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Uncaging Cotton | Dog Whisperer

Uncaging Cotton | Dog Whisperer

Cotton is a naturally aggressive dog. Can Cesar tame this 35lb predator?
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Dog Whisperer: Cotton, Ricky & Jordan, and Duke & Lila :

Uncaging Cotton | Dog Whisperer

National Geographic

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  1. I have the same day with the same ptoblem. He barks a lot. I think german spitz they have that issue.

  2. how are you so calm to not cuddle that cute fluffy doggo

  3. So here we go!
    I have a Samoyed Spitz, He is only 5 months old,
    He is so aggressive that he tries to bite everyone (specially guests)
    He is very friendly and social with me though…
    But he is going out of hand day by day but we are trying our best to train our FIRST DOG, before we had a bengal cat.
    Are these Samoyed dogs are agressive?
    Do they try to eat everything?
    Do they howl and shout whenever you try to train them?

  4. Too.. much love for.. this guy.. but.. he deserves it what..

  5. 4:09 Love that oxford comma. Good job editors.

  6. In the next moment caesar hung this dog on a tree😆😆

  7. Who names their dog cotton? Obviously not black people

  8. Now lets see him do it with an actual aggressive dog. Not just a mouthy ball of fluff

  9. 1:45 line was used against Eric Cartman😂😂

  10. Cesar speaks "dog" & actually lets dogs be dogs.

  11. Cesar was able to calm down the dog, but was unable to teach the owner to do so once he left.

  12. I wish Cesar would use his psychology skills to help troubled youth!

  13. The master of animal cruelty 🙁

  14. Very good what Cesar is very good with the.dogs he even got bite from a big dog badly he still carry on with his good job he love all the dogs thanks.

  15. I love Ceasar!!!! I train big breeds.. Presa, Cane Corso, Rotts.. All using Ceasar Techniques. Haven't failed me yet!!!

  16. Extremely energetic breed I used to own one. The reason he's having issues if any is because he's being caged without any outlet for all his natural energy, notice how he licks the leash all eager and in anticipation. Its downright criminal to confine a breed like this to a tiny cage

  17. Pretty much every American Eskimo is like this if 1. The owner doesn't socialize them 2. The owner socializes them wrong.

    I have had two and they are extremely nuerotic and intensely loyal to one person.

  18. I’ve never seen a Sammy be so aggressive, Cesar handled him well

  19. omg Cesar is an expert ¡!!

  20. Hey it looks so easy , though it's not
    Cesar you are real Dr.Dolittle
    Respect from India

  21. No. Cotton is not a Samoyed. He is a standard size American Eskimo (standard size is up to 35lbs) I’ve owned both an American Eskimo and Samoyed. Though their coats look similar they are nothing alike in personalities. Samoyed are pretty big dogs (50-60lbs). Samoyeds are happy around everyone. American Eskimos average 20-35lbs. Very protective with their owners and wary of strangers.

  22. That's one perfectly normal Spitz ..

  23. Is that pup an eski??? (I have an eski tho shes female and shes equally as "talky") Ah, I love this breed! 😀

  24. I remember this episode , Cesar is awesome working with dogs .
    There was one episode where he went to a puppy mill to help out .
    Was my favorite episode

  25. IMO it doesn't make sense for people to try to act like dogs or treat dogs like they think they treat each other in the wild. For one thing, dogs have been domesticated for a very long time, and dog behavior (including "pack" behavior) is different from wolf behavior which is usually the model people use when they are trying to act or treat their dogs like 'dogs in the wild'. Second of all, dogs know that people are not dogs! Trying to act like one is just confusing.

    Much of the training methods Cesar is basing his training or behaviorism or 'whispering' or whatever you want to call it on are based on outdated ideas and in some cases false/misinterpreted information (example–he uses the 'alpha roll' which was based on a myth of wolf behavior).
    This alone is enough for me to disagree with his methods. Add that the methods are often harsh and some are things which can cause dogs problems to worsen (including causing aggression towards the owner which can backfire big time) and I can not condone him at all. That is my opinion of Cesar Millan.

    Just because a method works does not mean it is appropriate to use on a dog, and also does not mean that it can not have serious repercussions, even if used properly. A good example of this is flooding. It can cause even more severe behavior problems, even aggression.

  26. Guess now we now "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT"

  27. Where can I see the full episodes

  28. would someone be kind enough to link me the full episode of this? thank you…

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