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Ukraine Takes Unusual Action Against Russia

Ukraine Takes Unusual Action Against Russia

Does Ukraine’s policy make sense? Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez, Helen Hong, Adrienne Lawrence, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Read more here: https://www.apnews.com/302c0b4d4d184d85a6f2b7d9cb29f33f

“KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine toughened its stance in its increasingly tense confrontation with Russia on Friday, banning entry to all Russian men of fighting age in what Ukraine’s president said was an effort to prevent the Kremlin from destabilizing the country.

The ban will last 30 days — as long as the martial law introduced this week in much of Ukraine after Russia seized three Ukrainian naval vessels and their crews.

The naval incident further escalated the tug-of-war that began in 2014 when Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and supported separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine. It also has prompted global concern and renewed Western criticism of Russia, with the U.S. and its allies expressing support for Ukraine.”

Hosts: Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez, Helen Hong, Adrienne Lawrence

Cast: Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez, Helen Hong, Adrienne Lawrence


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  1. Use google stupid bitches. Maybe then you can learn something, instead of chating with another people who also know nothing.

  2. Honestly, is this guy, Brett Erlich a journalist or a story teller? Stop misinformation the public. U got all your facts wrong, no doubt the American public are so ignorant and misinformed with journalists like Erlich,

  3. These people have no clue! TyT is a clear example of braindead americans, talking about foreign countries they don't know enything about, except repeating MSM information=Low RESEARCH!

  4. Ukraine was a victim of Russia propaganda for all the years of its independence. Do you know that the medals of "returning" Crimea were designed several months before the annexation? And Russia was sending it's people for years to promote civil unrest, to counter-protest? In Crimea, it wasn't enough so they sent troops directly. Dear Young Turks do your homework before saying something, okay? There are plenty of video and photo evidence of Russian troops who took off their country signs in Crimea, of tanks and other military power. There is even a video from the security cameras of the Crimea parliament being attacked by a group of people in black with guns, several hours before it "voted" to have a referendum.
    Ukraine needs a wall to keep Russia separate.
    Try better next time. Mexico didn't send it's troops to the USA, lying to the whole world. Thousands of Americans weren't shot by Mexicans. Official Mexican policy doesn't deny American independence. These situations are incomparable.

  5. As a TYT fan, this was some galaxy-brain horseshit! Small brain: innocent refugees escaping violence in Latin America are owed asylum by the more powerful neighbour state contributing to the instability. Galaxy brain: All borders are like this, both ways! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Jesus Christ! Shout outs to all the smart people in the comments who can smell the shit too.

  6. is this really TYT or a jokeless amateur comedy show? what's the point of talking about something you don't understand – and don't try to understand – even remotely? I'd really like to know, guys.

  7. This isn’t a Donald trump situation, there is actual reasons for the wall there. They learned the hard war in crimea

  8. The last time I said "your boy" I got in trouble because it was construed as racist. Not being racist, it took me forever to figure out why they had a problem.

  9. Lies, damned lies and TYT international reporting……

  10. Whoa, you're saying a country is sending invaders and someone is letting them in??? Never seen that before!!!

  11. Aida said not all muslims are isis lmao! All isis are muslim!

  12. That's what mexicans are trying to do to America.

  13. Ukraine lost Crimea under Obama's watch.

  14. TYT needs to respond to this. Their post is ignorant and inflammatory. Where do they stand exactly on the Russian Government illegally invading Ukraine and murdering civilians?

  15. The analogy would be if the United States was sending people to Mexico and we were gradually taking their land…. while simultaneously holding their soldiers prisoners for no reason.

    To draw a parallel between Ukraine’s wall and Trumps wall is simply ridiculous.

  16. If only we had a president who would stop Russian war crimes. But, you know, it's not like Obama did either.

  17. Over 80k views, 68 likes but I'm the first dislike? Nah, I think not. And I'm a tyt member too. This video was insulting garbage.
    Do. Better.
    Shit like this makes me embarrassed to tell ppl I watch u guys.

  18. Why is TYT touting American propaganda supporting Ukraine? They are trying, with US backing, to start a war with Russia. Crimea VOTED over 90% to join Russia. This is the US trying to overturn the will of the Crimean people using Ukraine as the excuse. I thought TYT was against war???

  19. "Since 2014 when Russia annexed Ukraine." What???? That chick be like: Ukrainians, just let the Russians in because empathy. It doesn't matter that they are trying to invade you…

  20. Looks like Russia is trying to get a cultural victory (based on Civilization 4)

  21. First thing I am a fan and love you guys all but wish you had done a little more research about topic you talk about. Russia populated Crimea ? Like what the hell you talking about. Now this cant happen on Young Turks . You guys are always knowledgble and know your stuffs. Why not sending a representative from Young Turk to Crimea to live there for a couple of weeks and witness everything first hand. And how difficult is it just to research a little about Crimea's history to find out since the time Russia as a nation formed back many centuries ago had Crimea as part of its territories. And that in 1954 the stupid communiste leader of Soviet Union Kruchov made Crimea part of Ukraine for some stupid geopolitical calculation. And that 70% of crimea's population who are Russian were not recently moved to Russia by Russian government but as people have been living there for centuries. Please spend some time and research these.

  22. This discussion is more painful to watch than FOX News. The panel discussing this issue should only be allowed back on after studying the region intensely. One cannot always apply the same reasoning for some problem in the US to the entire world.

  23. Your manner of speaking is truly annoying

  24. Aida paralleling the Ukraine's concern about security w/the US's anti-immigrant fear mongering is utter bullshit. The Ukrainian government has legitimate reasons to be concerned about Russians coming into the country based on recent events that Brett mentioned just before she started talking: the annexation on Crimea, the attack on/kidnapping of the Ukrainians on those boats, & fomenting dissent in the eastern part of Ukraine. Maybe she should've actually listened to Brett before opening her mouth & showing her ignorance. Also, thanks to Adrienne for basically telling Aida that she's wrong

  25. What the hell is Aida talking about? I mean really what does military occupation of Ukrainian territory by Russian forces have to do with illegal immigration.

  26. Russia has basically declared war on Ukraine, but lets let Russians come in because we don't want to seem bigoted.

    This is the problem with "liberals". Basic inability to understand reality.

    In the USA-Mexico friction, the USA is the one with power, so punching mexico is pretty immoral.

    In the Ukraine-Russia friction, Russia is by far the superior force, so Ukraine is just trying to protect itself.

    It is like if the USA annexed part of mexico… Look up what happened with Texas… Then would you be up in arms about Mexico halting all immigration from the USA?

    Mexico hasn't annexed part of Texas. This isn't even in the same universe as what is happening in north america right now. So your parallel to what is happening there and here is disingenuous at best.

    If Ukraine wants to stay its own nation, then they better become hyper nationalistic… and beg the EU for help

  27. hold up !! it's easy to belittle the Ukraine for their wall, but think, historically, all the damage Russia has done to Ukraine !! think Stalin, who starved millions of Ukrainians , or the Nazi's, who forced Ukrainian's to work in their death camps . did Russia protect them ? no. Russia is a bad ass neighbor to peaceful Ukraine . and nothing to stop building Chernobyl on Ukraine land. how many times must Ukraine be hurt by those commie assholes ?????????????

  28. Your title is Russian propaganda, right Anna?

  29. Can you seriously give any credibility to the notion that Crimea was taken by sending in Russian nationalists over a long period of time. Like since 1953 when Crimea was part of Russia? Learn some history.

  30. Aida? Is that her name? What has happened to TYT? Please educate yourself before talking publicly about geopolitics! If you don't study history or current events, when you comment on ongoing, complicated geopolitical events you sound like an ignorant, reactionary moron. Mission accomplished.
    Ben, Wes or Ana would have been far better on this panel. Passionate, but at least backed up by actual knowledge of historical events.
    Time to apologize, hit the books and learn the error of your ways. Let's see if she has the presence of mind to actually critique herself and grow from this. From what I've seen, I do not hold out hope.

  31. This is exactly how Putin will keep control over the minds of Russian Ukrainians, by the nationalist actions of the Kiev regime. Poroshenko is fueling fear and this already caused the war in Dombass to begin in 2014, when far-right forces wanted to ban everything that is Russian. Now the incident in Crimea is serious and Russia is playing it hard, but they want to provoke and it works. Now more Russian Ukrainians will come to the side of Putin and the division of Ukraine will be complete. Ethnic nationalism is a poison that is spread by both Putin and Poroshenko!

  32. "i dont say his name anymore but i'm gonna interrupt my statement and natural flow of conversation to let you know how petty i am"

  33. "bad people coming" and annexation is just worlds apart, so cut is out

  34. It's as if some of these commentators know little to nothing about the topic at hand…So why are they on the show??

  35. Shouldn’t the Young Turks be critisizing Erdogan?

  36. Sorry to that Aida, but it isn't hyperbole that Russia used that tactic to steal sovereign land. I would say something drastic needed to be done. Tying US politics to it is silly.

  37. Trump should be all for Crimea building a wall…

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