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Tucker: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is A "Nasty Moron"

Tucker: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is A "Nasty Moron"

If anyone know anything about being an unimpressive moron, it’s Tucker Carlson. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-heres-why-awful-ocasio-cortez-has-a-following-and-its-not-because-shes-impressive

“There is always something a little poignant about the end of something. Maybe that’s why people get drunk on New Year’s Eve — to forget it. It is sad to think that a whole year is over.

But if you think New Year’s is depressing, how would you feel if you thought that all life on this planet was ending soon. Three million years of human history erased forever. Sad, isn’t it? Chris Hayes thinks so. Chris Hayes is what every man would be if feminists ever achieve absolute power in this country — apologetic, bespectacled and deeply, deeply concerned about global warming and the patriarchal systems that cause it.

On Friday, Hayes hosted a town hall event on MSNBC with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It was designed to promote her Green New Deal. This apparently seemed like a wise idea to executives over at NBC. The very same news outlet that spent two years lying to you about Russia brings you a 29-year-old former bartender to teach you about science.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Racist Tucker (AKA Trump’s Little bitch) is at it again. His hypocrisy and stupidity is oosing out of him.

  2. AOC is a piece of trash and a moron.

  3. Tucker is the absolute worst.

  4. Is that Tucker's real face? Hes scary!

  5. In spite of how much of an asshole he is in the rest of the clip, I’m pleasantly surprised that he said what he said starting at 5:04

  6. socialists always call about morality, compassion and equality right before they kill millions of people.

  7. JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺 Come on America clean up your mistake . Get that heap of crap out of the White House . Now that you have done that get the pest control people in to clean the joint throughout.

  8. LMFAO@ all of the butthurt Democrat supporting cry babies in the comment section, BWAHAHAAAA.

  9. Oh look, it's THE OLD TURDS, who are Socialistic, Commies.

  10. If Fucker… um, Tucker… did I have that right the first time? If he projects any harder, he'll be in the next county.

  11. Why is he allowed to be on tv

  12. Tucker would end this channel in one visit lol

  13. so you HAVE TO have kids in order to speak about morality and values?!?!

  14. Fake news. She's a TASTY moron.

  15. Life makes you understand morales!

  16. It’s funny..at Politicon you didn’t call him any names Cenk..now in front of your followers you say what you think they wanna hear 🤔

  17. Carlson is the nasty moron…

  18. Carlson is projecting again, he’s a nasty moron.

  19. Make Young Turks cry again on election night 2020!

  20. Carlson is as dumb as a slice of white bread. What an obnoxious wanker.

  21. "jam it down our throats" is an interesting way to put it…

  22. What happened to her smart girl glasses?

  23. Lol Tuckers definition of motility is simply having babies wtf aha how dumb can he be?

  24. Ana and Cenk are not smart people

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