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Tucker Carlson: The View Radicalizes White People

Tucker Carlson: The View Radicalizes White People

Tucker Carlson continues to grasp at straws while insisting that white people are under constant attack.

Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, and Jayar Jackson hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://www.mediamatters.org/video/2019/04/30/tucker-carlson-claims-view-inspires-white-nationalist-terrorists/223598

“TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): OK, last question, and now I’m being sincere. I was kind of yanking your chain a little bit. But isn’t it time to stop with the racism and the white privilege stuff, attacking people on the base of their skin color? Could we just call a truce and just not talk like that anymore?

QUENTIN JAMES (GUEST): Tucker, sincerely, I wish we could but what we’ve been seeing under this president is a rise in white domestic terrorism, a rise in white nationalism —

CARLSON: Do you have to attack white people? That’s —

JAMES: No, I think it’s the opposite actually. I think what we’re seeing is that people like Dylan Roof are getting more radicalized right now under our president. [CROSSTALK] And what we want to see is a unifying in this country, and I look forward to that.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, Jayar Jackson

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, Jayar Jackson


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  1. Stop calling the White House white. It’s an affront to pink-skinned people. Stop calling the White Sox white. It’s an insult to all pink people. Purge these words from our language. Whiteout, whitewash, white paper.

  2. He interviews in bad faith. Don't go to a platform he controls because he'll just talk over or simply and/or ignore everything you say. Going on his show is pointless.

  3. People radicalized themselves.

  4. He just said that black people would be justified in being radicalized extremists. He would never agree with that but look how he ok'd it for white folks lmao.

  5. Trash like tucker have been doing this for decades at the very least. The claim that people call everything white people do is racist there for racism doesn’t really exist. That’s the goal. But it doesn’t matter because only racists would buy into that. Any reasonable person can just listen to Carlson words and say yup that’s a racist

  6. I always feel like white folks are trying to play on our intelligence when they say we need to stop being racist.They are the ONLY racist there are except for Indians in India.

  7. Hahaha

    Fucker Carlson speaking inane nonsense again

    The reverse racism card and defending Dylan Roofe

    This is hate speech

  8. Tucker lives in fantasy world

  9. Slam dunk! Every word said here is SPOT ON POINT!!❤

  10. I don't know Tucker but I can definitely say He is a Racism mothe..!!

  11. Tucker is the definition of a Racism man! Pathetic excuse of a man!!

  12. That's why i don't watch tucker cause i dont watch stupid

  13. Raise the roof for the Pittsburgh Pirates support 🤹🏽‍♀️


  15. Look at the red devil 😈😈🔥🔥

  16. I hope ppl understand that the Blacks didn’t make it about race.

  17. The view aren’t attacking white people they are calling out Racist white people and domestic white terrorists that shoot up places

  18. No. We don't need to put elected officials in office just because they're black or Muslim or white. We put people in office who are more qualified and appealing. There's more whites in the United States than blacks hence you have more whites qualified for office.
    Furthermore, if you want to pretend that white rightwingers cause the most domestic terrorism in the United States (which is a false claim btw), then why aren't you also spouting off about the majority of violent crimes such as rape, robbery and homice being committed by blacks on a daily basis? Or the majority of terrorist attacks being committed by Muslims?Oh…that's right. It doesn't support you narrative.
    And there's no one gunning down blacks for no reason. Lmao. Blacks thugs that are shot by police in the United States are typically killed because they either attempt to assault police officers during a call and or because they're carrying a gun. Listen to the cops' orders and you'll be fine,

  19. The natural demonic nature of white racist has ran rampant since white people stole America.

  20. Ok so "Sucker" is justifying white rage!

  21. He is the epitome of a racist white supremacist. He is Dylan Roof.

  22. If they don't want to be called racist then they they shouldn't do or say things that are considered racist.

  23. let us not speak of all the black on white hate…only the one national instance of a white retards hate on blacks…which was totally staged.

  24. some white folks are racists jerks, they try to minimize the issues of minorities.

  25. I am afraid you’re right Cenk!!!!

  26. a lot is a whole lot less than all. stop putting all of us in the same boat

  27. It's ok to be white .
    Patriotism is a duty.
    Proud white nationalist .

  28. That's why I didn't agree with Bill Maher saying more liberals need to go on Fox and why I hated it when Bernie did it.

  29. Another ignorant fox news a-hole.

  30. carlson looks like a 10 yr old boy who has been on a sunbed to long.

  31. The View is just a bunch of clucking hens worried that Trump is going to let them keep more of their own eggs.

  32. It’s commonly called “PROJECTION”…and there are a lot of people are guilty of that act.

  33. What is Tucker so worried about he isn't white he's Irish

  34. Conflating white people with white supremacists is Tuckers projection.

  35. what does race have anything to do with whether or not your qualified for a job… Minorities have lower population so obviously there's going to be less of them in any business/government. Your proposing that they should get a statistical advantage via ratio to get a job because there's less of them? wtf lol

  36. Cucker Tarlson IS a white nationalist. Of course he thinks it's hurtful that people criticize Dylan Roof, because if Cucker wasn't a multi-millionaire, they'd be the same.

  37. The TYT/Damage Report Cabal sees RACISTS everywhere!
    Millions and millions of RACISTS!

    Racists in bushes! Racists in trees!
    Racists polluting a gentle spring breeze!
    Millions and millions of RACISTS!

    Racists on bicycles! Racists in cars!
    Racists in places both near and far!
    Millions and millions of RACISTS!

    Racists on radio! On the TV!
    Racists all over the Land of the Free!
    Millions and millions of RACISTS!

    Racists by day! Racists by night!
    OMG! What a terrible sight!
    Millions and millions of RACISTS!

    Racists are farmers as well as their daughters!
    Leading non racists straight to the slaughter!
    Millions and millions of RACISTS!

    Racists are singers! Racists are poets!
    Those who are Racists and don't even know it!
    Millions and millions of RACISTS!

    Racists are priests! Racists are preachers!
    And millions and millions of high school teachers!
    Millions and millions of RACISTS!

    That racists exist could not be clearer
    The ones never seen are those in the mirror!
    Millions and millions of RACISTS!

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