Trump’s New Warning To Iran As Administration Under Pressure Over Airstrike Decision | Nightly News

President Trump has said the drone strike that killed Iran’s top general was based on intelligence that American lives were in danger — something Democrats and allies are demanding more information on. The president warned on Twitter that “we have targeted 52 Iranian sites” in response to Iranian threats.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Trump’s New Warning To Iran As Administration Under Pressure Over Airstrike Decision | Nightly News


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  1. Commander in Chief does not need Congress approval. Most of Congress will be replaced next election….Democrats have proven they hate America.

  2. Not one trump supporter will enlist.

  3. Trump engineered military draft only to those states that vote for Democrat and minority, in the hope it will eliminate his opponents.

  4. How are threats of retaliation or war helpful for america or europe?

  5. OMG! The irony of it!

    Trump kills a high value Iranian asset (massively escalating the ongoing conflict) as a means to change the news cycle off impeachment and to help potentially bolster him in the polls in the run-up to the 2020 elections. (Wars tend to engender extreme patriotic and jingoistic feelings in voters and give an incumbent President a significant bump in the polls.)

    This only really works though if

    a) the war is just, and

    b) the public don't recognize the ploy and blame the President for the ensuing consequences (the fear, the wounded, the dead, the disruption, etc).

    As a result of this conflict escalation though (and this is the OMG irony bit), oil prices are likely to soar and the economy (including the stock markets) take a massive hit.

    The one factor, above all others, that was in President Trump's favor in the run up to the 2020 election was the strength of the economy.

    By escalating the conflict between the US and Iran, in an attempt to deflect attention away from a politically damaging impeachment process that was consuming the news cycles, Trump may just have taken a wild smack at the economy and the stock market and grabbed huge fistfuls (ironic for a man with such small hands) of money out of America's 401Ks.

    President Donald J Trump may just have sunk his own 2020 Presidential campaign!

  6. F the news f Facebook f Twitter f Instagram f rainbow colored rappers and F the kardashians!!!!!

  7. Iran is waiting on an Aircraft Carrier that wants to cross the Strait of Hormuz and will sink it. Narrowing the passage even more. If the USA steps up, the whole Strait will be closed and some more. Try to survive and sit that out Western Nations.
    By AbdAllah

  8. Democrats face terrorism by giving nuclear deals n billions of taxpayers money.
    Trump confronted terrorists.

  9. Trump 2020, enough said.⚡⚡⚡TCB⚡⚡⚡

  10. Trump is the biggest fool in America

  11. Lies! 9/11 and Iran? Really?

  12. Good Job Trump Let them Know who's boss

  13. Glad the impending war didn’t interrupt the orange menace’s golf game, this attack on Iran is the ultimate obstruction of justice in his impeachment, and he couldn’t care less who gets killed as a result

  14. Trump find out how many allies we got left especially the Kurds. This is exactly what ISIS wanted go figure

  15. Everyone in Congress wants nothing to do with him and so he made the decision him self with intelligence community and by doing this saved our troops and got some revenge I love my president !

  16. IRAN 🇮🇷 🇷🇺 RUSSIA


  17. Next time he will nuke 52 states for 52 hostages…

  18. Terrible carnage took place in Indin northern state Kashmiri, where Pakistan sponsored Islamic terrorism and separatists killed thousands of Kashmiri pundits and forced thousands of families to leave this state.
    Such cruelty and barbarism by mazahabi madness can not be find anywhere.

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