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US expels Turkey from F-35 fighter jet programme

The United States and Turkey may be longtime NATO allies, but that was not enough to stop Washington from kicking Turkey out of its F-35 fighter jet programme in response to Turkey’s purchase of Russia’s S-400 missile system.
Analysts have said that they do not expect Turkey’s expulsion to create a rift in the NATO alliance, with NATO’s secretary-general praising Turkey’s role.
However, Ankara has said the move was unfair and warned it could harm relations between the US and Turkey.
Al Jazeera’s Stefanie Dekker reports.

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  1. S-400 means defence
    F-35 means Aggression
    Simple Turkey choose peace and defence…
    In the behalf of NATO memberships usa🇺🇸 want every NATO member to be aggressive and Invader as like them.

  2. The Turk's didn't just wanted to bay the Patriots the wanted the technology and to be made in Turkey


  4. Russia Turk new ally will be glad to replace US jets with its own excellent fighter aircraft .

  5. Askıya alındı oç! Kovulmayı siz bilirsiniz çöl fareleri

  6. i am happy for turkey that they are finally getting out from Zionists and illuminate group …..

  7. Time to close their military base…

  8. well done USA they made there choice

  9. Good now go buy the better and superior Russian fighter jets nobody needs this f35 garbage the country's that buy the f35 or us made weapons buy them cuz they are scared of the United States cuz the United States bully them period like japan……

  10. Doing business or relying on America is not reliable

  11. "have something to add to that??" he asks a ceo of arms industry…one of the real bosses

  12. Sadly its an impossible situation for the F35 program. Turkey made the choice that could only result in this development. Putin is getting his way.

  13. Suspend not band suspend 🤣😂🤣😂 your forcing them to unite your making all of them stand together and it will happen. But it’s your choice to lose they’s billions of dollars sell them the plans any ways

  14. US may have just united the middle East

  15. Turkey invested bullshit lmao

  16. Best decision that the USA could have made. Selling it to Turkey would have been like handing over the technology to Russia.The S-400 is overrated like all other Russian equipment. You cannot find anywhere, not even in tests, Russia SAMS ever intercepting ballistic or cruise missiles. And yes Russian trolls, there are many US ones, going back quite a few years, with the SM-2, SM-3, SM-6, PAC-3, THAAD…. The S-400 is unproven and looks great on paper. The USA did offer the Patriot to Turkey, but Turkey demanded tech transfer knowing full well that the US wouldn't give it. Considering that Russia gave it up so easily should make you wonder its worth. Why would a nation give something away so easily after investing so much money and R&D into it? Makes no sense, unless it doesn't have much value in the first place. Maybe it's to show that Turkey can make it's own decisions, and isn't controlled by the US. That could be the case, but in the end it's getting an inferior product. It's not a quantum leap in technology over the S-300, which Israeli F-35's have made a mockery out of flying over Iran. If Turkey wants to be allies with Russia, a nation who they've gone to war with many times in the past, let them. They won't get near the aid or technological assistance that the US has given, and hopefully for the people of Turkey's sake won't become another ally of Russia's that is struggling to survive like Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, etc.

  17. oblowme the manChild's, hangover in international affairs.

  18. and in return Turkey kicked the US from Incirlik! great news .

  19. At that point I would have gave it to them for free.

  20. As much as I hate America I think this is the only time where I agree with US policy you can't have top tier weapons from enemy state buying a defence system from Russia and a stealth jet from US is just wrong no country in the world has these weapons together and turkey should be no exception US gave turkey enuff time to make up it's it's mind

  21. Don't believe this BULLSHIT! they are filling each other's pockets while all of you are debating the issue. Don't be fooled.

  22. Question 👋.

    The west’s argument is that the S-400 will be able to track, learn and possibly send information about the F35 back to the Russia 🇷🇺. But what’s stopping the west from learning everything about the S-400 for their own benefits 🤔🤔🤔

  23. The truth is: the f 35 is not a very good stealth fighter. That is why they are selling it to other countries and not the f 22 raptor.

  24. Stupid dems, this is your fault

  25. I mean, if we look at the bigger picture, there could be a reason why the US barred Turkey from having F-35s in the face of the S-400 purchase. It could be to prevent Russia from finding any weaknesses in the F-35, and develop another surface to air/radar system to exploit those vulnerabilities.

  26. S400 completely unproven.
    S300 completely unreliable in Syria.
    F22/f35. Proven. Patriots prove .
    Good luck turkey

  27. US gov are now a Zionist puppet. They are not trustworthy and big liar. Never trust US gov!!

  28. The rest of the NATO should do as Turkey, get rid of the imperialiststate USA and get allied with Russia

  29. What the US should do is buy from Turkey all of the S100's that Turkey purchased from Russia and then sell Turkey the Patriot systems and the F35s.
    Then the US could get a big sale, keep NATO on the same platforms, and be able to study the S100 system.

  30. USA can't have it both ways cannot punish Turkey for wanting a defense missile system that is contrary to th US wishes Turkey independent country not a a state of the US

  31. This issue is overexaggerated by everyone.USA and NATO are indispensible for Turkish national security and it is also to the interest of the West to keep Turkey as an ally at the southeastern flank . As a Turkish fellow i just want to emphasize the very fact that , Turkish society is very sensitive of our western allies position concerning the redrawing of maps to the south of Turkey. This issue is very irritating to us (Turks).Territorial integrity of a country is a vital national interest, that everybody has to have respect for,

  32. And then they'll by Su 57s

  33. Turkey purchases the Su 35

    US offers the F 35

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