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Unbelievable Hypocrisy By Corporate Democrat Attacking Bernie Sanders

Unbelievable Hypocrisy By Corporate Democrat Attacking Bernie Sanders


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  1. The very least you could do is put a bag over your head. Christ, you are one ugly bitch. Oh, and just retire, Cerk. You're an embarrassment to Journalism.

  2. But you guys love Dodd-Frank……..

  3. If only the MSM would stop attacking one person and attack all the non progressives. Oh wow what a life that would lead for all of us Can, ach C

  4. You care about Trumps personal life, but Barney gets a pass sleeping with little boys . Smh typical socialist pos ..

  5. Unbelievable racism from TYT.

  6. Bernie's SC MLK day speech was great!

  7. Corp. Dems may have a point. Crazy TYT

  8. Problem is going to be – a lot of Ds are going to run. Some with actual skill, some with philosophy. All those who refuse corporate money will start with disadvantage. Small personal donations have limits. Spread over several ppl, it could mean none of them would have the funds to conduct an effective campaign.

  9. Sanders the sheep dog? They all play the same shitty game. Then they get on their knees to Israel

  10. The like/dislike ratio is always much better whenever it's Cenk 😂😂

  11. As a Trump supporter, I’ve got my popcorn ready to watch the approaching civil war in the Democratic Party. News Flash: Progressives lose

  12. Cenk shaves his a$$hole with Gillette. They sponsor him for that.

  13. Did "they" investigate HRC about gender pay? Um, OF COURSE THEY DID. During the 2016 race they investigated and published this shit about Clinton and NOT Sanders. You'll be hard pressed to find something Sanders was investigated for that Clinton wasn't. Welcome to the big leagues Bernie and Friends, better late than never I guess.

  14. High cholesterol is coming for you Genk Ogre.

  15. As Jimmy Dore says, the point is NOT BEING SHITTY, not just being less shitty than Republicans. I use those words when tweeting politicians who say that shit.

  16. Every time I come to TYT to see if they make any sense, I find Chunk Booger has risen to a new level of Stupid.
    When Chunk was wrong, (walls are closing on Trump.. He will resign or be impeached) it was just a mistake or give it time. Any excuse.
    But when Republicans or someone doesn't agree with him is wrong or made a mistake, he claims they're evil & he is the moral high authority. What a dumbass.

  17. I was yelling at the TV when watching Real Time. Barney drives me crazy because he is such a Corporate Dem! UGH

  18. I don't understand. Whats wrong with Bonnie Franklin???

  19. Y'all gotta start calling out Kamala Harris for pretending to take no corporate donor money and letting her supporters believe it too. They don't know that taking no corporate PAC money doesn't mean you are not taking any from other places!

  20. If the Democrats don't get on board with non establishment candidates like Bernie Sanders or anybody who is not part of the establishment which they probably won't then we would all be saying Trump will be re-elected in 2020. I can almost guarantee that

  21. Rest In Peace, Cenk. Thank You for all you’ve done.

  22. i cant believe the hypocrisy of the young turks who only ever call out 'corporate democrats' when they attack poor old Bernie. Every other time the MSM (Corporate Dems) are spot on with everything and the only time we can ever question and denounce them is when they attack Bernie. Better get used to the idea that Bernie will never get another chance, not a realistic one anyway.

  23. Because TYT isn't a corporation…

  24. So you're making Trump's point that Hilary should be investigated!?

  25. What 's unbelievable is you have not retracted or removed your buzzfeed , MAGA catholic kids and Jazmine Barnes video

  26. It’s hypocritical for Chunk ty cry ‘hypocricy’….

  27. tweet this video to Barney!

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