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US accuses 4 Chinese militants of stealing from millions in Equifax breach

U.S. Attorney General Barr and other Justice Department officials will hold a press conference to announce a cyber-related enforcement action. #FoxNews

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  1. Our government hands everything sensitive over to Israel – they don't have to steal it.

  2. I hope they get punished !

  3. USA you have dodged an iceberg . By having Trump at the Helm .
    Be grateful

  4. The Democratic party running, New York Has made an open season on police? And also made restrictions against federal law enforcement agencies. They're making our city unsafe. In my opinion it was Democratic party that created this condition. They did it over a. Of time allowing people to Attack police officers it started with water. And they condone this activity. And we have congresswoman Talking about removing the police. And reducing the effectiveness of law when a judge says the coordination of federal and state and local.

  5. 80% of our economic espionage has came against Chinese. Wow!!

  6. Equifax was always guick to inform me just as OPM did. I never lost a dime, I did lose my IRA to companies tied to Soros and Athene Life, and AVIVA, I gave IRS information in 2017 which was ignored, The law firm responsible for an the theft was tied to Joe Biden's brother and Whitey Bulger's nephew and Mueller when he was FBI in Boston. Who is going to get my money back. I provided evidence to IRS in 2017. DOJ as corrupt as FBI!




  10. Dems will be screaming xeonophobia

  11. Thanks Obama for letting this happen.

  12. Great AG. Trump is very lucky Barr came along. He knew what happened and wants to clean it up. What's the Dem reaction to everything? RECUSE.

  13. Hackers that could break in tough security but left cookie crumbs leading getting caught. . . . Sure.

  14. It is time to be Made in USA. STOP buying stuffs from China

  15. This started with Buckets of Water…And F the FBI

  16. Any news on Hillary and her server, Bill?

  17. When the floor vibrates transgress are being done to u.s. get them barr….kick there azztec

  18. Stop doing business with China

  19. Democrats let Chinese doing all these against Americans. These stupid Democrats voters still support like Pelosi even when our country is being robed by Chinese

  20. BET…these hackers attended AMERICAN COLLEGES…..

  21. Wow…4 members…get our hackers together and ATTACK!

  22. Grab them at the first opportunity. Put them through military tribunals as enemy combatants – follow up with months of interrogation and execution by firing squad [ after they give up their cohort ] War is war is war.

  23. So, these four Chinese hackers are not being punished in any manner? The United States still does business with China and allows them further liberties in the US without severe consequences? Let by gones be by gones? Just warning American citizens after the fact is not good enough. Really!

  24. I'd like to know the name of the 'reporter' who snidely claimed that AG Barr had 'fled'. He needs to be disinvited from all future pressers.

  25. They Always "beefing" with people…

  26. They now know who they are. They need to locate them and execute them. Send a nice clear message.

  27. What is China's punishment? China gov loves this kind of stuff stolen as they are cheats. Now again when is china going to pay for this theft.

  28. How can we trust our own government after the Ed Snowden revelations?

  29. The phase 2 deal doesn't look good for them now.

  30. Most of the wealthy rich people are relied too much and too deep in china investment. And most of Americans in United States are totally relied up on made in china products.

  31. Thank you for all the hard work!

  32. The Chinese government treats its own citizens much worse.

  33. so where are these 4 chinese hackers located? can we just drone them?

  34. Double talk🤯 American poiticians and companies raised a tiger cub. Now it's grown up and has access to your country. Please folks this tiger is harmless its the teeth in its mouth we hate. Lets see we will entertain this tiger with education, money, technology, science and medicine. Oh we've tried that and it devoured our gifts. So what next since this tiger will take what it wants and no longer wait for gifts. Ok so our people need to secure themselves knowing this tiger will take and devour. So our business are barricaded what next? I know the tiger breaks the barricade and by now the cat and mouse game is boring. The tiger will want to rule and conquer its new home. Congratulations America you raised a tiger and still think it's a petulant child.

  35. People should file law suits against Equifax for collecting your information.

  36. Just break China already, be so easy. Economic war. Only down side, the saudis would buy their military hardware on the black market for isis an al Qaeda. Fkn naval battle with jihadists steering submarines and destroyers. Hmmmmmm, now thats a movie

  37. I am about to check my credit report

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