UK lawmakers green light Boris Johnson's Brexit bill

The U.K. is one step closer to leaving the European Union after British lawmakers approve Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill. Johnson’s Conservative Party recently swept the U.K. general election.

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  1. Blah blah blah. The British government is just as weak pathetic and communist as the disgraceful American government. Two idiot pathetic countries that can’t get their priorities straight because their scared of leftist communist dirtbags. Leftist need be dealt with and rid of.

  2. Oh, dear. The globalist cabal lost one country. Can't dig in their pockets eh? Now it needs to happen in America. Before I shoot something.

  3. Hooray! Now the British can also be ripped off by for profit health insurance companies like we do! Isn't that wonderful?

  4. Didn't the Brits vote for this like 5 times

  5. No you mean the British people are finally getting their way not Boris Johnson he's doing the job

  6. Boris is a russian spy.

  7. Globalism falling apart world wide.

  8. "getting his way"…no, I think the majority of Britain wants Brexit.

  9. Neil, you act like it’s a bad thing. Fox is still riddled with zionists left over from the bush administration.

  10. The white commoners are there to help

  11. I still say Just leave pay nothing .countrys have continuously proven they have quick amnesia so just trade with the Americas and the great of the world for a decade and the EU will gladly visit new trade deals waiving any or all fines.
    Id pass a law against any extensions to the EU first and for most. This only way you will force compromise and cooperation for a deal at all.
    This would eliminate the back stabbers who publicly say they are for brexit and are doing all they can. This would remove there tactic of simply saying every deal is a bad one to keep uk in the EU.
    It's just my opinion that doesn't even matter or have anything in it as im not a party evolved at all.

  12. The fall of Soros' "Globalism" is at hand!!!! Maybe there is still a sliver of hope for Sweden!!!

  13. only took 4 years and the MAJORITY! voting for it 3 times. I feel the globilist commies aint gunna let it happen none to easy. Thank GOD for Brexit its about time


  15. " Brexit Johnson is getting his way " you know they had a vote right fox

  16. The liberal media hack journalists wanted everyone to believe Boris didn’t have a chance, all kind of fake stories, like they are doing against Trump. Are you awake people? The media is the enemy.

  17. The British are GOING!…
    The British are GOING!

  18. Clueless fuckers vote for foot shooting strategy.

  19. Scotland needs to grow a pair

  20. 2016 it was a yes and the crazy left kept blabbing

  21. Somebody buy that guy a Comb!

  22. Globalist loser Cavuto does not look happy.

  23. Lets see if the pommies do leave on jan 31. Its highly doubtful these all talk no action pommies have the guts to GTF out of EU. This nonsense have been going on since 2015. Its not even news worthy anymore

  24. Okay British people bring the fight to the New World Order political Mafia in your country. Show the world the Brits have the fight to make Britain independent again. Your forefathers fought to save Britain before now it's your turn.

  25. No Neil, the British people are getting their way. They voted to leave the EU and it is finally happening because Boris heard the people loud and clear!!

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