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Trump testifying would be a 'trap': Columnist

Fox News contributor and former Reagan White House political director Ed Rollins and Fox News contributor and New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin explain how President Trump is innocent and say ‘deep state’ actors are the ones who should testify in front of Congress.

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  1. Where do we find such people? California!

  2. Tell Mr Trump to stand still and see the Salvation of God, God does not need any help, Mr Trump does not need to do anything but do what God expects him to do for the American people. leave the position of the opposition Alone.

  3. You got caught, we know it, you know it….America knows it. Don't care how you spin it, those of us that fact check and do our homework know the truth. Disgusting .

  4. "Cover-Up" and or "Projection" of [THEIR] own crimes onto the President…

    then claim he's going after a political opponent if they come after you…

  5. Well said, gentlemen.๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

  6. Trump would be really stupid to testify so I look for him to do it ….he continues tut o give Democrats ammo and things to investigate him for . Trump might be a smart businessman but common since is lacking. Anything Trump says in a testimony or on social media people like George spinanopolas just spin it and use it against him. If Trump testifies he deserves what he gets

  7. Trump had a plan. 4 years to open the eyes of the people and expose the swamp creatures. 4 years to drain the swamp and rid America of the government corruption.

  8. Why donโ€™t you call Pelosi and Schiff and Tell Them to QUIT THESE CIRCUS NOW ????

  9. 554 morons who are against this video

  10. Fox is joining the fake news. Only a few left with the ability to report news without twisting it.

  11. Obama turned the Democrat party into an anti American hate group.

  12. He is the GREATEST! Trump 2020! Trump should tell them, he will testify when Obama, Joe and his son testify.

  13. Of course it would be a trap! They want to try to trip him up into a perjury! He will NEVER testify just as he didn't with muller! But this time he better not even give a written testimony. The transcript is is testification!

  14. Lol…Trump is not going to testify, he's trolling them into insanity…..

  15. Not witnesses they are nitwits. What appears to be going on here is a desperate attempt of the corrupt to buy and lie their way out of their criminal activity. It is not working out so well and probably isn't going to end well for them .

  16. WHERS THE CRIME????? well let me tell you where the crime is…. Joe Biden and his coke snorting delinquent son Hunter is where the crime is coupled with that MF (I hope you know what "MF" stands for – Adam Schitt andย merry clan of drunkards – THAT MR DOBBS IS WHERE THE CRIME IS. oh one more thing VOTE TRUMP 2020 – thank y'all ย ย – continue the excellent work

  17. When will we hear from Pence about why his assistant was testifying against the President? Curious sources want to know?

  18. many people are still clueless as to what is really going on, military planning was involved in what is coming for the democrats, they are going to be hide 10 different ways all at the same time, watch and see, Qanon is real

  19. if trump were to testify it would be a trap for democrats, there is a sting operation going on in washington, and democrats are in deep Schiff, and watch what happens in the epstein case, that was a setup as well

  20. A trap? Maybe NOT. With the so effective questioning of Reis. Jordan, Nunes, etal to date, a test NOT going to succeed.

  21. Trump is one of the 621 U.S. citizens who have more than one billion dollars in wealth. Political affiliation aside, why would you think that Trump or any of the other elite 620 individuals would put our best interests first? Anyone?

  22. Our country is strong and the people will decide . Trump 2020

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