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Trump talks job report, says he was investigated by the Obama admin

President Trump slammed Biden and touted the economy during his remarks to the press before boarding Marine One.

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  1. 4 more years of this Brilliant man! Makes me proud again of Our PRESIDENT!

  2. Much LOVE and ADMIRATION for MY BEAUTIFUL President Trump…….. He makes my HEART SING with gratitude! 🙂

  3. President Trump was SPIED on SINCE 2012……the DEEP STATE is SO PISSED OFF because they could NOT FIND ANYTHING on him…..SAY ALOT about JUST WHY PRESIDENT TRUMP is OUR PERFECT PRESIDENT in Our time in HISTORY!

    How many Politicians and their family members are this LAW ABIDING?

    MY guess is VERY VERY few!

  4. That's one president I say never lies !!

  5. President Trump is transparency , but if we can ask Obama releases his calls with Iran or Russia !

  6. Biden said "fire him in 6 hours or you don't get the money" … That is the very DEFINITION of quid pro quo !!

  7. GOD Bless and protect our great President Donald John. Trump! MARINES I
    pray you are at the ready – we have TRUE domestic enemies, our country
    is in serious peril.

  8. Who’s the lady that just keeps screaming out? The media so unprofessional. The President just said the Obama Administration spied on him, you think the media will go ask Obama? Not a chance

  9. Yep before Trump was elected. SPYING

  10. Unfortunately there are tens of millions of Americans
    who will never see the prosperity because of the failed
    policies of the liberal left for the past 30+ years which
    destroyed jobs and homes and were too old to work now.

    We've seen first hand what the policies of the left have done;
    just look at California and the homeless situation where they
    spend $10 billion annually for illegals but not one dime for
    Americans sleeping on the streets .

  11. return the favor Mr President!! Investigate obama and biden..

  12. The Pedophile Joe Biden family is exactly like the Hillary Clinton Family and Barrack Hussein Obama they're all above the law!! Eight years from the ISIS Founder, become a leader of United States!! Barrack Hussein Obama he ruins everything in USA!! Why the hell Democrats make up wrong story all time against American!! They hate America and American!! Enough is enough!! Is this country still belong to United States of America?? Why not subpoena records when Pedophile Joe Biden was dealing with Ukraine. Turn the tables around…Will show up the ISIS founder Barrack Hussein Obama spy America.

  13. President Trump is THE Man!

  14. Trump 2020 and for a lot longer …….And I dont care which one……..TRUMP IS STILL KICKING THEIR ARSE……..Bwahahahah

  15. Mr. Donald John Trump, is the greatest President in the world.

  16. FACEBOOK BLOCKED SHARING OF THIS VIDEO!!! "Your message couldn't be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive."  Love this video!!!  FB again acting as a PUBLISHER!

  17. Unemployment numbers are wrong and economic success is exaggerated. But Dems are terribly wrong and I do believe Obama is behind of all of this false accusations and the narrative. They are the criminals and I wish their full exposure.

  18. TRUMP/PENCE 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ ⚖️🗽🇺🇸

  19. It won't be long before Trump will start to blame these investigations (that he could have easily taken care of with a little leadership and honesty) as the reason why he didn't accomplish anything constructive as president. Huge deficit, faster growing debt, tax cut that only helped his 1%, no wall, trade wars costing US billions, lost the world's trust in America, torn up constitution, crapped in the swamp instead of cleaning it up, insulted the world and alienated the country, divided the country even more, mocked race, degraded women, spent more time tweeting rants on twitter than reading National Security briefs …..

  20. Sorry…Mr Trump..but this sick evil left media does not care about that info..but thx for all your hard work..specially when you don't get a salary..😉💥🔥✨👍💪

  21. Is anyone else incredibly tired of yapping female reporters having no respect and constantly yelling and interrupting our President?

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