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UAE and Russia show support for Iran on oil tanker attacks

The foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates says there is not enough evidence to suggest Iran carried out recent attacks on oil tankers in and around Gulf waters.
His comments came during a visit to Moscow where Russia’s top diplomat showed strong support for allies in Tehran.
Al Jazeera’s Zein Basravi has more from the Iranian capital.

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  1. Iran. Is playing with Fire 🔥 Go Trump.

  2. Oooo, UAE now feeling pity for Brother IRAN.

  3. UAE will have to face the consequences of a war if it starts, and the first casualties will be their buildings in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

  4. UAE and Russia show support for Iran on oil tanker attacks Now there's a surprise…

  5. The Irangatans will soon feel the heel of US boots upon their necks!

  6. We have the physical evidence confirmed by US government and military. Iran attacked 6 oil tankers recently…they did it. They are the largest exporter of terrorism and conflict in the world. Iran, come out of your hiding hole and fight face to face!

  7. It seems that both sides are doing each of their share of the situation. Where do they want this to result, offcourse.

  8. Thanks to the U.A.E foreign Minister's peaceful reaction.

  9. It couldn't be true UAE never support the terrorist country Iran. 😒

  10. Iran wants more stability?!? Then stop threatning other countries existance!

  11. down Iranian revolutionary guard terrorist group with Khomani toffffffff

  12. WOW .. if the UAE says that, it is a huge step. Nice to see, that there are still normal people in power

  13. The US could benefit from making Iran an ally, I mean how much cheap oil can Israel provide to the US?

  14. These mischief has been done by israel with support of America they wants to creat chaos between Iran and Saudi

  15. Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman !!!

  16. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 the UAE supports Iran
    I want the war
    I want Israel to get destroyed
    I want the UAE to get destroyed
    I want Saudi Arabia to get destroyed
    I am from iraq i support Iran because they rebuild us when we were getting destroyed by the gulf
    They helped us against isis

  17. Poor UAE bastards. Now they are scared.

  18. I have traveled to iran twice.
    It is a nice and powerful country

  19. How can we be certain it's not the doing of the most powerful money owner in the world to surge the price of oil globally and create chaos and perhaps to penetrate Iran by forced!

  20. SPY US drone, let’s not forget

  21. Israel an Emirates. Attack on the ships

  22. If UAE wants to survive then UAE has to stop the war ….it will be catastrophic for the region

  23. Everyone knows america is behind these attack america is terrorist producing state of america they created isis taliban al qeada for their benefit

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