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TYT’s Fiery Response to NYT Attack on Bernie Sanders

TYT's Fiery Response to NYT Attack on Bernie Sanders

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian respond to the New York Times attack on Senator Bernie Sanders. If you agree with The Young Turks share this video. http://tyt.com/join

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. I like how tyt hypocrites believe every women as long as they agree with us politically is to be believed. A hit piece on the socialist that we worship investigate the person who wrote this and investigate the women I like how that turned around.

  2. That wage gap discussion was painful to watch. It's not systemic and has nothing to do with sexism, an entire group of women was just paid less because they didn't ask for more money like the men? If Bernie had realized there was a wage gap he would have fixed it? Exactly! That's the whole point! The wage gap is almost never intentional, but gender discrimination is so pervasive and systemic that women are routinely paid less anyways. Ana has talked about this REPEATEDLY on the show when the story wasn't attached to Bernie. TYT is literally giving the exact same right-wing talking points we hear over and over on Fox News. Your refusal to acknowledge legitimate criticism of Bernie is extremely damaging to your credibility.

  3. The deal is allot of women have no issue sleeping their way to the top. But when reaching the top does not happen then they cry foul play. Many women today are predators, don't kid yourself…. Bernie deserves due process as everyone should. Although I dont believe in stealing so I'm no Bernie fan but still deserves due process…

  4. Bernie Sanders is literally a piece of crap.

  5. Ana thinks she's a journalist. HILARIOUS!

  6. I thought Ana realised that the wage gap is nothing but a myth. Why is she still talking about it

  7. 3:13 & on….. Really? No due process? Just based on the fact that You are a woman? Where was Your outrage when it was Clinton? I'm sure she would come to Roy Moore's defence since she wants a complete investigation into these accusations,right? Let's not jump to conclusions by saying that I think she just might be a little bais on defending Bernie just because it throws a huge hole in TYT's outrage narrative.

  8. Bare in mind that the NYT has also banned Noam Chomsky from speaking or being interviewed for over 40 years. Chomsky wrote one piece they hated in the 70''s about how the CIA had doctored photographs and how he was against the Vietnam War, and he was never allowed to mentioned or interviewed. He's allowed to be mentioned now (they misquoted Chomsky back in 2016 to use as an attack on Sanders), but he still cannot be interviewed and he isn't allowed to submit articles to the NYT. So just bare that in mind. This is the news corporation that we're talking about.

  9. You guys do not report fairly in regards to Bernie. I love you guys. Don't get me wrong but you are bias when it comes to him. Some women say Bernie himself has groped them.

  10. Please remember that Hillary literally shielded her adviser from being fired for a sex offense allegation. The nerves of those Clintonites attacking Bernie Sanders for this… smfh

  11. Don't these women know that unwanted sexual advances accusations are only supposed to be used against the Republicans. How dare they think they can expect the Democrats to play nice to.

  12. So sad TYT is now defending sexism to further bernie. I used to think they tried to be straight shooters with a leftest lens, but I'm beginning to realize they're really no different than the other media outlets. They say anything, make any argument to support their candidate.

  13. Excuses excuses he was just to busy to pay them equally

  14. Anna talking about journalism 101 that's hilarious! Then her saying that you can't use sexual assault claims as a political weapon!!! Really what about justice Kavanaugh????

  15. Yeah they're only digging and digging at Bernie rightttt.

  16. Pushing bad ideas 40 years!

  17. The primary election was literally stolen from Bernie by the Wicked Witch of a Washington, and yet this channel supported this thief in the general election

  18. Didn't Kamela Harris' group just have a sexual harrassment scandal?

  19. Maybe Bernie and Cortez are "running a train" on some shiz!

  20. Saul Alinsky loves Logan Paul

  21. Bernie needs to run. The establishment will destroy themselves in an attempt to stop bernie and hand the presidency to the republicans again.

  22. Does anyone like TYT I'm English I thought it was popular in a America

  23. who cheated on his wife and claimed to have full power being a celebrity gives him the rights to grab pussies when ever he wants…. locker room talks being wayyyyyyyyyy over being 16 years olds…..come on!!! love sanders!

  24. Most fast food restaurants have less turnover than this embarrassing so-called administration !!!!

  25. This guys are idiots. Lol

  26. TYT is the only Youtube channel I have seen where the top comments are negative. Maybe their supporters are illiterate.

  27. turn down the volume and look at the viciousness of these people, no wonder they are always so angry, they are selling anger

  28. "I do declare" doesn't get old.

  29. Sexual harassment claims : democrats love it unless it’s on someone of their party

  30. Mess with TYT's boy Bernie and get the horns !! So what did New York Times write ??

  31. How does it feel to be dealing with the same lies you pushed on Trump?


  33. When did TYT start bleeping out dirty words? 8:29. I noticed this in an Aggressive Progressive clip as well.

  34. Is TYT now saying NYT is fake news?

  35. Fat boy and hook-nose get upset in this one. ha ha.

  36. a freind of mine signed up for TYT and now he gets 7 to 10 telemarketing calls per day

  37. everything is a conspiracy here, nothing is concrete, just morons whining about Trump instead of figuring out how to put up a candidate to beat him but even hat is impossible because all of the things they hate about Trump are all the things they look for in a candidate

  38. Wow, most women lose their looks and put on weight eventually. But Ana has lost it a decade too early. Was it the junk or the smugness? Let's see how the career goes now she looks like a Russian babushka.

  39. after watching this i have no doubt that bernie urinated on thousands of interns

  40. Everything to tyt seems to be some corporate conspiracy

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