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Ultimate Guinness World Records Show – Episode 28: Highest Flame Blown by Fire Breather!

Ultimate Guinness World Records Show - Episode 28: Highest Flame Blown by Fire Breather!

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The best clips from Guinness World Records shows around the globe including Most Bottle Caps Removed with Teeth and Highest Flame Blown by a Fire Breather!

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  1. But imagine a sonic carhop skating like that

  2. 2:21 it costs 40000 bones to do that for 12 seconds

  3. i couldnt skip the virool ad it was to awesome lol..only becuz it was corny

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  5. PlkvdsaG6777uuuhhhbhhgyugyby66

  6. How can you skip that ass!? 02:19!

  7. the girls tat were skating had nice big asses

  8. fuck you it's not souna it's sauna

  9. Some pepole are stupid on this show

  10. How did he breathe fire?! xD

  11. How does Mr. Valcanoo breathe fire?

  12. interesting flame show!
    we have fantastic fire show video too! Let's see:

  13. i hate how people pronounce sauna like "soona", its supposed to say like its typed

  14. not to be tried at home?? where do u think these bored people do this stuff?? lol

  15. my beer can do that, hold me.

  16. 18:05 what happen to the records that made 2yrs ago in china? search video "The New Gunnies record made with stainless steel Dankung slingshot"

  17. Hahahahaha all you muslims are the same haha btw i live in San Diego California in Rancho Bernardo if you have a problem just come on down here and say it to my face haha an you should probably tell your slit of a mom to stop fucking that faggot Mohammad

  18. he' a human dragon, with a beard of course!

  19. 🙁

  20. Can you translate the Arabic section because we want to see this

  21. Highest flame 2 meters lmao!!! Try 26 feet 5 inches by Antonio Restivo. That's about ohhhh say 7 meters and sum. just lawlz.

  22. My channel is geared toward world peace. I've been in the game 9 years. Quality entertainment with a powerful message. Thank you.

  23. Can anyone tell me if this was on tv and in what year?

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