Trump Welcomes College Football Champion LSU To The White House | NBC News (Live Stream)

Watch live coverage as President Trump welcomes the college football champion Louisiana State University to the White House.

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Trump Welcomes College Football Champion LSU To The White House | NBC News (Live Stream)


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  1. How can you not love Trump you Marxist traitors

  2. Watching the Dmeocrats melting down worse than Fukushima is highly entertaining.

  3. I'm not gonna hide and Keep to my Self how I hate Trump!, because you hate Human beings ! You hate God!
    You love only money & Piwer and Dictator Vladimir Putin!

  4. Happy Impeachment day my USA

    Trump is Enemy of USA and Human beings!

  5. Oh yes blah blah blah People lost 4 years because this Crazy metal problems Dictator Trump !!!


  6. What LSM CNN's reporter Don Lemon wasn't there to report it?

  7. Yes it’s about LSU Trump! Not your stock markets that have no effect on the majority of Americans. Maybe help out Athens, Ohio. Then I’ll give you some credit. This was suppose to be about the tigers and LSU but you still managed to use it to repeat your falsehoods of accomplishments in the beginning. This is why most teams don’t go. Stop using a team accomplishment to try to better your politics. I appreciate the good things you’ve said about the team and I loved it when they were playing callin Baton Rouge. Other than your usual political statements at the wrong time to be political. I think Trump did a good job speaking about the team as he was pretty comical as usual. I’m not a fan of Trump but good job Trump and always a fan of LSU and good job LSU!

  8. The Don kicks booty again!

  9. Fire the announcer. How could he screw that up? The two variations in pronouncing the first syllable of Ed's name are understandable. But nobody messes up the last syllable like that. Guy makes our country look like a joke. Maybe he had a stroke or perhaps he never finished grammar school.

  10. This comment section is filled with salty liberals

  11. I guess none of the haters in here have seen Melania's purple and gold dress?

  12. He's got his Marketing team working on Over-time setting up these distraction ops! Too bad – we all see you Trumpski Bumpski!

  13. None of the black kids look happy to be there


  15. They will go as Louisiana is southern republican closed minded territory

  16. He also invited Putin to the WH didn’t he 😂

  17. He got to make him self look good. Especially they trying to impeach him.Trump trying to get a second term in the office.

  18. The back of the jersey should say "Jew stooge"

  19. NBC covers the News? Where's the crap they usually spew?

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  21. Still alive thrones near you hope well stability things vision makes meat

  22. Put Trump out of his misery, do the world a favor

  23. Bought aerials doesn't arrives form formality rituals ✋✊👏

  24. About viewing ghost executing blackhawk quite functionaly did what obama happy tail conquered osama picturing found head and shot provision figures no DNA a dangerous splash gun formation didn't comprehensived enough frontal procedure pass through wage force but force stunner stunt periodic body freeze guess
    Throne About things being freeze behind crown

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