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Tucker Carlson: Machines Will Replace HUGE Sections of The Economy

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The country is in turmoil, and it can easily be argued that the establishment of both parties got us here. But under President Trump, does America stand a fighting chance of coming back from the brink? Tucker Carlson and Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks sit down to determine how we got here and if there’s any saving us!

Moderator: Steven Olikara

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  1. He’s a very unusual thinker, funny how his beliefs on automation converge so much with mine.

  2. Thia video does not have nearly enough views!!

  3. How much change can people handle before they go crazy? lol Tucker, only conservatives go crazy with change. It's in the definition of 'conservatism', to conserve against change. Progressives have no problem with change. We recognize that it's inevitable and resisting it is futile.

  4. Tucker is fantastic! He makes some fantastic points.

  5. “ …and my core concern is changed and the pace of change because I don’t think that people are hardwired for it…” Tucker, sometimes what we want isn’t always what we needed and change is inevitable. I know it sounds cliché but people cannot prevent changed, it’s necessary part of how the world works!

  6. Tucker is the ultimate tool!

  7. The left is not defending Wal-Mart. You are a liar!

  8. Tucker is always liberal bashing. No matter if he agrees with them or not.

  9. So let's enable those who can not adapt.

  10. Cenk said nothing of dog whistles. Apparently, you were thinking of that.

  11. We are not reckless. We just don't trust you!

  12. The value of labor has been defined by corporations and their profit, not automation

  13. Tucker filibustered the shit out of that question!

  14. I think Tucker makes a lot of sense about the problems, robots taking over more and more jobs and also immigration driving the wages down in certain jobs. But his solution is more free market, isn't it? I don't think what would make a whole lot of sense. I do however think we need to be strict about illegal immigration and illegals working jobs for very low wages. The companies should offer decent wages to AMERICANS who are in America legally. Somehow I don't think Tucker wants any legislation that secures people a living wage though…

  15. man tucker just spews the most hateful drivel filled with falsehoods and half-truths… truly a terrfying figure in the media

  16. if open borders was awesome every country would do it

  17. Tucker carlson often has great analysis of the economy its only his solutions that are bad

  18. Don't be surprised if you find bits and pieces in tucker's rhetoric that actually makes some sense, that is a classic demagoguery scheme to reel you in by conditioning you, pay close attention how quickly he goes back to being an insufferable douche with outrageous claims to disinform you.

  19. So robots and immigrants are taking jobs?? I'm so confused

  20. Hitchens once said he like the early writings of Tucker carlson.
    Before he got into fox news n the right wing thing.
    And I never understood it.
    Until now.

  21. Machines are all ready in place, have you ever seen the Amazon robots? How many jobs just this one company have taken out of the economy?

  22. So is Tucker really saying that the problem is big business refusing to pay workers the true value of their labor?
    Maybe I'm too skeptical and cynical to accept that Tucker Carlson really feels that way, but I'll keep my eye on him to see if his actions follow his statements.

  23. Bwhahaha Tucker Carlson making Marxist arguments against American companies….just to defend his immigration stance. I love it. Keeping the brown people out is so important to him that he adopts the antithesis of conservative doctrine to defend it.

  24. Listen to the morons whistle and cheer for pathetic Tucker.

  25. Build a wall against machines. They’re takin our jobs! – Republicans

  26. Tucker. We dont have a choice, change is a fact of life u can stick your head in the sand or adapt.

    To your question, we will need a new populace to keep up with a new economy.

    Medicare for all, infrastructure program, tuition free college, absolve the debts.

    Increase social security disbursements. Higher minimum wage. UBI may also become a necessity.

    The point is you offset the jobs lost through automation with innovation that's the only viable solution.

    You could ban every immigrant tomorrow it won't stop this tide

  27. It hurts me that Tucker Carlson is making sense.

  28. That awkward moment when you realize that Tucker Carlson is making a Marxist critique of American corporations.

  29. Have a universal basic income + socialized education system and the workers can bounce back every single time the machines take their jobs.

  30. It was nice to watch a debate without constant interruptions

  31. It is true that automation will be a big player in the economy, but technology does create opportunity. All we need to do is diversify our skill sets, human beings are still in demand. I don't buy the argument that people are scared of technology. It's an ever evolving world and we need to evolve with it. Don't get me wrong, I feel for those people that felt left behind, but you gotta get out of that mindset and remember that you are more then an assembly line. Don't count on the government to bring jobs that are not coming back.

  32. Carlson's basic argument is people are stupid cowards so we cant change anything for the better or their little feelings will be hurt.

  33. Jeez, he's like the very definition of "regressive". So humans are incapable of changing and adapting now? And all this time I thought that was what actually made us the most advanced creatures on the planet. But I guess Tucker knows best.

  34. So is Tucker for minimum wage ? it'll be the first for GOP

  35. OMG! That college educated student with two degrees is stuck working a minimum wage job. It can't be that there aren't any jobs that fit his particular skill set, it has to be because he's a brainwashed liberal.

  36. Tucker sounds like sniveling toddler may think society is a joke probably because people like him exist  that make  the money he makes he can care less about the common American people.  .  As move is some of these common American people that watch fox news would talk are on it don't have a very high IQ move and they're just making him rich why he's laughing in their faces when he acts like he's intelligent and he's not he's is obnoxious idiot that likes a laugh and his guests as space because their IQ is way higher than his move and Andy is that stupid stare in the camera to act like he's thinking and looks like a complete idiot .  Republicans are the enemy of America and corporate as democrats are not too far from that .

  37. Jobs in coal mining are the future aparently.

  38. Cucker talks about not "changing everything for the few," referring to the poor as the "few.* No, the united states is the richest country in the world. We are the lucky "few" because we have squandered everything for just us "Few."

  39. Tuckers comments don't make sense! It's the words of a racist idiot! If he can't handle change, tough shit because time changes everything!

  40. My liberal stance on immigration is actually partially fueled by libertarian economic thinking. If a guy from South America is willing and able to do the job for cheaper, then why would we stop him? Opposing immigration is really the same as artificially constricting the supply of labor that would naturally flow into the country.

  41. Tucker actually made a decent point here.

  42. This whole liberals have become libertarians on immigration line is non-sense because it assumes only what Tucker Carlsons and the right wing assume which is that immigration is zero sum. Further the employer did pay significantly more than they had with the undocumented immigrants.

    Maybe they should pay even more and I would agree with Tucker Carlson here. But as usual there's multiple levels of dishonesty here. You'll notice Tucker got to thinking about this when he was on the topic of automation. If large scale farmers had to pay living wages they would have already invested in automation. So ironically its Tucker making the stupid generic libertarian supply demand arguments about lettuce becoming expensive.

    If you go to China they assemble cell phones by hand and solder components. That labor is cheaper than robotics. If they had to invest in the robotics those machines would pay for themselves quite fast especially if you had to pay employees $15 an hour. But thats the whole irony in the non-sense Tucker is pushing here. If they bought the machines thats economies of scale investments. That would make the products cheaper not more expensive. If everyone in the entire US wasn't dumping $120 dollars on their phone bill a month thats substantive income.

    As progressives we should strive for progress including automation but understand the issues are not about libertarian fatalism but about power. Automation can be used to pull down wages on the other hand investments in automation can significantly improve money we waste in the economy.. lawn care anyone? It should regulated and tarrifed not left up to markets.

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