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UK Health Secretary Speaks about Coronavirus Updates in UK | LIVE | NowThis

BRITAIN ON FULL LOCK DOWN: British Health Secretary Matt Hancock speaks about the latest coronavirus developments in the UK. Yesterday PM Boris Johnson announced a full lockdown in Britain, banning any gathering of more than two people, and making everyone stay inside unless they are getting groceries or medicine. There are over 8,100 coronavirus cases in the UK, including over 420 deaths.
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  1. See at least someone can do a news conference properly during a pandemic!!

  2. I’m personally impressed with the approach of allowing the science to guide the actions. The virus doesn’t listen to politics (Trump). People criticise the UK, but every country has unique characteristics and it’s great that real experts are leading the response. Best of luck everyone.

  3. NHS is not capable! It's worst than 3rd world medical services. Cuba is able to support Italy, I think UK should ask Cuba for medical aid as NHS not able to provide or save life

  4. Boris didn't act fast enough. He is a trump guy

  5. Stay at home youll be lucky im going out despite this virus because this useless conservative government didnt make sure there was enough food in supermarkets plus they did put restrictions on people hoarding all the food and leaving pensioners without food its disgusting stay in you got to be joking people have to eat or die of starvation or die of this virus either way they'll be dead you cant stop people going put if there's no food in the supermarkets because supermarkets didnt re fill.the shelves and they didnt stop people stockpiling do of coursepeople will go out a few times a week or several times a day to look for food or die of starvation.get rid of tbe bungling boris johnson he was too slow implementing the law to protect its pensioners and vunerable people .

  6. A sneeze can travel 60 meters. It's not enough to just stand a little further from others.

  7. You can all relax now, don’t worry Ukraine got its foreign aid this week. I know you were worried about that.

  8. Fingers crossed the banks don't close shop along with all ATMs and all monetary transactions.

  9. If he doesn’t organise funds and food distribution there is going to be huge problems!!!! People waiting five weeks for benefits!

  10. UK Health Secretary never been in tube?? good luck UK

  11. UK Health Secretary never been in tube?? good luck UK

  12. Jenny Harries was impressive

  13. uk is scared of economy crisis now that is going out of eu. care more about economy then peoples lifes

  14. Moral of the story?
    China lied and people died.

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