U.S. Kills Top Iranian General, Iran Vows Revenge | NBC News NOW

Iranian General Qassem Soleimani was killed in an American airstrike outside of the Baghdad airport. New Iranian general vows revenge and “harsh retaliation” after the deadly U.S. attack.
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U.S. Kills Top Iranian General, Iran Vows Revenge | NBC News NOW


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  1. 2020 start out marvelously guys!

  2. Wtf is this background music 😂

  3. Qassem Soleimani may have been a despicable character, but to assassinate an official of a sovereign country on the soil of a third country is beyond what anyone could describe as reasonable behavior.
    I would also be interested to see the pattern of Donald Trump's investments over the past few weeks, I have no doubt he would start a war just a make a few million $ on oil futures.

  4. this is why iran needs nukes . usa and israel would stop assassinating iranian scientists and military .

  5. i feel bad for the people cus they are forced and threat by goverment to go on protests

  6. Plan on Iran going after the US 2nd in command now. If Donny wanted to have Nikki Hayley as a running mate there was a better way to break it to Pounce than this.😁

  7. Dear US, why would you attack a domestic airport 🤦‍♂️

  8. It's been proved that Trump's brain is walnut sized and he is making US great again 🙂

  9. Americans always startling the world with their less than clever moves…
    Even I could not anticipate how imbecile Americans could get!
    Can't this people think?

  10. Americans are sick of the corruption from the gop. The lies that led to the situation in Iraq to begin with. Trump is impeached and desperate. The fact is he will get Americans killed while thinking it's to his benefit. That's how desperate and Americans already know he's un-American. I feel for the first soldier that might die because of trump.

  11. so…..US military killing people is justified by US officials stating it?

  12. Where da f*q is Danger???
    And why is now everybody there??? :'/

  13. Hezbollah is just Lebanese army lol… You sure y'all don't want any of that oil and after you magically win this war then Iran will hop back on the U. S dollar and conveniently have a Rothschild bank replacing their old bank like the last 10 wars derrrrrrr

  14. More murder to feed Zionists and the military industrial complex.

  15. Esau has double crossed another nation that had a hand in our down fall. And they know they cannot stop what Iran is going to do.

  16. Everyone gangsta until the mandatory draft comes into effect.

  17. The only good thing Trump has done..

  18. Trump is going to send a lot of American to die in foreign land, just like in Vietnam

  19. Killing of other country military general is an act of war, Iran should declare war on USA.

  20. The death of a million Americans is worth our political pandering!

  21. NBC and Iran vow revenge,,, dnc media hardest hit. General solemani a hero of the dnc, and personally receiving the funds obama sent to ensure terrorist activiites continue.

  22. this gon be hard i mean im american but i have muslim friends but they respect me but once they reach there temper omg theyre like lions


  24. #Hard_Revenge
    🇮🇷 🌷 🇮🇷 🌷

  25. Iran and US are at the brink of war and all i see on my trending tab is “ARE YOU READY TO PARTY”. Bruh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  26. Freedom encroching on iran

  27. Yea, Look out for your Betty White's, Kylie's and Eddie Murphys getting Kidnapped and killed, with an official terrorist group claiming they did it due to Trumps killing of the Iranian general. They will strike at your most admired and vulnerable. It's the way their depraved minds work, Now NONE of the rich, famous and influential are safe. This goes for every country around the world even as far off as New Zealand. They will use this to create hatred of Trump… as if there wasn't enough already..

  28. U.S. no more! policing the world 🌎 leave everybody alone?

  29. Iran could this by surprise.
    America will also catch it by surprise.

  30. This looks all staged ⁦🤦🏻‍♀️⁩

  31. I'm reading the below comments of ppl…. and really think…… y'all is crazy. You really want to see the light….? US has the 🏀🏀s to Nuke. We proved it Twice. That's really easy for us to say until the tables are turn and face the same horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Think people. Other presidents before TRUMP could've attacked the commander but didn't. I believe TRUMP killed this man for something he still has even after his death. This decision doesn't cross 5 prior presidents and wind up in the lottery like that. Some some super reason TRUMP did this. Investigate. I'm sure some will talk. And nothing for free. Especially a bombing like that.

  32. How many Iranians are there in USA?

  33. My bad Iran, but Trump ain't even our president like that! We don't have beef with y'all.

  34. United Snakes try very hard everyday to prove that they deserve well 9.11. That's really very stubborn.

  35. Time to get the school shooters on the front line nikolas Cruz moment of truth

  36. Dear Iran,

    We don't even like Trump or Pence. Hit Trump in his Dms and leave America out of this.

  37. Iran is coming for you US you made a mistake
    I think Iran will retaliate with a huge force You should be ready for that I don't think the airstrike was the best idea for the US on Iran's top General

  38. Can we do this after I get my tax return PLEASE!?

  39. Plat.Prod: walk into your kids room, look at them… Now bend your knees and give them or your love one a kiss and hug. I kid you not! Even dogs are used for wars. Nothing will escape what 2 governments have. Nuke power. Dam kid.. You don't see it…?👑 besides Plat.Prod! Why you ask? You locked up? You can join the rodeos in Texas where you ride bulls for your freedom. I recommend a back strap. Your going to need it. 👍 Good luck on the rodeo🐂

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