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Trump Suffers ANOTHER Loss

Trump Suffers ANOTHER Loss

Trump can’t get a break lately. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. A young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations. (American Heritage Dictionary)

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  1. Babyboomers and early gen X loves their cable news most don’t even know who AOC is!!

  2. Trade war …trump version…
    Stupid young boys…

  3. Polosi and trump should get married….a union made in heaven

  4. No opinions of Whoopie Goldberg? She’s progressive and a serious ass-kicker.

  5. Cenk, I hear ya. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE between those whom resaearch the POLITICAL ISSUES that affect American Daily Lives VS those THAT SPEW OFF half baked idiotic Rehtorical BS!
    Oliver, Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah, Jim Jefferies, THE TURKS ( YOU ) , Klepper, Mahr and a few Others ACTUALLY DO THEIR RESEARCH ON THESE issues! They bring Informed information out to the public, there might be other sources that are bringing corruption to LIGHT, just today I watched a VOX and some other VIDEO TALKING ABOUT 747 and 737 MAX ( Boeing and its corruption ).

    THE VIEW, FOx News and most right wing media are just talking heads with NO KNOWLEDGE or relevance. Granted I am not a fan of THE VIEW, I just don't think people unwilling to learn beyond their misconceptions on key issues will NVR make TALKING heads any where close to those that actually bring TRUTH TO LIGHT ( against corruption ).

  6. Don't even watch The View

  7. Opaque…and incredibly dense!

  8. Trump & Polosi need locked up … or put in straight jackets…..

  9. Fox news and CNN are a joke, look to you tube for the truth in news, RT News is an example

  10. TYT just heard Michael Avenatti was just hit with more charges for stealing $300k from his star client: Stormy Daniels, and had to respond with another crap propaganda video to feed the rabid leftist anger.

  11. Who watches the view or this garbage anymore???Go back and watch the turks from election night..that's comedy!!

  12. Ana's entire rant starting at 4:05 is hilarious, because of how ironic it is. I'm sure that TYT does some original investigation, and I don't doubt that TYT does their research and tries to get their facts straight. But really, "we'll just have headlines in front of us" was too funny. Everything you guys cover is headlines! If the associated press and the major news outlets shut down for a day you guys would have no material at all.

    And the way you use click bait titles is getting very, very old. Just take this very video as an example. What's the title? "Trump Suffers ANOTHER Loss" When does any discussion of what any reasonable person would believe to be the major lead story of this video begin? 25:00 Yes, 25 minutes into a 42 minute video, the headline is finally discussed. Give me a break!

  13. The Young Turks has nothing meaningful to say and anyone who sincerely watches them and thinks they are news needs to get out of the bubble. I'm not saying you need to like Trump, but the fact that you can't respect diversity in this country is unreal. We all want there to be world peace. We all want there to be an end to poverty. We don't want people to suffer from disease. And by WE I mean everyone. If you honestly believe that everyone who voted for Trump is legitimately evil then your perception of reality is warped.

    We are in a new age and you are being called to participate in making the world a amazing place to live. However, so long as you see the world as US vs THEM you will never know peace. It's this US vs THEM mentality is what causes evil to spread and it should stop. I get it. You're angry; but watching these videos that foster hatred(regardless of who its of) is not helping. I will admit that there are many on the Trump side who also have an incorrect perception of reality, but if all you can do is yell and depersonalize the other side then you have engaged in the same evil that you claim to be against. Make the choice to seek the truth.

  14. Crazy? Rump?
    No, just a conservatard.

  15. So why not a campaign to get Cenk, Ana, or Kyle on The View or other shows?
    Loved Cenk on C-SPAN!

  16. That is a Baghdad Bob type headline. Trump will be re-elected.

  17. How much does Ana cringe every time Cenk says "tick tick tick tick"? Lol.

  18. Progressives threaten the status quo. How can the rich further denigrate the masses of progressive programs are enacted?

  19. I can't stand the VIEW. Even Whoopi disappoints me to no end. I won't watch it. I guess a lot of women what the VIEW because of the hosts. I don't blame women for that, because where else do they have to go for a predominately female point of view? <sigh>

  20. I'll be you libertarian conservative panelist

  21. notice that the networks mostly didn't show that no and no sign on the podium.

  22. That’s because the USA has reality shows like The Jersey Shore… people are stupid and they can be easily duped to think jersey shore dipshits like trump are stable geniuses. Reality shows have been the death of education and critical thinking.

  23. the people become more crazy in USA…that's the major problem of politic

  24. because when the right has no other option, than to admit defeat, they would rather gnaw off their arm to spite the hand of compromise. The View is as msm as Fox…and no different. They furiously compete against each other for sponsors and ratings. Its a Brands game filled with fabulous prizes and life altering contracts that no mere mortal can easily walk away from.

    the appeal of The View was either hijacked or engineered by establishment/media henchmen and timed to use MM as the representative voice of bi-partisan acceptance for Biden, the establishments choice and obvious pick as candidate. The decision has been made, nothing else to say, nothing else to hear and nothing else to see here…Trump wins, even when he loses.

    Pelosi is not the Trump antagonist the left wants her to be…… she is the Fixer and Trump just doesn't get it. That is how disturbing this really is.

  25. Meanwhile, The Dotard's lackey, William Barr is spotted hanging out at the Trump Hotel DC while The Dotard was there…

  26. How old and jobless do ya gotta be to watch those old fat bags at the view?

  27. As if tyt would ever cover all his completed promises and wins. 2019 America if your news ain’t bias it ain’t news lol.

  28. Watching the View is like driving by a car accident lol I don't want to see it but I can't look away..I think that's why the show is so popular.

  29. Trump is MITCH MCCONNELL DISTRACTION is MCCONNELL the one really running the show think about it whose really behind all the legislations while the country is distracted by orange dumbass MCCONNELL is moving his pieces to make a more conservative country

  30. Love Ana. She’s intelligent, beautiful and a hot head like me.😉

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