Home / News / Trump's possible tax cuts would benefit most Americans: Grover Norquist

Trump's possible tax cuts would benefit most Americans: Grover Norquist

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist on the Trump administration considering various tax cuts in an effort to boost the economy and concerns about the U.S. economic outlook.

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  1. More tax for the super rich, other wise before you realise it history shows that you can only scam the middle class for so long. The thought of give them the crumbs and you get the loaf attitude no longer works, because voters can see the con. I wonder how many on the panel have ever stood in a food line or wondered how they are going to put food on their children's table…..I would say none of them.

  2. More tax cuts I got $ 700 from last tax cuts. 👍😀👍

  3. That is what the capitalize on, the ignorance of the masses. Fox has had multiple segments telling their viewership that it is great to have minimum wage,work past retirement,have multiple jobs..etc. Now they are telling them that a capital gains tax(which you only get if you have a business or investment) will benefit them(the average American with no business or investment). They will eat it up because Trump said so and continue focusing their hate on immigrants,whilst they are getting fleeced.
    Trump promised to drain the swamp but filled it with establishment people like Mnuchin(foreclosure king),Betsy Devos(against public school funding), Rex Tillerson(Exxon Mobil),Gary Cohn(Goldman Sachs),Larry Kudlow(Goldman Sachs), Kavanaugh(against the 4th amendment), John Bolton(warhawk) ,Pompeo (Neocon), Elliot Abrams(convicted war criminal), Gina Haspel( torturer), Patrick Shanahan( Boeing exec),Mike Esper(Raytheon exec)..etc
    With a gang/swamp like that,it baffles me that the average American actually thinks Trump is doing good for the little man.

  4. Yeah, according to Trump, the economy is the best it has ever been. That's why we desperately need to increase the deficit through more tax cuts. And, the economy is so good, we need to lower interest rates as well. It makes sense if you don't think about it.

  5. More tax cuts to increase our national debt and have absolutely no benefit for the poor and many middle class folks.

  6. There's not many intelligent people watching Fox who care about the fires and a lot of them are flat earthers who deny humans are causing our climate crisis.

  7. Steel workers are already getting LAID OFF IN MICHIGAN.

  8. Terrorist republican’ts never tell the truth!

  9. Finally Fox Business News!!!!

  10. Tax cuts benefits.
    Also waste spending and deficite will be gone away. Cuts reduces all burden upon the shoulders.
    All cuts are electronic cuts.

  11. Hi FoxNews, please check subtitle speed, sync does not match.. please correct that issue

  12. In my opinion if congress and federal agencies like the doj and hud can hand out billions in grants to groups ie jon profits then we americans are taxed too much

  13. This lying lobbyist for billionaires always has the same plan.
    Skyrocket deficits with more massive tax cuts for the rich.
    Republicans are corrupt treasonous lying mobsters.
    They are the most deadly and destructive enemy of America in the world.

  14. Once President Trump fixes America by 2024 the last thing he can't fix is stupid liberals. Which is a mental disease.

  15. This means nothing changes for the poor but the rich don’t have to pay as many taxes … only gone benifit white ppl…

  16. Tax Cuts are like Garlic to Democrat $$$ Vampires….



  18. More tax cuts? We have falling-down bridges and breaking-up roads, closed national parks, etc., and now more cuts? Why? Because this character is hoping to shore things up long enough to get a chance at reelection. He is as easy to read as a large print comic book. And when things finally come crashing down, which they surely will, what will he do.?Why, the same thing he always does: Declare bankruptcy.

  19. America is working again, unlike when the affirmative action experiment held the office. It's good to see trains running again and traffic on the freeways. TRUMP 2020.

  20. President of "Americans for tax reform" I wonder why they don't use the title lobbyist anymore

    Just another paid mouthpiece soliciting bribes for tax cuts that only affect the 1% not the working class

  21. Besides they Great Recession that Obama came into, he had 2-3 percent growth,

  22. Let's see Trump's tax return before and during presidency.

  23. Fox Business trying to sell the scam to gut social security and medicare.

  24. What a joke!! Stop spreading lies for Chump. This is why it's called Faux News.

  25. Capitol gains tax is the most harmful tax this country has. Get rid of it completely.

  26. When she said Obama did this as well… He quickly quiet that down….LOL

  27. Trump is racist, sexist bigot, wait tax cut?…where do i vote for a second term?

  28. Suuuuuure the cuckmander in Chief only believes in tax cuts for the wealthy.

  29. It'll benefit more rich Americans. More tax cuts for the rich.

    This moron needs to get out of office asap.

    Buckle up for another recession.

  30. I mean I am in favor of tax cuts for the working class Americans but how in world did we give the really rich/job creators a tax break last year and now we have to do it this year in order to boost the economy. That was the reason they gave me last year.

  31. Most of the rich 😒 probably

  32. Guys, forget all this. The Amazon forest is burning! WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS?

  33. Haven't they been saying this since the 80s????

  34. We need President Trump to address the national debt.

  35. I heard that before instead I ended up owing money at the end of the year instead of receiving a tax return thanks Trump!

  36. To be honest who listen's to Grover or Stephen Moore neither have any credibility. Now Maria if I am not wrong criticized Obama heavily for the Payroll Tax cuts

  37. The thing is Trump says the economy is going great so why are they trying to goose it again. I thought that Tax Scam Bill they passed was suppose to do that! Well it didn't! All it did was make the wealthy and corporations richer at the expense of the average taxpayers. How do you raise the debt from 19 to 22 trillion dollars in less than 2.5 years with nothing to show for it? When that money is yours and it going in their pockets!! These people are going to bankrupt the country and a lot of you are one natural disaster or recession from being homeless.

  38. China…the Chinese are not wanted the worldwide will be good at any which ways to economy grow well as they’re would….but China is economic well off to worldwide living above the world?……it is China dreams to be worlds number one country…….the Chinese wanted to control worldwide……for a change from the century bullied by the westerners countries……

  39. It's the same as the last time. "Most" Americans won't benefit at all.

  40. No doubt about it we the American Citizens need our waisted tax money that the Democrats continue to waste and we need to cut their salaries in half they sit on their butts and do nothing for the American Citizens.

  41. The video has nothing to do with the title.

  42. Trump promised a tax cut for the middle class that would be passed before the midterms, and lied about that. No Republican who votes for this gets to complain about deficits ever again.

  43. Can't keep Cutting your income and keep paying your Bills

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