Trump threatens to get feds involved if homelessness crisis isn't solved

President Trump targeted California Governor Gavin Newsom and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the homeless crisis in a series of tweets.

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  1. That’s what they want
    to have our government “pay/fix” everything & totally provide for them

  2. The rents are too high There needs to be a cap 1500 to 1600 a month is too much to pay for one bedroom

  3. I just visited San Francisco, wow!!

  4. They need to build mini homeless shelters that allows the occupants to lock the door. Maybe 8' by 8' small cots built into the walls. The entire thing could be built with thick plastic where each unit gets power washed out on a regular schedule. Imagine a mini city like this which would keep homeless off the street. The one billion they claim went for helping the homeless could have built one heck of this type of project.

  5. Leave the states alone!!! Let them wallow in their stupidity!!! Quit saving Liberals from their own stupidity!!!

  6. Many homeless from Illinois go to California for the winter. I’ve spoken to some. I hope they’re back in time for the Census! I want them counted!

  7. Pull any Federal funds to California until they do something about their disgusting state. Homeless, illegals, crime, etc😡🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸KAG

  8. Everyone in All States are moving to California because unemployment is at its highest and it’s getting worse! Many are loosing their benefits! All races will be affected especially the White race! More hospitals will be closing making 2020 a crisis!

  9. Hey blondie….stop blowing your hot air!!

  10. The answer is revolution people it IS the only answer now.

  11. They finally did something, but only for the dnc debates nobody watched. Their solution a bulldozer and dump trucks, relocate the vargrants to another neighborhood.

  12. HUD has millions of properties from the reverse mortgage fiasco empty and waiting for the courts to foreclose. Then those same banks will swoop in and buy them for pennies to resell for huge profits and more government money. This while millions go homeless across America.

    Just think how many homeless could be in homes with the millions of dollars the DEmocrats have spent in three years trying to remove OUR President. Democrats want us all homeless and under the Democrat government of their dreams.

    This reverse mortgage push by banks, insurance companies, holding companies, and all the seedy side of the financial markets will be the next 2008 bailout for them.

    The facts are that when you take out a reverse mortgage you no longer own your home. Some bank, insurance or nameless mortgage holding company does. You can buy it back when you pay them the interest and monthly fees that accumulate rapidly. You are also required to pay property taxes, maintenance of the property and insurance even though the title is in their hands and not yours.

    I know as my mother got one of these and when she died her I am waiting for them to throw me out on the street. That $40,000 has grown to $115,000 in 20 years and now HUD is adding another $9,00 a day to that. Papers have been served with no date as to when it will be in court.

  13. and moving them to other states isn't the answer.


  15. Living Wage And Cost Of Living Would Fix Everything, Fast And Easy!

  16. Fair rent? Lmao I was born and raised in SF. I still live here. Overpriced and disgusting downtown streets. I hope trump comes in and fixes this libtarded city.

  17. Everything the DemocRats touch turns to Schitt!!!

  18. The whole Governance of CA should be impeached!!! Let's make San FranFeces great again!

  19. 98% of all Apartment Complexes are now owned by just 'two' Corporations! These mega pigs have run up the so called ' Fair Market Price' to where there is virtually no affordable housing ANYWHERE! EVICTIONS are at a masdive rate, court systems are backed up. This mixed with few percentage wise Living wage jobs, exorbiant priced Monopoly owned Food, Utilities…all planned exact by the World Crime Organizations Derp State! Few, 4% average are alcoholics or drug users, or Psyche issues! ( We soooooo want to see Pelosi, Waters, Fienstien,Newman and 'ALL' their friends living on the street,eating out of a garbage cans..where these RATS truly belong! ( GOD is NOT mocked! What you sow, you will reap!!!!!)

  20. My bf fled California in 2014

  21. Meanwhile in California.. “we love the new changes”

  22. Let the price correction happen. Put a End to the banker and insurance co. greed, the fraud and the rest of the BS tied to the housing market. People just might smarten up and walk away from their over priced mortgages . Slavery.

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