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Turkey Says Over 100 Killed In Attack On U.S. Allies In Syria | NBC Nightly News

The death toll is rising as Turkish forces continued their assault in northern Syria, unleashing airstrikes and advancing the invasion on the ground against Syrian Kurds, the U.S. allies who have served as critical partners in the fight against ISIS.
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Turkey Says Over 100 Killed In Attack On U.S. Allies In Syria | NBC Nightly News


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  1. put our elite against turkish forces we can end the war with turkey's president head

  2. how fucktup this so called news agency?!? mostly all kurdish people living in turkey. most of kurdish refugees go to turkey. something definitely wrong with this fake news people! stop saying kurdish force they terorist they don’t represent kurds. most Majority kurds living in turkey and most kurdish refugees in turkey because they running from ypg and sdf so called kurdish force!

  3. Like turkey say they don’t care about section.

  4. Good job from Turkey side!!!! Turkey, i call you for killing all of U.S. soldiers and kurdish militans.
    At first , kurdish militans are terrorists.
    Second : If U.S. soldiers dont want to die, what they are doing in middle east? Go f**k away from here and return to your fckn home to United States!!!!

  5. Cause y'all look like turds to me.

  6. what a propaganda the kurdish zionist puppet did ethnic cleansing against the local population which is arabs and replaced it by kurds from all the region and now crying like what is the way around ,anyway the distiny of the kurds who are in fact a gypsy of the region is to be wiped by Turks,Arabs,Persian through all the history and even the futur for the simple reason that they are just tool of the Zionist and American and thrown every time like a dirty kleenex.

  7. The Europe is still in fear of Turkish people and their bravery. The European/Roman ancestry people are cowards just like their ancestors, they can't fight people with equal strength and only know fighting indirectly by drones, missiles etc where there is no loss of their lives being lost. The ottomans against whom their ancestors have fought and present conditions of Turkey are making them worried if similar situation arises today.

  8. I assume that Erdogan will also not untwist this situation to large-scale military action. I think he will strike at the points where he believes the bases of Kurdish terrorists are located, and he can curtail his activities on this front, start just an ideological campaign, saying and convincing his, first of all, the population that the largest anti-terrorist action was carried out, gain points in his country

  9. Turkey has been waiting on the side lines to get at the the Kurds since all this started. America pulls out then they attack not hard to figure out. Trump should never have pulled the troops from Syria he left the Kurds high dry. Now ISIS will rebuild as there is no resistance. I thought Vietnam was bad this is Vietnam 2020 folks!!!

  10. Every Kurdish death is on the head of Donald Trump. His cowardly betrayal of the Kurds should be one of the "crimes against humanity".

  11. they are trying to make a new ottoman empire
    like Mussolini (new roman empire)
    like Hitler (new german reich)

  12. idiots, they got a picture of their captive leader of the pkk & expect turkey not to do anything. obviously the U.S goverment & kurdish supporters of pkk are stupid, that leader in this vid killed 40k turkish & kurdish women & children by bombing buses & shopping centres in Turkey. all of you who support him will be 6 feet under soon god willing.

  13. I think Trump didn't foresee the humanity crisis and military actions on their allies following US withdrawal. Foreseeing that requires too much brainworks, the president is incapable of.

  14. hence Proved America is The Sponsor of Terrorist !!

  15. All the blood we shed with the Kurds for years…wasted and dishonored by two men. Both are presidents.
    Praying for our terp, brother and friend from Camp Speicher, "Big John" Sabir (I won't dime him out with his real name), hoping you're safe in Kirkuk or bugging out for Jordan, man

  16. Heheheh you like our Turkish bombs ?

  17. She didn't sasy noting man 😁😁😁

  18. The Turkish Defence Ministry also said it had taken the necessary measures to avoid inflicting damage on a US observation post near the positions of Kurdish-led forces.

    Turkey launched its military offensive dubbed 'Operation Peace Spring' on Wednesday, several days after US President Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reportedly discussed the issue in a phone call. The Trump administration quickly announced that Washington would not stand in Ankara's way although the Kurdish members of the SDF have long worked closely alongside the Pentagon to neutralize Daesh.

    The offensive began after Trump ordered the removal of some 1,000 US troops from the region. Ankara stated that it had killed what it called  415 "terrorists" since Wednesday.

    Turkey's move has been condemned by the international community, including by Western allies and in the Arab world. Damascus views the offensive as a violation of Syria's territorial integrity.

    Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said earlier that Operation Peace Spring was launched "in accordance with international law, Article 51 of the UN Charter and UN Security Council Resolutions on fight against terrorism".

  19. "That’s an area weapon […] That’s not something we ever would have done to a partner force", the official said, adding that Turkish forces knew there were Americans on the hill and that it had to be deliberate, the DC-based newspaper reported.

    According to an earlier Pentagon statement, Turkish shells "exploded a few hundred meters of a location outside the Security Mechanism zone and in an area known by the Turks to have US forces present".

    The Pentagon has demanded that Ankara avoid actions that "could result in immediate defensive action".

    Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar said earlier on Saturday that the nation's military is coordinating efforts with the United States, and has denied accusations that Ankara deliberately targeted US forces in the region.

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