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Ukraine Timeline: From Giuliani's Outreach To Trump's Phone Call | Meet The Press | NBC News

Mike McFaul, Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, walks through the timeline of events that lead to calls for an impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s behavior.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Ukraine Timeline: From Giuliani’s Outreach To Trump’s Phone Call | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Amazing how one news organization is allowed to attack and discredit another news organization but get away with it. Good ole America 🇺🇸

  2. If y’all want the actual truth I’d search in the Search Bar: Dan Bongino Or Glenn Beck.

    I know I know. They’re right winged Conspiracy Freaks right? But they do have the facts and this here, it’s such a cheap Version of their Narrative to throw their viewers off.
    Wow. What a GREAT LIE I feel so sorry for anyone who believes you 2.
    Ukraine was a huge part of the Corruption in 2016. This is what the Prosecutor Durham has turned into a Criminal investigation which I’m sure John Brennan of the Former CIA, is wearing extra diapers now. Obama and his whole Administration left a huge paper trail. The Democrats are freaked.

    Your opinion of the Ukraine transcript is just an opinion.

  3. There are a couple of points here that need to come back to the forefront.
    Now that the scheduled public hearings are done, I think there’s a couple of VERY important points that have gotten lost.
    Thanks so very much 🙏✌️💞

  4. The breathless lying in this video is shocking.

  5. Sure Chuck lmao what a dam clown

  6. Elected Democrats have said they want to repeal the 2nd Amendment, do away with the Electoral College, stack the Supreme Court, stop the use of fossil fuels, tax people for being successful, deny the presumption of innocence, ignore due process, and apply different standards of justice. If they attack the President enough maybe voters will forget this. Those not fooled by the 'Destroy Trump Media' support our President.

  7. If you wanna see those calls you need to run for president of the free world…trump I s talking to them cause he was chosen by the people he have all the right to do so…not one of you been helping the economy the jobs the tax cuts and all that…that what trump represent and he did also promise to drain the swamp…that include the previous Vice President…trump has keep all his promises to his voters so let see what you can offer ambassador to Russia in the Obama terms…no one of you and your department became a whisle blower when Obama tell the primer of Russia that he will get flexible after the election…so no investigation on that but so sad with what you trying to put on trump every time he is trying to put America first even taking down the ones who benefit from using government power

  8. Chuck Todd has been a Russian Collusion propaganda HACK for years. Meanwhile when Obama killed Gaddafi it ended with open public slave markets in Libya, on video. No other President has ever had such horrific results. Not a word from Chuck Todd. That's pure agenda when you can look the other way on that one. Maybe Chuck was a real reporter long ago but he's been broken for a long time.

  9. Meet the press is the most crupt media show pushing the democrats narrative and conspiracy lies on tv! I can't wait for American people who are awakened! To rise up and get the truth out to people who have been lied to buy the government! Mainly CIA, FBI, the Democrats and Rhino Republicans. The treason against the PEOPLE needs to be dealt with swiftly and a justly. Off with there heads😁

  10. Collusion smear campaign 2.0 DOA. This loser has destroyed Meet the Press. They should change the name to Meet the Hysterical Leftist Hack.

  11. Uh Oh, don't you know, Quid Pro Cro, said Biden to Ukraine CEO.

  12. This Democrat said from press has gone Way too far.

  13. Trump and his cronies are the dumbest criminals ever. They can't even cover their tracks.

  14. Hmm. No mention of congressional Democrats writing letters or visiting Ukraine before the phone call , asking for dirt on Trump? WTF kind of reporting is that?

  15. When will we get the actual transcripts for the 30 min phone call?

  16. People still watch Chuck Todd after 3 years of conspiracy theory halarious

  17. Why can’t politicians’ kids get normal jobs??

  18. If your not going to do the whole show don't do any at all.

  19. Trump, Pompeo and Pence all have to go. They're trying to help Russia to swallow Ukraine and stopping repairs to our eastern Europe air bases so NATO can't use them to fend off Russia's European agression.

  20. Trump promised to Show his taxes

  21. Did Schiff blow Chuck Todd to get him to spew this nonsense???

  22. The Stanford professor is a liar.

  23. As Joe Biden and His Son are investigated for the BILLIONS he they made from "Kickbacks" from Ukraine and China, the Media and CIA have come up with a new Spin. the President is the Guilty person not Joe and Hunter! More Fake news ie Propaganda to Remove the Best American President Ever!

  24. Judge Napolitano: Trump walked in to the BRIBE CHAMBER with Ukraine.

  25. The best part of NBC ran down Comcasts leg years ago.

  26. The transcripts from the high security server will be evidence elsewhere, not in Congress. They will be used by the court martial to make the case of high treason and get Mr. Trump in front of a firing squad. As Commander-in-Chief he is subject to the Uniform Code as precedence from the past shows and as the US is still in war with North Korea, it is high treason in times of war and therefore there is only one sentence. And what is public from his first meeting with Sergey Lavrov is enough to open a trial and subpoena the transcripts.

  27. BIGGEST mistake for don is being President !!!

  28. This video is rubbish because Chuck would not allow the ambassador to give us his take on the situation based on his expertise. What a WASHOUT. American presenters are all guity of this

  29. If you want to hear Biden in his own words blackmailing Ukraine watch this. The criminal Biden is going down along with the whole OBummer WH. Anybody who watches and believes anything on the mainstream corporate media is a fool. Protect your children until these criminals are all jailed. https://youtu.be/8PS5ftbB1Tg

  30. Why are we listening to stories from their opinion why didn’t they just air out what exactly the conversationalist on the phone calls


  32. I hope they expose all the Democrat trash the media as is full of magots

  33. What a joke !!!! Biased much?

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