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TYT Attack Ad Against Ted Cruz

TYT Attack Ad Against Ted Cruz

Help Us DEFEAT Ted Cruz http://tyt.com/cruz

We believe Republican Ted Cruz’s time in the Senate is up and we need your help to make that a reality.

With your donation, we can run this hard-hitting ad against Cruz in the state of Texas — something other Democrats are reluctant to do.

The “Lone Star State” hasn’t had a Democratic Senator in more than 25 years. Your donation gets us one step closer to defeating Cruz and putting the state of Texas back in the hands of progressives.

Let’s beat him together!

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  1. Not sure if you're aware of this, but your candidate lost!

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!…LOSER!!!!!!

  3. Call him by his name Robert . He is not Hispanic 0 percent… he lost and I’m glad ……………..

  4. Ha ha Ted. Won you big loser

  5. FAIL! LMFAO!! oh boy, this old fat turd is so goddamn out of touch with America……..lame af smh
    "ted cruz, we're coming" – facepalm*

  6. FAIL! LMFAO!! oh boy, this old fat turd is so goddamn out of touch with America……..lame af smh

  7. Lmao!!! You losers LOST AGAIN!!! Lol!! So so sad and pathetic. Must be hell…picking losers ALL THE TIME!! 😄

  8. Yeah, Beto took Super Pac money there, Crunchy….🐒

  9. I have to say, I'm sad to see TYT embrace the whataboutism of corporate PACs…even against a smarmy bastard like Cruz. And Beto has already embraced the position of no SuperPAC money, which this undercuts completely. Cruz is not worth ruining your Justice Democrats-supporting brand over…please stop.

  10. TYT, please give an update on money raised and ads delivered for our efforts.

  11. If you listen to the audio tape, Ted is talking about the money he’s raised. Also, that picture was taken in 2016, not 2018. Here are some things wrong with this video, 1. Trump never called Cruz’s wife ugly of his dad a murder. 2. Beto has been founded by many companies. 3. Even the liberal news outlets say that ted will win. 4. These people have no idea about Texan politics. These people are obviously from another state.

  12. This is EXACTLY the sort of funding approach I started recommending to TYT several years ago. Not quite as well implemented as I suggested, but the idea of linking it to a specific ad is not bad. I'm not claiming credit, but I think the approach could go farther and do better–and get more of my money. Someone from TYT could go through my old email or ask me for a reminder, eh?

  13. i-gotta-admit-i-love-seeing-tyt-shoot-themselves-in-the-foot-they-went-from-shitty-opinion-based-pseudo-journalism-to-a-propaganda-machine.

  14. That was a cute ad. Just more leverage against the left wing.


  16. "Ted Cruz 2018 pathetic" Lmao!!!!!!!!!

  17. Bobby Newport didn’t earn anything in his life

  18. Don’t mess with Texas TYT! Beto is more likely to step into a cow pie then a senate office.
    I’ll be voting Cruz again.

  19. Just take the L already left.

  20. Where is the link to the ad so I can share it?

  21. Eh, I like Linklater's a lot more.

  22. I will say, I do like the ad for the most part, but I felt it would have been way more effective had you shown trump saying those things about Ted, proving to the disbelievers he had actually said those things. Also, it actually would have been WAY funnier had you played sad music along with the narration lol. Ted Cruz… too weak to lead, and too spineless not to sell out, so it's time to get the hell out.

  23. I can’t stand Cruz but an ad should probably focus on issues that matter. Trump and his supporters are the people that make fun of others, I’d rather not stoop to their level

  24. Please don't waste your money guys.
    Beto can't win. Texas is Conservative.
    I'm a huge hater of Cruz but he is going to run away with it. Texas will not vote for Beto he is too far left with things most Texans care about. He is for gun control. He is for more Government through Medicare for all. Texas has a strong economy right now there is no reason for most people to change.

  25. You’d better hurry with that ad, Young Turks. Early voting starts tomorrow in Texas, and Dumb Donny’s rally for Cruz is tomorrow in Houston.

  26. I think this ad needs a redo. It uses below-the-belt tactics, and it does so ineffectively.

  27. Love to see an anti corruption politician

  28. I think this ad doesnt go far enough!

  29. I don't like it add policy to it that's what tyt should be about policy it's what i thought tyt was about substance

  30. Well guys….. that add is nothing but mean. Do you think Beto likes that? What do you add to the discourse here? Nothing except belittling, shaming and sounding like the people you chastise for being mean and cruel. When was it exactly that we sunk to that level of thinking? People I'm not being haughty or arrogant and conceited here – I want what I think is best to help Beto win the election, what is best for our country. I don't want to "rub it in their faces" so to speak – I don't think Beto does either. Please, please folks, rise above!

  31. Cenk use Edward Patrick Molina's Post with clips of Trump saying them that will make a great ad.

  32. Please please please run that ad. Sincerely a Texan progressive.

  33. "The most loathsome" ….oh you offensive left wingers…..you are beyond pathetic….Ted cruz has morals (you kill babies/legalize dope destroying this country and demand trans men have access to girls bathrooms—doesn't get anymore AMORAL THAN THAT! ! ! ) ….More on Ted…he has wits…..he's objective and is concerned for what's best for American's…you know…what a politician is supposed to be… Young turks makes Huff post seem objective and balanced ! ! !

  34. Why do you add "Ted Cruz 2018?" at the end? Anyone know why this was added? It sounds a little off to me.

  35. i just wish you would use the raw, still image. the weird color filters and floating motions make it look unnecessarily more cheap.

  36. This ad def misses the mark.

  37. I was super excited about this ad but think it misses the mark. They should have done something about h is bad policies

  38. TYT…the propaganda watchdog….arf…arf….arf…

  39. Like the idea of making ads, just that the ad is poor quality, doesn't really have any useful content against Cruze which should be easy to find considering he's stupid

  40. Look out for toaster ads at the beginning of TYT videos after being sponsored by a toaster company to record this attack ad on.

  41. New spin on an old joke.

    A man rides the train to work every day. One morning he gets on and sits down. At the next stop Donald Trump and Melania get on, walk past the man and take their seats a few rows back. The more the guy thinks about it the more he wants to say something to Trump and since Trump is so shallow he decides to insult his appearance.

    The subway comes to the mans stop and on his way out, as he walks past Don and Melania, he says "Mr. Trump your skin dye is as phony as you are and your hair is just silly looking. Well, Melania being the shallow bimbo that she is starts to cry because she is so embarrassed to be seen with such an ugly man.

    A conductor happened to be walking by and noticing Melania's crying and decided to try to comfort her, so he says to her; "ma'am, whatever it is can't be that bad, here, let me go to the club car and get you a cup of coffee and while I am at it I will get a banana for your Orangutan!

    Drum roll please, budda bom.

  42. That is the stupidest ad I've ever seen. I know the left has become the party of insults and harrassment, but that ad is just embarrassing. Why dont you stick to substance and facts?

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