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Trump Throws Fit Over Border Wall

Trump had another temper tantrum… Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Become a TYT member at: http://tyt.com/JOIN

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“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump pressed fellow Republicans in Congress on Thursday to “get tough” and push to fund his proposed border wall in the current spending bill, raising the specter of a government shutdown when funding lapses later this month.

In a post on Twitter, Trump called the bill “ridiculous” for not including funds for a planned wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, and blamed Democrats for blocking it in the plan passed by the Republican-controlled Senate on Tuesday.

The Senate-approved massive spending package included a provision to fund the federal government through Dec. 7 in an effort to avoid a government shutdown when funding ends Sept. 30.

The move gives lawmakers more time to finalize plans for next year’s spending, and avoids potentially angering voters who could be left without services from federal agencies weeks before the Nov. 6 congressional elections.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Before watching, I'm going to guess you don't comprehend what "throwing a fit" entails anymore then you do "having a meltdown".

    AND I was right. A Tweet that's not IN ALL CAPS is not throwing a fit. That's just how he types and speaks normally.

  2. He's made America a joke to the World. Impeach this pos!

  3. Mark his word? Right. I believe his words are being marked word by word by the REAL powers that be and will be used against him when his…’words’ hit the fan, and his own marked words will be putting him out of office. In fact ‘his’ words will be marked more than any other words that have ever been marked in the history of the country. Maybe even the world. Just mark his word.

  4. During dt’s run for election, didn’t he say that if he had to he would pay for that (ridiculous) wall himself? I’m almost positive he said it & that he said it several different times. So if mr. McMoney bags is so hot over that wall, which we all know is actually a diversionary tactic to take the heat off his Supreme Court pervert puppet nominee, why doesn’t dt pony up the $$ himself?

  5. Man this woman is gourgeous

  6. Has Donny Con heard of ropes, ladders, and tunnels ?

  7. I want to see Cenk in a debate for president. Don't care if he wins, I just want to see how pissed off he can make everyone.

  8. How Stupid can Tiny Tangerine supporters be? This ain’t a goddamned Reality ( I.e., FAKE) Show!! ,, it’s the REAL world !! You Stupid supporters, are like bottom feeding catfish.. Swallow Anything that Stinks.. Where have all the True Patriots gone. ? Sad, So sad. Hugely Sad . So sad,, you’ll get tired of being so sad !! 😜😎✌️

  9. On the Late Show, it showed how much the wall would cost. Then they said double it because, you need a road to go along it for patrols.

  10. Hey Republicans and the super rich. looks like the over burdened tax payers have had enough. And from what I see your the only ones wanting this wall. So send Trump your money. Stop complaining and send him the money. You want it go do it.

  11. Debating with DEMON RATS is not even debating lol.
    They are just plain stupid and retarded to even understand what you're debating about hahahaha.

  12. Build that wall and deport these illegals,Ana who paid for your nose and boob jobs, Cink did.😂😂😂😂

  13. Humpidy Dumpidy Trump will get his wall all right.
    The Temple of BAAL, where: Washington DC, when: September 26 2018. He's a Freemason Illuminati, and a Traitor. Babylon will burn.
    What a Disgrace to America. We are Doomed.

  14. Amazing that the most fiscally responsible person in the senate is a Democrat, classically the Republican's position.

  15. Put machine guns on the border and mow them down. Even the democraps that try to assist them.
    Let's ROCK N ROLL!!

  16. Who cares about a wall when they’re going underground and anyone that watches Mayans mc know what I’m talking about and the guy that escaped from prison by digging a tunnel

  17. This is your Dear Leader, alt-right losers?

  18. Mexico is paying right now with the new tariffs TURDS!

  19. The only wall that should be built is between church and state.

  20. I bet later on theyll make a movie about Trumps corrupt presidential run. Theres a fine line between Reality and entertainment fantasy. Trump is not a realistic president

  21. Trump came in and the only Huge Wall he built is one of tension between Mexicans and whites..

  22. Trump & his followers should build the wall …

  23. I'm insane also ! but I am honest a bout it….Something he is never….HONEST !

  24. Ted Cruz is a cancer on the nation and a desperate man

  25. entertaining liar yeah in a movie theater but when it comes to politics and important issues the hell no

  26. hmm..lemme try something…i want a ferrari and u will pay for it…488 speciale😂😂😂

  27. who is gonna make your suits??? MEXICO!!…lmao… border agents are paid off and extorted…u do what the cartels tell u to do or get your head chopped off!!…trump nor a wall can protect u!!

  28. Threaten to send Trump to Mexico and the Mexicans will not only pay for the wall but will build it themselves.

  29. If you believe Mexico is going to pay for the Wall, then please take your meds and get off the internet. 100% BS like trump and his fan boys.

  30. Trump voters never cared about the wall, immigration in general or whether "their guy" would respect his campaign promises; all they cared about was that he irritated Obama, Hillary and Democrats, because that's the one thing he keeps on doing successfully! Let's not pretend that they like him for political reasons!

  31. Is it an act of war if usa shoot down a plane from Mexico

  32. All things aside…. Ana Kasparian is one hot chick.

  33. Why don't Trump pay for the wall and we'll pay him back later the taxpayers that is

  34. I don't want to be entertained that much

  35. "The Wall" is one of Trump's hugest lies. This guy is a total huckster.

  36. Trump knows he could talk to people directly, instead of yelling at someone via Twitter? But obviously the Twitter triades are closer to how your TV show works because actual politicians may be tougher nuts to crack if they think you make them lose their elections.

  37. Why don’t we build a wall around Trump? I guarantee you wouldn’t have to ask Mexico to pay for it. People right here in the u.s. would gladly .contribute

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