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Uri Gellar Claims He Burst Pipe, Stopped Brexit Debate

Thank you, Uri Geller.
Photo: Peter Bischoff/Getty Images

In these times of constant, man-made uncertainty, we get the superhero we deserve: Uri Geller, an Israeli-British illusionist of dubious power, famed for his ability to bend spoons with his brain and definitely not just his hands. The 72-year-old claims he made good on his promise to telepathically block Brexit on Thursday, channeling all his mind magic into the plumbing above a parliamentary chamber where members of Britain’s House of Commons were having a Brexit debate. Focusing with all his might, Geller says he bent the pipes and flooded out the day’s proceedings.

It’s admittedly a Band-Aid solution — MPs still need to agree on some kind of European Union exit plan by April 12.

Geller reportedly drew inspiration for the stunt from a leaky pipe he discovered at his museum’s coffee shop in Jaffa on Thursday morning. “Then I got the idea: I’m going to burst or bend a pipe in the Parliament,” he told British radio host Tom Swarbrick. “I concentrated, and the pipe burst. I heard about it a little later, but this was the chronology, this is what happened.”


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