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US-China trade war: Supply chains affected in Thailand

For countries like Thailand, its largest export market is China. The economy here relies heavily on its big neighbour to the north. So businesses could be forced to recalibrate their supply chains.

White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow warns that the trade war with China could take years to resolve.
But despite some disruption, there are also opportunities for businesses in Asia.

Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler reports from Bangkok.

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  1. What's that guy whose wearing a wig talking about?

  2. when all mfg still not in stateside. US will slap the same tariff they did to China.

  3. And then USA gonna say Thailand Vietnam and others are abusing u.s. then it slap the same it did to China

  4. Thailand and all other countries around China should try to get deals with the United States

  5. Find another market let arrogant china root

  6. China is a poor country and will not threaten any country.

  7. Fair Trade or you get Terriffs if you want to sell in our Market. Terriffs worked before for 150 years.

  8. In the teachings of Buddha and Hindus Gods,we must sometimes welcomes problems as problems are the stepping stones to higher consciousness,achievements,rewards and new discoveries,obstacles are test for us to rediscover and improve ourselves,when the gets tough,the tough gets going.

  9. Even such American icon Harley Davidson betrayed America to move production to China?
    What is left of America other than greed ?

  10. What ever will be, will be. Speech is silver, silence is golden. Who is the first to create the chaos? US has just burned the woods for a rat.

  11. Running projected distance USA remains dollar value short wallstreet scam

  12. China is dying…the CCP is in coma.

  13. China has been cheating and stealing for a long time. Not only is it exposed as a currency manipilator but also a brazen thief.

  14. Transfer your company to Cebu City Philippines and you all always welcome.

  15. Chinas products is bullshit to Southeast Asia. Substandard.

  16. in short, If China Goes down, All southeast Asia including Thailand will go down too. Thai's economy heavily relies on Chinese economy. From Tourism to Trading, they rely heavily on China.


  18. As I said before, no winner in trade war. Not only China & US suffer, almost all countries will be affected. Thanks to trump.

  19. The West Excersising It's Oppressive Colonial Powers. Evil Western Colonialism Oppression Still Exists And We All Still Suffer.
    They've been destroying countries forever.
    Malcolm X – How the White Man Taught You How To Hate Yourself and Your People and your Culture

  20. …Most businesses in Thailand has not recovered since 2008.

  21. as Chinese trousist tighten their pockets if CHINA economic goes down, then The Thailand is dead anyway..as its over 70% tourist industry depends on CHINESE tourist. so its no win for Thailand. Westerners are already broke and cant afford anything to do in Thailand….Its CHINA keeping Thai economy alive….

  22. what a biased video, the arabs want globalism so they can repopulate the planet. China is losing the trade war. other asian countries will adjust and prosper.

  23. How come Chinese companies are alowed to own American companies but not the opposite unless it’s a co-owners .

  24. In the end China will control the entire world. The belt and road initiative has proven to be a great success. We are building and modernizing our military at lightning speed. China will eventually crush it's enemies (US, Japan, Australia and Eurotrash countries, etc). Thanks to Xi China is leading the world in both manufacturing and technology sector. One day China will have everything and the rest of the world will starve to death.

  25. all corporates billionaires in the world look east

  26. No matter what China will pass the USA tests

  27. That man at 1.12 has the worst wig I ever seen.

  28. You mean China itself is recalibrating its supply chain to be more self reliant? Not the other way around?

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