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U.S. Intelligence Suggests Ukrainian Plane Was Shot Down By Iran | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

U.S. sources are telling NBC News that spy satellite evidence suggests the Ukrainian plane that crashed in Tehran was shot down by Iranian missiles.
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U.S. Intelligence Suggests Ukrainian Plane Was Shot Down By Iran | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)


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  1. Is it just me?. Or do all sides look dirty here, and very aware grave mistakes were made and all are doing best to wash up from this.

  2. Same happen to Malaysian Airline that is shutdown in Ukraine. They know what it feel.

  3. Trump is responsible for the crash. May God blessed them all🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. USA Attacked That AIR PLANE

  5. i bet they thought americans were on that plane

  6. It's nothing to do with us always cover up trump u to blame

  7. It was NOT mistakenly shot by IRAN instead it was deliberately and aggressively shot down as revenge…more top punishment this time for IRAN…they have to pay a big price!

  8. We need to wipe all the ans off the planet now. Afghanistan, Iran, pakistan, North Korea an, Russia an, China an, etc….an

  9. Iran from the very beginning was adamant that no civilians will be harmed or targeted and retaliation would be solely against the US military.

  10. Imagine what those manning the anti-aircraft missile battery thought about after they discovered they killed their own countrymen and women passengers in that plane?

  11. What kind of missile is that?

  12. These Religious Fanatics Are In A Frenzy And Trigger Happy That's What It Looks Like, But I Still Would Like To Know Who Was On The Passengers List ? Bring Home The Troops And Seal Our Border's Deport, Incarcerate,And Execute All Invading Illegal Criminal Terrorist Alien's And Politician's,Judge's,Lawyer's And Corrupted CIA.FBI. Agent's. ☆ Sincere Patriot ☆ ☆ Semper Fi.☆ ☆God Bless America.☆ P.S. Make Joe Rob – In- ette Biden Jr. Buy Lunch For All The Inmates At Lewisburg Correctional Facility, 2400 Big House Circle Lewisburg PA.17837 United States Penitentiary His Future Abode. He's Always Eating Someone's Lunch I Guess He Had Bad Up Bringing !

  13. Iran shot down the plane. Iran is evil. But Democrats will blame Trump for that. Democrats are sick !!

  14. Iran must turn over the blackbox of that plane.

  15. I think we don’t believe US intelligence anymore because our president doesn’t so why should we!🤪 let us hear from our true source Russia if you are watching tell us what your intelligence says 🤪

  16. Why anyone would take connect flight via Tehran??

  17. If you have intelligence you should begin to use it to have a National Language . Hello ?

  18. This is what you get when two incompetent administrations conduct foreign policy. Tragic unintended consequences

  19. nothing more cowardly then shooting a missle at a completely defenseless passenger jetliner full of innocent civilians. except well maybe denying it even after all first world intelligence proves they did.

  20. Mossad Did it and FILMED it while doing it

  21. People can't take a Sh@t they're willing to blame on Trump anyway

  22. Somebody in Iran has a 176 k/d ratio

  23. How come civilian planes were flying above the skies of Iran and Iran? How come the control tower let this plane fly?

  24. Got to ask the question what were 62 Canadian citizens doing Iran? My guess most of them had dual citizenship. They probably didn't like their politics. This what the Mullahs do mass executions, only most of them don't make the news. Gotta think about these guys with a nuclear bomb, oops it accidentally went off. Hope the US and Israel are serious when they say they will never let them get a nuclear weapon.

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