Trump stock market rally outpacing past presidents

White House domestic policy adviser Joe Grogan discusses President Trump’s work to improve the American economy.

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  1. It was highest before the last crash. The government falsely pump the market and everybody is buying things with borrowed money they don't have and buying things they can't afford. If you think this is a good thing…you're a moron!

  2. This has nothing to do with impeachment

  3. Because he keeps messing with the fed ,propping it up

  4. President for all times. Rocks.

  5. The left doesn't want to have a booming economy, ever! No matter who's in office. They want Americans struggling. They depend on Americans struggling. The better we the people are doing the less we need the government involved in our lives! That a deadly sin to the left. They can't control you if you don't need them!

  6. When adjusting for inflation and productivity gains, it turns out that 90% of Americans haven't had a pay increase in over 40 years…

  7. If you have a successful economy you are paying off debt, not borrowing more. In 2020 the US will borrow US$1.2 Trillion to add to the $23 trillion it already owes.

    Americans are kidding themselves.

  8. Useful Idiots / NPCs tryin' to discuss the Market's hilarious. Obumbler had the worst unemployment ratesince the GD an' a dismal GDP an' pumped money into the Market to create an illusion while Trump's created jobs, brought jobs back through much needed tax cuts, a GDP that we haven't seen since Reagan an' dissolved job killin' regs an' the Bull Market's a result of it all. This is a reality opposed to Obumbler's fake economy.

  9. Why Obama administration did not use money transfer to send 1.7 billion USD to Iran? There is the case – if they do money transfer from USA bank, this transaction would be trackable, because money transfer is a proof – we know who sent money, how much and to whom. If Obama administration sent 1.7 billion USD from US bank, using fresh bills in cash, it would be trackable, because fresh bills have similar serial numbers. It would be easy to track this specific numbers anywhere on the Earth. Since I know from internet Obama administration for some reason did it via Switzerland bank instead of direct money transfer. This Swiss bank sold them 1.7 billion of USD in used bills. Switzerland bank does not print US money, they may only collect it. So, the bank collected bills in advance, for any reason, and possessed some portion of used USD bills, kept them in safe just “in case”. One day officials from USA appeared, or made phone call, or contacted the bank using internet. They asked Switzerland bank for 1.7 billion USD in cash and the bank, asked by US administration officials, agreed to transfer 1.7 billion of USD from their safe to mean of transportation of US administration officials, on their demand. Administration organized transport of this money to Iran – because it was said somewhere in internet, that Obama had this money on his airplane, when he arrived to Iran to sign the agreement – and US administration had to pay for that transaction to Switzerland bank – because money is commodity – and probably they paid for USD in USD. So they bought 1.7 billion USD from Switzerland bank in used bills, and paid for that let's say 1.8 USD using direct money transfer from administration account in another US bank. They could use the same money transfer in direct way, and pay directly to Iran using money transfer, but for some reason they preferred to pay much more to Switzerland bank for cash in used bills. The question is "why they decided to pay more for used bills" and reasonable answer is "because these 170000 of packages 100x100USD were used to bribery". Is that makes any sense? Why not? Do you have some other reasonable explanation? Please do not try to explain, that any USD bill has number, and because of that is trackable – this is not true, the bill is not trackable as long, as somebody want to track it. If numbers of bills from 1.7 billion of USD were collected, probably it would be easy to find it – and in my opinion these bills are mostly in USA, not in Iran.

  10. Trump/Fed bubble outpacing past presidents. What will happen to Trump if this record bubble pops up before November?

  11. This recession will last as twice as long as the great depression. 10 times more debt and its not going anywhere.

  12. You know, it's never enough for some people. "Let us know what the president is going to do about our debt." Seriously? Really? If you have 0bummer 2.0 in the WH, we would be MORE in debt AND we would have NOTHING to show for it. NOTHING. Debt. Please. Let's just first get the country back on track like president Trump is doing.

  13. People are lemmings to believe by being blinded by a con man. Thanks Obama for the economy.

  14. President Trump said the American people will get tired of winning if he's Pres. He's done everything he said he would. This country is respected around the world again. I just came from S. Africa, people love Trump there. People in Canada wish he was their Pres. Trump looks out for America. Trump 2020

  15. Please invest in cryptocurrency

  16. People…the Dow Jones and S&P have been hitting all time highs basically daily since February, 2013. Trump inherited them at all time highs, hence if they go up on any given day the chances that it will be an all time are pretty good. That being said…great job so far Trump! Keep it up. But lets cut the BS partisan crap and stop pretending we haven't had a great 10 years of investing under both presidents overall since around 2009 since the recession started to turn around.

  17. The world economy is based on Oil production and We are the #1 Oil producing nation on Earth Thank you President Obama.

    Mid-west farmers are getting Government subsides because of Trump's Twitter account and Carrier jobs in the Indiana , Trump and Pence promised to stay in Indiana gone to Mexico, GE jobs gone to China, GM jobs gone to Mexico and Canada and Bikers for Trump your Harley Davidsons will now be called Rice burners Made in Thailand. Billionaire tax breaks are indefinite when middle class tax breaks expire.

    All you have is inviromental deregulations to boost the existing fracking shale Oil production. In this economy we could of badly needed infrastructure and paid down the National debt …tic tok, tic ,tok , tic

  18. Dem candidates have no agenda or platform to run on, Lies, smokescreens and fake racists claims are all they have left.

  19. And you know that not one Progressive Lefty will give him credit for this in any shape or form.

  20. Yes they are all liars and dishonest people. They told us the economy would crash if Trump became POTUS.Where is an apology for their foolishness? Recession, Recession a few months ago. No one will trust these so called experts again.

  21. How many people get him mixed up with Joe Rogan at restaurant s

  22. If I borrowed 2 trillion I could show u a good stock market. Record high, what a joke. Gee the bubbles lookin great

  23. Let’s see Russian collusion nope that didn’t work, white supremacy nope that didn’t work, Stormy Daniels nope that didn’t work well let’s accuse him of what Joe Biden is guilty of Ukraine well no Quid Pro Quo. Just impeach him and get him out well get ready for President Trumps re-election in 2020. It’ll be a landslide!!!

  24. The problem with crediting a President for stock market behavior is that they have little effect. It's the thousands of companies and millions of workers and customers who move the market, although Presidents aren't alone in taking credit for what happens beyond their reach.

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