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Trumpland Voters To Democrat: Save Our Social Security!

Leslie Cockburn (D) is running for Congress in Virginia’s 5th district, which includes many farmers and senior citizens. She spoke to TYT contributor Ryan Grim about Social Security, the Republican Party’s determination to cut benefits, and her own determination to stop them if she reaches Congress.

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  1. Let's put it this way. If someone were to trespass onto YOUR property and commit armed robbery, what would you do? Would you say, oh please, take everything? Or would you shoot the crap out of them? Personally, I would prefer the latter. This is what we need to do when the GOPee and craven Dems decide to cut our Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. BEAT THE $HIT OUT OF THEM AND/OR KILL THEM! Because they are robbing us of the money we've put away and destroying our lives. I don't advocate violence, but if these aholes continue on their destructive path. we have no other choice! We have every right to defend ourselves.

  2. you can keep your guns if I can keep my benefits!

  3. the proposed cuts almost match dollar for dollar the amount of tax breaks given to the 1%.

  4. The problem is social security is not going broke Social Security can possibly go broke it is an impossibility United States federal government can never ever run out of dollars it is literally impossible the problem is is that we have economically illiterate candidates running for office Miss cockburn I'm sure is a very nice person but she is economically illiterate to say that Social Security is going broke is economically illiterate what is it going to take for people to become economically literate what is it going to take dr. Stephanie Kelton mmt Bernie's chief economic advisor Chief Economist on the 2015 budget committee for the Democrats

  5. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are entitlement programs. By definition, they are socialized medicine and have kept the United States constantly hovering near socialism. We are a democratic, capitalist nation. No more freeloaders. Work for a living and save money for yourself.

  6. Republicans are so evil and corrupt it's almost cartoonish

  7. I wonder how she should get Pelosi and Schumer and all the other bought Democratic politicians to fight for social security ? People must get out on the streets and protest against those money grabbing bastards.

  8. Well then you must vote Democrat you stupid Republicans you should have never voted Republican to begin with now that you seen what they're doing now that you know what they are.

  9. We need to take care of our old people. If you're 70 and over we young people should pay for their retirement. We need to take care of each other. You shouldn't have to pay for you're
    Meds you should live the rest of you're 10-20 years with dignity and enjoyment.

  10. These Republicans have their eyes open finally. They finally realizing that the GOP is not for the common man or woman. They are a party that caters to the donors. Proof these long life Republicans just said it. They are voting against Social Security that voted against pension they did a lifetime tax cut to the wealthy and only some temporary tax cuts for everybody else. And then Trump tries to tempt people with a so-called 10% tax cut to the middle class, because he heard that's a lot of people. But we know that's a shame because he's only saying that to get people to vote red

  11. In the future…
    Climate change deniers to climate scientists: Save our planet!

  12. SS is an entitlement. Your entitled to your taxes

  13. It's about time you seniors pay more for your Medicare. If you people had your way we would all be paying for housing and food as well.

  14. This was a healthy political video, wasn't toxic like many others on tv

  15. It is your fault if you voted and kept voting for republicans! 😂

  16. the only lawmakers that want to cut Medicare and other programs are rich and will not have to depend on social security to survive after they turn 65.. We have to stop what Trump is determined to do!

  17. Obama was born in space wearing a tan suit! P.S.Scott Wagner sucks monkey balls! Release your tax returns you crook!

  18. If a Republican has to eat dog food because their social security benefits had to be cut, I'll be smiling.

  19. They can cut my Social Security. That's okay. That means I will just stop paying my mortgage.

  20. Shit, where is obama…….

  21. They'll sell the rest of us out like they did before. As long as they tell the baby boomer that THEIR SS is safe they won't care as they cut everyone else's. Just like Reagan did.

  22. SOCIOPATH power-wackos are ONLY concerned about themselves, & then MAYBE their kin. State/national debt is not something they have any concern about. Their ass is fine. That is their only concern.

  23. Cut Social Security and Medicare only for registered Republicans. They are the ones that voted for the monsters in Congress. They got nothing from the tax cuts and now they will get destroy by "entitlement reform". Republicans are geniuses.

  24. My father in law says all the time, "At lest they are better than a democrat." That right there goes to show you that he will literally vote against his best interest simply becasue someone is running on the opposing party. It has also been my experience that unless you have a lot of money and are greedy when voting for republican you are pretty misinformed becasue the garbage that comes out of their mouths amaze me.

  25. Republicans voters are gullible/ignorant of the facts even when academic, scholars , and scientist explain it to them.

  26. DONT vote Republic DONT vote Democratic they are two sides of the same coin

  27. americans need to take better care of their elderly and disabled families. This so sad..

  28. if you paid then you are entitled to it so it is an (entitlement).

  29. Well Trumpancies u voted for Trump so this is what u get, u should have voted for a Democrat. VOTE NOW FOR DEMOCRATS!!!!

  30. Would you look at that, baby boomers who were probably okay with their grandkids not getting social security now scared out of there minds because theirs is going to get cut. Who would have thought?

  31. Nazis know how to spend money. They know how to break a country.

  32. well you idiots need to stop voting for repbulicans!!

  33. No doubt about it…
    TYT are Fake Progressives!

  34. republican. save our social security!!!! but i am still going to vote for republican. democrat.. facepalm….

  35. Big mistake by conservatives to harm the grey vote.

  36. It's pronounce Co-burn, and I'm in this district Virginia 5th and Leslie has made this race competitive, it's been a sleeper race even in Virginia where 3 other districts were MORE likely to flip for most of the summer.

  37. Cockburn is the best last name though

  38. The cap enforces the idea that the poor must support the poor.

  39. Idiot tide pod eating trumptards.

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