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US border patrol overwhelmed as migrant camps overcrowded

The US government says border patrol agents and detention centres have been overwhelmed as more than 140,000 migrants crossed the southern border last month.
Now evidence has surfaced that some migrants are being held outdoors in the summer heat, without access to basic services.
Al Jazeera’s Heidi Zhou-Castro reports from El Paso, Texas.

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  1. Ok put them on buses back to the furthest place from the boarder

  2. Should at least take a little bit over 100 migrants to get asylum

  3. If it’s so bad don’t come.

  4. Reparations and the collapse of america is on the horizon

  5. Blame the Democrats. They're the ones stalling the entire immigration process.

  6. Nobody makes them stay there, they came themselves.

  7. Why does not this professor volunteer to take several migrants at his expense and provide for them.

  8. I'm from mexico and the fake news expect us the people to treat immigrants better then our citizens

  9. How about we, the true NT(a/v)’s of this land, get all the supremacists tosali boats ready to ship your yori behinds back to your caucuses mountain caves and make the world happy again.

  10. What do they want 5 star Hotels!? WTF?! When you're overwhelm & Dumped on. .where do you put them?

  11. No one had a gun to the migrants heads forcing them to come into this country illegally. Put them back into Mexico where they can get better care.

  12. Dems want to use amnesty for illegals as a bargaining chip before closing dangerous loopholes and solving the asylum problem. Dems are NOT for the American citizens!!
    Trump needs to get tougher with Mexico and fine them according to the number of illegals that cross our borders. Impose tariffs and cause an economic war with Mexico. The Dems aren't going to do squat. Dems want to endanger the lives of American citizens!! They don't care as long as they can run and hide in their mansions with American tax paid security!!

  13. All men in their 20s and 30s huh? Trump was right they have more men who are at combat age crossing the border then actually women and children. A clear invasion.

  14. What state is this professor from? Open up your house, home to the refugees! Take them all -unvetted into your state and into your home!

  15. Love it break more u.s laws

  16. Masha pillow biter from gods kingdom is where I am from💯🗝️🗝️🗝️🗝️🗝️

  17. Thank you president Trump for enforcing our immigration laws! If the mexican's and central american's like our way of life and the way our government functions, they need to stay home and throw the bums out in their own countries so corruption and money laundering stops! It's mainly their own fault for voting in communists like Chavez in Venezuela in the 1st place. They were as happy as could be when he was giving away the goodies. But later his communist policies bankrupted the system. Now they want to run up here and escape the thugs they voted in. Then they come here become citizens and then turn around and vote in pelosi, sanders and the other lunatics with the same ideological BS that Chavez had. Makes no sense!!

  18. No it’s like prison. You do something illegal and that’s what you get

  19. We dont want you our kids need these entry level jobs

  20. DEPORT THEM ALL, They are bring Ebola, Measles, H1N1, and all types of disease

  21. Migrants think the U.S. is paved with gold. We already have a 20 trillion dollar deficit and an estimated $135 billion a year spent on illegals. Enough is Enough! Economic migrants break the law and are a drain on our economy. If migrants don't enter the U.S. illegally they won't have to complain about less than adequate living conditions. Detention camps are not 5 star hotels. Build the Wall, Deport them ALL!!

  22. Over 164 countries, signed the UN migrant/refugee pacts and AGREED to allow these people into their country to apply for asylum! These countries have all agreed to Share the financial/physical burden to provide protection,care and benefits to all refugees who are in need! The USA did not sign the pacts, and have promised these people NOTHING! Why are they illegally FORCING their way into the USA? The USA has announced repeatedly WE HAVE NO MORE ROOM, but yet these people continue to illegally force their way into this country! All of these people need to be REMOVED from the USA immediately, these "migrants" need to be sent  back to the countries that signed these pacts, and have AGREED to care for these people in THEIR countries!

  23. Read Economic Hitman by Perkins and know why they are coming

  24. Wabash waaaaah waaaash. Cry me a river. 1st they're in shade and you people complain. Next, they're not in shade and you people complain. Why dont YOU crying, bleeding hearts come do the border agents jobs and give these disease infected people shelter in YOUR homes. Yeah, didn't think.

  25. You cannot compare the surge of illegal aliens to something like the Jews of the Holocaust or our troops who have been prisoners of war. I find that very offensive to Jews and the military men who were held in Vietnam. How dare you even suggest that it is the same thing. The migrants are free to GO HOME all they have to do is ask and I'm sure it can be arranged. The migrants are not being held hostage for their religious beliefs or someone who is fighting for his country, there is absolutely no comparison.

    I don't think that the blame should fall soley on CBP or Homeland Security, if Congress would give them the funding requested 7 months ago Border Patrol could properly care for the migrants how they should.

  26. Take notes, don't come here, you will put in concentration camps

  27. Hey Al Jazeera: why are those people leaving their country & whose fault is that?

  28. You walked through an unlocked gate? So, then, these migrants can leave? How is the fact that they are not leaving anyone’s fault but theirs?

  29. Then they need to go back home. 🏃

  30. They can go back to their own country, if they don’t like it.

  31. Old man doesnt have anything other do. If you worried. About them take home with you then

  32. If filled up reopen ones under brigdes agian or ship back to Mexico

  33. Before Trump 1 or 3 migrants were on the border now Mr hate & fear Singer Trump comes . The border is full of people over crowded. His supporters should be asked now, How did his ( build the border wall & we will ban them immigrants ) hate songs help, all it did is encourage more immigrants to make quick move and make more immigrants people think last minute chance , it is now or never.

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