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Trump Won’t Listen To Khashoggi Murder Tape

Trump Won't Listen To Khashoggi Murder Tape


Trump is a weak president. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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Trump: ‘No Reason’ For Me To Listen To ‘Terrible’ Tape Of Khashoggi’s Murder

“President Donald Trump said there is no reason for him to listen to a recording of the “very violent, very vicious” killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which has put him in a diplomatic bind: how to admonish Riyadh for the slaying yet maintain strong ties with a close ally.

Trump, in an interview that aired Sunday, made clear that the audio recording, supplied by the Turkish government, would not affect his response to the Oct. 2 killing of Khashoggi, a columnist for The Washington Post who had been critical of the Saudi royal family.

“It’s a suffering tape, it’s a terrible tape. I’ve been fully briefed on it, there’s no reason for me to hear it,” Trump said in the interview with “Fox News Sunday.” ”I know everything that went on in the tape without having to hear it.”

On Saturday, Trump said his administration will “be having a very full report over the next two days, probably Monday or Tuesday.” He said the report will include “who did it.” It was unclear if the report would be made public.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. i prefer presidents who don't puss out

  2. Donald j Trump 🤡 don't have a brain 😵🤪🤥

  3. He wouldnt understand the language

  4. And this coming from the person who said: I love war! I can't stand in the middle of Fifth Ave and shoot somebody. But yet he can't watch a video tape of a man being chopped to pieces. REALLY! I think he'd better off changing his comment about loving war. What do he really think goes on in wars? A party with blonds? It's a bloody mess figuratively and literally among other things.

  5. BUT trump & his gang DID NOT MIND to LISTEN to Hillary's Dirts EVEN IF IT WAS IN russian!

  6. Ana needs to either match her foundation to her upper neck or blend further down the chest with her foundation when wearing shirts cut that low. Or just don't wear make-up. To be clear, I'm not saying she shouldn't wear makeup, but either commit to not caring about your appearance or care for your appearance, don't just throw some make-up on and call it a day. You have to consider WHAT make-up you're using.

  7. A leader of a I country or prince. Or even a Captain of a ship is Responsible for the actions of the people directly under him.

  8. That’s the same thing us blacks won’t to say when we see these rouged cops kill. 1 of us on tape every other week

  9. He doesn't want to listen to it because he won't be able to deny they did it an even he won't be able to justify keeping them as allys

  10. I have been hearing rumors that Trump is actually behind his murder. He made a deal with the Saudi Prince (oil for land) if he got rid of K for him. Trump hated K ever since he wrote that bad article on him.

    Is this true? Can anyone find out?

  11. I love the bitch comparing her misery of listening to trump as similar to the Khashogi torture, and the milktoast mangina talking about American military sacrifice, and how tough a leader the president should be. typical split tale liberals! how do you gullible democrat drones take this stuff seriously?

  12. What a detestable piece of orange shit. Listen to the tape, you imbecile, maybe you'll actually FEEL bad for someone other than yourself.

  13. Tapes of US bombs murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians …

  14. The term is Plausible Deniability.

  15. TYT likes game of thrones. So heres an example for everyone that fits nicely i think.
    In the very beginning of the show when Ned Stark beheads that guy instead of having someone else do it, he did it out of some sense of honour and duty. He understood the value in making sure that he, himself, was as close as possible to the decisions that cut him the deepest. He saw the value in never making someone else carry his burden, when it was HE who was the decision maker.
    But maybe im being unfair. Honour and duty are not feelings Trump experiences. He'd have to be able to express the tiniest bit of humility for that.

  16. What can he do? We needed someone who has the balls to lead us but no we chose this coward with tiny balls to con the country and you expect him to man up? He really can't do sht but massage and pole dance to the Saudis

  17. If you don't want to listen to it what are you ? Propaganda operative or journalist?

  18. If he listen to the tape, he may ACCIDENTALLY hear him say who's killing him, then Trump wouldn't be able to play stupid anymore. Who really expected him to listen to the tape, giving his relationship with the Saudi's.

  19. can you imagine the sounds trump would make if he was having his fingers cut off

  20. The entire country should listen to the tape. Citizens supporting Drumpf supporting the right of Saudi Arabia to chop up journalists, even in foreign countries need to hear what they support. That mother, whose child was shot – -screaming for justice and for something to be done, instead of prayers ! ! I wanted to scream with her, scream the same thoughts ! Around Easter this year we lost a brilliant, talented, 37 year old man, friend of my sons for 28 years, He was repairing our rental property when a 14 yr old with a gun emptied the clip into him. Can we unsee that ? Can his mother, father, brother, unsee that ! ! Can the students , survivors and witnesses, church goers, concert goers, unsee their, that ? I would join that mother and anyone else, sick of this, to say – -look at our children's, parent's, friend's, ripped to pieces bodies – – Can you see that and not vote to ban assault weapons ?? Could you listen to a man being dismembered and raise no protest, because, your president and some of his really, really rich friends want the money they will recieve for ignoring what happened. Don't even say, "but it is a lot of money! ! " THAT will condemn you more – – How much is a human life worth to you ? ? Our "fearless leader" has announced to the world that HE will approve heinous murder if you pay him to do so. Now it is the citizens turn to tell the world if WE will do the same. Release the tape, in full disclosure, so the citizens can decide on what course they will chose.

  21. trump is showing his loyalty to the Prince of the saudis by ignoring the crucial evidence that was presented to him .
    He's a very dishonest immoral himself to show empathy and sympathy for someone like khashoggi .

  22. What an utterly miserable and morally bankrupt specimen of humanity trump is, and the MAGA people worship him !

  23. Donald has recordings of Ivanka giving him a blumpkin on the toilet. He definitely watches that one.

  24. It's not up for choice. It is evidence that he has to witness to make decisions effectively and with the full weight of the knowledge. Refusal should not be an option. He wishes for plausible deniability. If he doesnt hear the tape he can say he knows if no evidence.

  25. He should hear it he is the cough ,cough,leader!

  26. He's scared. He wants to close hes eye's and pretend like everything is bubble gum and lolipops because he been spoiled his whole life.

  27. LOL! they deleted my post about that woman comparing her misery of hearing Trump talk, to the misery of Khoshogi being tortured! What a narcissistic liberal tard chicken.

  28. LOL! If trump would have listened to it, this blog would have been about what a sick, twisted, morbid man Trump was for doing so. He probably has heard it, just does not feel like the lemmings need to know it! No winning with the do nothing, no it all, liberals anyway. If Obama was a better president, and the democratic party had not screwed Bernie to get crooked Hillary the Candidacy, then Trump would have never got elected! You bunch of sour grape bitches.


  30. Craziest part of Thanksgiving Dinner? Trump lost my life-long Republican 85 year old Grandpa over Trump kneeling to Saudi Arabia after the Khashoggi murder. Mind=Blown

  31. I try but I really do not like Ana. She's a smug, pretentious hypocrite. Please someone tell her that her poop stinks.

  32. This is sick. In fairness why do you want him to watch the tape? Stop using this as reterick to play your game, because that's all tyt is now. I know I'll get some soy boys to tell me to kill myself 😂😂why can't we be friends and be honestly progressive ✌

  33. Trump's not a leader. He's a bitch to the deep state his voters think he's against. He's a bitch to the multinational corporations his base thinks are (Soros) the globalists. He's the bitch of the financial elites (the real deep state) that actually run this shitshow of a country, but his base thinks the elites are cultural elites (hollywood) that have a fraction of the wealth and political power of the oligarchs.

  34. Just because he is a who're monger doesn't mean the USA is a who're for sale

  35. I still don't get it: Saudi Arabia is killing people all the time. Why is this Khashoggi murder suddenly such a big deal?

  36. Unlike mist, Trump is allowed to avoid the uncomfortable. Trump is afraid. he barks orders .

  37. He's apprenticing as a horrid leader under the other horrid leaders

  38. If it's not golfing, tweeting or eating KFC and hamburgers then Drumpf isn't interested. Laziest POTUS ever. And the stupidest.

  39. if it was a tape of oboma or Hillery getting cut up with a bone saw rump would listen to it 24-7.

  40. The real question is why Saudi Arabia killed this man in their own embassy thus destroying any possible plausible denial. That nation states kill is no great discovery. But this killing was done too much in the open. My sense is that impunity was the real message here. We will kill our enemies and we want everybody to know. Meanwhile the diplomatic technique of looking the other way for selfish reasons is nothing new. We have looked away from the acts of many nations when it suited our interest. Israel, Egypt, Pakistan, and yes Saudi Arabia. How long did we know Pakistan was harboring Bin Laden? My guess from the beginning. Yet the facade of working with Pakistan against terror was maintained until the day we killed him. The Israeli attack against our spy ship in the 70's is still a great mystery. We let it go. Morality is sacrificed to keep the boat from rocking. Most try to hide the crass reality. Trump is not capable of finesse. He simply admits to the ugly bargain. But Trump did not invent looking the other way. The method is long established.

  41. I bet that old prick trump heard it. He S that pathetic.

  42. will cenk also watch video of an abortion and air it to his audience? cognitive disodence in 1, 2,3

  43. And they call liberals snowflakes ?

  44. Somebody, please, for Christmas I implore you to give an ear-trumpet to the non-listener-in-chief. But please ensure that it isn’t a folding one (yes, they do exist).

  45. Extreme mental gymnastics, due to the cognitive dissonance. This is one of the distinctive features of Republicans, Conservatives, Right-Wing, alt-right, white supremacists and Neo-Nazis advocades.

  46. Trump listened to the tape….

  47. Someone should tell the Ayatollah to go on live TV and strongly deny five times that Iran has any uranium at all.

  48. wow TYT wants him to listen to a snuff tape they are so deranged

  49. Hey Trump, Hillary Clinton strongly denies misusing her email. Your move.

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