Don't let the media manipulate us and lead the world into war. Pray because domestic American politics is destroying the world… they're using Iran to fight a domestic war on foreign land. They want to use this Iran issue against Trump. Nobody cares especially the irresponsible media if their irresponsible reporting will lead to war and hunger across the world.

  28. Estados Unidos Es el cáncer del Mundo Ojalá y lo bombardeen 🇺🇸🤢🇺🇸🤢🇺🇸🤢🇺🇸🤢🇺🇸🤢🇺🇸🤢

  29. They took out number 2 man so number 1 man knows he can be taken out just as easily.
    Probably sweating right now hiding like Saddam while talking tough!

  30. My call of duty skills bouta come in real handy

  31. Secret Service where are you??????? youd better be on top of your game. Or else! youll be answering to ME!🐬im meaner than i look!🐝

  32. Make a coffin for your soldiers, revenge is near
    We coming soon

  33. I love you Trump but we the United States have destabilized the Middle East for the last 30 years

  34. Gotta admit he is a character. I don't think this is a diversion from the impeachment either, I think he will do as much damage as he possibly can get away with before he's Out

  35. At last. A guy with an actual pair of balls.

  36. Nobody:
    Trump: We will build a great warrr

  37. All #45 supporters should be the first to stand up and serve
    "YOUR" POTUS!!

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