Home / News / Trump To Utah Governor: ‘How’s Mitt Romney? You Keep Him, We Don’t Want Him.’ | NBC News

Trump To Utah Governor: ‘How’s Mitt Romney? You Keep Him, We Don’t Want Him.’ | NBC News

During a business event at the White House, President Trump singled out Senator Mitt Romney in front of Utah Governor Gary Herbert.
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Trump To Utah Governor: ‘How’s Mitt Romney? You Keep Him, We Don’t Want Him.’ | NBC News


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  1. RINO ROMNEY Can't win the presidency so he trashes a Great President over petty jealousy! Thank the Lord he will never be President!
    TRUMP 2020! KAG!!!

  2. Funny how everyone hated on Romney before but they love him now. I couldn’t stand him back then and still can’t stand him now.

  3. Mitt should run and split the vote

  4. Flip the Script "Mitt Romney for President". Change the Game and get the Party back on Track.

  5. "Hey Putin. Hows Trump? You Take Him. We Don't Want Him."

  6. Trump should follow me please Aladar The Iguanodon official #Aladar2020 #Disney

  7. 💪💪💪💪💪🤣😆😂😅🤣Trump 2020

  8. My man.
    God bless America
    God bless President Trump
    Trump 2020 – See Clearly

  9. Still nice to see some segments of America able to disagree on Politics but still love one another.TRUMP2020#KAGA

  10. Can't wait until we don't have such a thin-skinned whiny pathetic snowflake as president. I can't imagine how much a of low-life one has to be to look up to trump.

  11. Best President Ever! Romney paid off by Democrats! Trump 2020!

  12. Trump really will drain the swamp. He has revealed to us how low the Republicans will go. With that we indeed must start to drain the swamp of them!

  13. Sooo stupid and more stupid the ones that laugh after he said that.

  14. dictator in charge huh. no shame for this asshat

  15. Trump is a TOTAL loser

    he's the POTUS but still petty ! Nothing will fulfill his empty life

  16. Of course orange man doesn’t want MR. ROMNEY. he doesn’t want anyone with a Conscience around him. heDespises people that have Integrity. Morals & Empathy. he may say he loves American BUT he certainly hates AMERICANS

  17. Mitt Romney is not a puppet and therefore no use. to the Republicans, Who have adverse reactions to adults doing the right thing.

  18. What are the signs of a narcissistic psychopath?

    Grandiose sense of self-importance. …

    Believe he's great, that everything about him is magnificent…

    Lives in a fantasy world that supports their delusions of grandeur. …

    Needs constant praise and admiration. …

    Sense of entitlement. …

    Exploits others Without Guilt or Shame….

    Demeans, intimidates, bullies, or belittles others..

  19. From Utah. We don't want him either. He can vote however he wants. Respectable. But he lives among the 1% in a mansion in Holladay Utah has zero idea about the rest of the world. Nor does he want to.

  20. Proud of Romney,he did the right thing! He stood up his duty.A real Republican.

  21. Back off the #Mormon people Trump. They actually care about the USA unlike the people backing

  22. None of this matters. Trump has made some good pragmatic decisions. His style of delivery is distasteful. He’s also made some awful decisions domestically. These leadership positions are mostly pro-wrestling levels of real. Financial institution leaders are better approximations of policy and power.

  23. Such a low class crooked president

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