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Trump Throws Country Into Chaos

Trump Throws Country Into Chaos

Trump is sending more troops to the Middle East. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

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“The Trump administration and its domestic political allies are laying the groundwork for a possible confrontation with Iran without the explicit consent of Congress — a public relations campaign that was already well underway before top officials accused the Islamic Republic of attacking a pair of oil tankers last week in the Gulf of Oman.

Over the past few months, senior Trump aides have made the case in public and private that the administration already has the legal authority to take military action against Iran, citing a law nearly two decades old that was originally intended to authorize the war in Afghanistan.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Is Trump about to get the United States into another war? Leave a comment below.

  2. I would say to everyone out there Read about The Gulf of Tonkin Incident the incident that led to The Vietnam War

  3. This sounds very Gulf of Tonkinish

  4. Also, don't let Israel lead you into a war, let them know you won't follow them………

  5. If those warmongers get the US into a war, people should insist that every family member old enough to fight of : GOP congress, weapons manufacturers, and Fox news people and any others that are going to profit from the war. They should all be put in the war zone and then lets hear their opinions on the war.. SERIOUS not just your kids!!!!!

  6. How this channel has 4.3 million subs is mind blowing. They're the most biased show ever.

  7. Why is he even still in office. He abuses power. Creating nothing but chaos not just in US but around the globe. We are losing our support from other countries. No respect for anyone. Not a moral man by any means especially with the separation of families at the border. Making money on his businesses while still serving as president. Investigation alone was enough to get him out but no he still there. After this term hopefully people will be smarter to elect someone moral and better choice for presidency.

  8. Wrong again fatty Cenk

  9. We need baby trump T-shirts now!!! I demand it…lol

  10. Why is Nancy Pelosi dragging her feet on impeaching Pres. Trumpy? You are showing weakness Nancy along with rest of Democrats.

  11. How does this white HAG get this wrong so badly- TRUMP didn’t escalate $hit; Iran attacked a tanker, shot down a drone and Trump is showing restraint- the Obama Iran deal gave BILLIONS to Iran to build up their nuclear program to where we are in 2019- TRUMP did the right thing in getting out and to stop paying Iran

  12. Tom Cotton wrote a letter to the Ayatollah asking him to ignore Obama's efforts to make peace. You wanna talk about treason, that's a perfect example of it. The fact he's allowed to keep his position in politics after literally attempting to undermine the sitting President at the time is amazing.

  13. What if the US decided to blow up their own oil tanker and try to pin it on Iran to get people riled up enough to support wanting to go to war?

    After all, the US government would never lie right?…..

  14. America this is very serious..this is not just one country n this ain't no Iraq r Afghan..

  15. Wow you guys are will reach as far as you can to make a hitpiece on trump

  16. You guys said that already with that title.

    You guys are just trying to used that fools name to make views

  17. He is a horrible leader . illegally elected and doing what Putin wants, he needs to be impeached !!!!!!

  18. I think trump is trying to start a war so people will elect him again so he can save his ass

  19. Is it me or those she look
    Crossed eye when she looks at the camera?

  20. Man,these Reality "News People" Fox hosts,are weird Af. Gives ya the creeps,just hearing them talk.💩🤡

  21. If we go to war, don't that mean he have to stay president for a certain number of years or until it's over?

  22. Is Commander bone spur really ready for war?

  23. listen TYT i love you guys but your foreign policy content is just garbage, what the US does on a global stage is not directed by trump but by people much smarter who know a hell of a lot more than our o so dumb orange president could possibly understand even if it was explained to him, with pictures. How do i know that? Well because my family members may or may not do the same thing for another unnamed government body. Whats going on in Iran is simply above president's and prime minister's pay grade's… Do i believe we should only engage in necessary wars and that we should cut the millitary budget at least in half? OF COURSE I'm not some retarded beans and bullets jar-head/ ex jar-head we can save the world and save money at the same time

  24. Why don't they send their kids to war. War is profit.. The only winners are the Bankers. Our kids are being used as coins in the slot machine of war.

  25. Trump will start a war and Russia will help

  26. Jimmy Dore still says there's no difference between Trump and Cowpurate Dems like Hillary and OBAAAMMMAAA.

  27. Head of MAFIA Trump, lyndsey, john bolton DUMPAEO should be dumped in GITMO.
    Can't wait to see see these creatures in ORANGE.!!!!

  28. Tyt you should leave the country and go to Iran

  29. Wow, 12:46. I like that. You people should cooperate more…

  30. my best guess is that Trump manufactures a non existent manufactured crisis then tells the people he's solved it. It's all about 2020 folks. BTW has Bolton ever served in the military?

  31. I pray to baby jesus in his baby cradle to impeach baby trump.

  32. Obama started the war trump will finish it

  33. I pray there's no war. But if unfortunately it breaks, can US please send only trump's children and trump supporters (including women) to it?

  34. The thing is nobody in iran fear of usa..this is why usa don't know what to do with iran..they just don't give up and will fight back ..

  35. They insult more people than anyone else in Media. That's why it's not TYT anymore and more like MEME.

  36. The young jerks sound so scard.

  37. Decades from know people will tell their children stories of how the brave Democrats took down the evil orange dictator and the Republican party

  38. Declare war on these idiots.

  39. Bolton, Pompeo, evil incarnate. Liars

  40. Trump & his cronies, are too weak & stupid for peace-making & peace-keeping, like Netanyahu.

  41. No doubt the U.S. attacked the Japanese vessel as pretext.

  42. I fail to see how the Headline for this video is the actual case here im no Trump supporter but its these Chicken hawks that are responsible Its Definitely Trumps fault for putting these Devils in place though

  43. They just shot down a Million plus dollar drone…….The Fascists have failed again…..IMPEACHMENT TRUMP TRIALS NOW!!!!!

  44. Tracts of China's New Silk Road are going through Pakistan and Iran.
    Another war in the ME would cut China's infrastructure plans.

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