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Turkey: Erdogan slams Egypt's 'tyrants' as thousands mourn Morsi

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended a ceremony at a mosque in Istanbul, where he raised question marks over the circumstances of Egyptian ex-President Mohamed Morsi’s death.
The former Egyptian leader, deposed in a coup in 2013, had died in court on Monday. He’d been on trial for spying charges.
At Istanbul’s Fatih mosque where thousands joined in prayers, Erdogan called Morsi a “martyr” and blamed Egypt’s “tyrants” for his death adding that he didn’t believe that Morsi died of natural causes.

Al Jazeera Sinem Koseoglu reports from Istanbul.

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  2. Suudi arabic king is american dog.. sud.arabic is not muslim.
    Mursi is reel muslim leader. But
    Erdogan is not reel muslim leader . Erdogan is england solder. He is not muslim

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  4. Don't know much about Turkey's president, but he seems to have balls of steel 🙂

  5. May Allah Grant morsi to jannah..aamin

  6. I LOVE erdogan i love turky sehat selalu pak erdogan dan mudah2n muhamad mursi khusnul khotimah ya robb surga yg terbaik untuk nya 🙏

  7. He died in prison looked up reciting the quran from memmory.

    That is what happened to abu haifa one of the 4 imams with a mazhab

  8. No one here knows about Turkey but they only praise Erdogan… I don't understand..

  9. Egyptian leaders just killed this Innocent man inside the prison.!

  10. i lav ardogan & MursI from Bangladesh ♥√√√√√

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    Orospu çocugu Recep Tayyip Erdogan din tuccari pezevenk

  12. Democracy rings even in death.
    Democracy for the Middle East!

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  15. love Erdogan love morsi Allah forgive u and never forgive sisi Allah is waiting for u

  16. Siktigimin mali banane mursiden amk siktim oldu bu erdogan din uzerinden gosteris yapiyor mursi kim amk bana turkiyeye ne faydasi var

  17. This was a Murder . May Allah grant him Jannatul ferdows. Ameen

  18. The Dictator of Egypt, Sisi should be assassinated

  19. Lets hang that Zio rat in the highest tree in town, alongside MBS, Netanyahu and Trump.


  21. President Mohamed Morsi was a good Man good Leader May Allah Bless Him to Jannah

  22. Big theatres from Erdogan. Egypt suffered from Turks.

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