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UN: Khashoggi was victim of ‘extrajudicial execution’ l Al Jazeera English

Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was the victim of an ‘extrajudicial execution’.
That’s the assessment of Agnes Callamard, the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Summary or Arbitrary Killings.
She’s pointing the finger directly at the top level of the Saudi leadership.
Faisal Fahad, the Saudi representative on the UN committee, said Callamard had overstepped her remit with her comments. “Kindly do not give us any personal opinions in this official meeting,” he said.
Al Jazeera’s James Bays reports from New York.

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  1. very easy to explain he died in his own consulate

  2. You won't damage reputation of your father, Unless your father ordered you to done the thing…

  3. White Monkeys acting like a savior

  4. Extrajudicial would seem to indicate that there could have been in theory some kind of judicial matter involved. Khashoggi'activities like writing Washington Post columns were nowhere in that realm.

  5. 1 saudi die so much panic so much yemen dying nothing

  6. Mr Fahad talk like he was choosen aus God himself. Dont lecture us the saudi say 🙂 The jewish mentality is incorporated in the exeptional Saudis 😉

  7. Donald Trump president.😎😎😆

  8. everyone keeps saying that Trump ordered the hit and the bombs can it be?

  9. Of course it was state sanctioned. But they will get away with because the sociopath 'world leaders' will close ranks.

  10. Let's pretend nobody ever cuts off heads or hands

  11. Yes he was a little too funny and quiet simple man. Not interested in promoting his own agenda. Completely innocent in every way possible. Problem? Not anymore.

  12. If this isn't murder and it's an execution then they know who ordered it? Perhaps they could enlighten us instead of heating an inspecific rhetoric.

  13. Knew there was something odd about his murder, this definitely proves it!

  14. Just sanction the Saudis and get it over with

  15. The whole world is acting as if Saudi Arabia is the only state to carry out assassinations. How hypocritical.

  16. Tell that to the Austrian woman who did not have the right to criticize a religion for something they do practice

  17. Yeah, yeah we know all this. Now it's time for Erdogan to give us what he has got or to crawl back into his hole

  18. So what you're saying is this chick literally has no power to make any country do anything whatsoever nice article

  19. Saudi's MBS must know that his actions have consequences. The world demands justice for Jamal Khashoggi, and no more arbritarary killings. MBS must take personal responsibility. Dear world, Please keep up the pressure


  21. Al Jazeera is finally covering the execution of Jamal as its very proper place in Saudi Arabian judicial system of Shira Law. Jamal was never going to walk out of the consulate building alive. The Saudis have been wanting this criminal for a long time for his criticism of the royal family and Saudi government, the royal family. His punishment under Shira Law dictates that he should be executed, and Allah's will be dutifully fulfilled as swiftly as possible. Every aspect of Saudi Arabian society is from their Islamic Wahhabi beliefs directly from the Quran and Shira Law. The Saudi Arabian consulate in proper Saudi Arabian territory and his execution there is very legal. Right? Exactly right. The global news agencies have not gotten around to the truth yet, but such crimes under Shira Law against the royal family can get you executed real fast. Allah's will is always a priority with the Saudis. Everything that you have heard about Saudi Arabia is true.

  22. Wag kayo maniwala dyan sa Calamard nayan Boba Bakit extra judicial killing ang nangyari eh wla naman kasalanan yun di naman sangkot sa krimen. Murder talaga ang nangyari.

  23. Long live Erdogan. He is the president of the whole world Not only turkey.please Erdogan check the dogs of the embassy,the DNA of khashoggi and compare the with the employees. 👈🙋

  24. MURDER! Plain and simple
    No excuses

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