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Trump to China: I'll Tank The US Economy!

Trump to China: I'll Tank The US Economy!

Trump doesn’t understand how the economy works at all. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

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“President Donald Trump wanted to double tariff rates on Chinese goods last month after Beijing’s latest retaliation in a boiling trade war before settling on a smaller increase, three sources told CNBC.

The president was outraged after he learned Aug. 23 that China had formalized plans to slap duties on $75 billion in U.S. products in response to new tariffs from Washington on Sept. 1. His initial reaction, communicated to aides on a White House trade call held that day, was to suggest doubling existing tariffs, according to three people briefed on the matter.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer then enlisted multiple CEOs to call the president and warn him about the impact such a move would have on the stock market and the economy.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  2. That tariffs thing worked on 1819, problem is: It's 2019.

  3. You white people you see this man is totally unstable mentally but nevertheless you still allowed him to hold the most powerful office in the country I'll because he's white when he has clearly demonstrated that he knows absolutely zero about the economy in this type of man does not need to have a nuclear football with him everywhere he goes neither does pence because both of these two together is a recipe for the disaster I see in my people we might not be in power but we see what you're doing and we will damn sure make sure the once we gain power back we won't allow such stupidity to go on all of you adjust like little children don't know when to do the right thing I put your toys away

  4. But you white people that have a little smart about you you know that 46 is f**** up but you won't stop him you continue to let him do what he's going to do and just destroy the f**** country for no damn reason whatsoever that showed just how intelligent you are as a corporate CEO that's why you should look at how the hell are you still corporate CEO and you allowing this how in the hell are you or the corporate CEOs in this country how are you allowing this this President the continue doing this that tells me that this particular situation tells me that you don't have the right to be CEO because you are allowing the s*** to happen

  5. She's out of her freaking mind.

  6. Trump will bankrupt america but he want be bankrupt because it's gonna be bankrupt because he stole all the money and everything else valuable in america.
    He's gonna be the richest man on earth if he's not now from stealing.

  7. Trump is mad at every country for not letting him be in charge of them and their country they already see how he's failling in his own country so why would they listen or even have a serious talk with someone who doesn't understand words everytime he's asked a question he change the subject because he's too illiterate to understand the question this is why he left G7 and trying to pretend he's mad because they want let putin back in the G8 so he left. Trump had no intention staying there because he was afraid of questions . he let Ivanka sit in with him and left last time to sneak away to talk to putin.
    He wants meetings one on one and he wants to be the talker because he can't handle intelligent questions and answers

  8. Turks why dwell on the map sharpie. ??? It doesn't take a pound off of Cenk, make ana prettier,or add any you tube views. It's just stupid.

  9. Ana dressing provocatively with that shirt. COME ON ANA YOU CAN DO BETTER! tomi would

  10. The 2008 recession took years to recover from. Trump will probably have us mired down in another one by next year.

  11. The Chinese rely less and less on the US because of the trade war. Basically tanking the US economy will have a far smaller effect on China than the he thinks.

  12. Right now the markets are running on fumes and hot air. Of course reality will hit at some point. The markets have always been sensitive to rumor, where a bad rumor even if totally unfounded could ruin a company in a day or bring the stocks crashing down. Because people trade based on what they believe to be true, and believe they must react to any perceived change faster than anyone else before they know for certain in order to take advantage. As long as they all believe that the economy is still doing fine, they are all telling each other the same "truths" stock will still trade, irrespective of what is actually happening in the world, up until a certain point. At some point more and more people stop denying the obvious problems and get out, and suddenly you have a panic as nobody bothers to tell comforting lies about things doing fine, and instead are desperately trying to salvage what they can. The result is a stock market crash.

  13. I think he wants to kill the Economy, so he can buy up real estate cheap!

  14. Maybe he's hurting China to help Russia and N Korea

  15. Go head stupid we will vote you out of country racist .

  16. Vote trampa out of the White House to the big house.
    All sane Americans get everyone you know to vote for a new President

  17. He should be impeached to save the US.

  18. Trump is the one who ripoffs america by stealing taxpayer money hmmmm

  19. "Pride goeth before the fall." He will do anything to protect himself before admitting he is wrong. What an asshole!

  20. Trump is the only president that has the balls to stand up for America,and to Put China in their place. His administration brought this country to an all time high on all levels. Who in hell can beat this. We were going to disaster while Obama was president and Trump changed it back. Let th3 man do his job, if you don’t want to help like most DemoRats at least get out of the way and he will do it on his own.

  21. 45 knows nothing about how to be a leader.

  22. Cenk Uygur, Saturday Night Live is Waiting?

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