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US imposes sanctions on Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif

The United States has imposed sanctions on Iran’s top diplomat.
It’s accusing Foreign Minister Javad Zarif of promoting what it calls the reckless agenda of Iran’s Supreme Leader.
Zarif has hit back, as the Trump administration freezes any US assets he might have, and clamps down on his visits to the UN headquarters in New York, saying it’s all because the US considers him a huge threat.
Al Jazeera’s Rosiland Jordan reports from Washington, DC.

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  1. I don't get that, sanction against one man.?? It's usually a country or a state.

  2. 😅 this man in the mustages in interview🤣 Wtf 😅 is he really saying what he says? 🤣🤦‍♂️ im a european, so im sorry to not know the name😅

  3. It is not ‘The Gulf’ it’s called’Persian Gulf’

  4. Who cares what sanctions😀😀😀😀😀

  5. US made a fool of itself again by sanctioning Zarif

  6. if a foreign minister will go to iran to share his opinions he will get his head chopped off !!!
    unfortunately this terrorist got lucky this time

  7. 😂 🤣 This guy speak English better than Trump and his administration, very educated and comfortable in front of camera, I personally saw many times his interviews with different American news channels and it’s seems to me they cannot make him lose in front of live camera, his concentration to respond is fantastic, he does not missed any thing. 🤣

  8. با احترام……اسمان بار امانت نتوانست کشید
    قرعه ی کار به نام من دیوانه زدند

  9. That's exactly "Human rights" predented by United snakes!
    USA is Terrorist Nr 1 in the World

  10. Haha, this action of US just shows how desperate Mr. Rothschild's "puppets" are.

  11. USA can't do nothing to do that . Iran should make the atomic boom then only USA will stop threatening to Iran

  12. All Iran has to do is get transport cargo planes from China to carry their goods and stuffs.Simple as that.

  13. USA is calling for its own destruction in near future
    Look how are they playing unfair with Russia china Iran north korea Mexico and Europe

  14. Crying, them PEOPLE are hurting so bad, HAHAHAHA.

  15. America and israel is the biggest sponsor of terrorism

  16. Did he just said Jariv is an illegitimacy spokesman of the Iranian People ?!?
    Who DaFuck Is He?
    Lolll An Iranian 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. America is Afraid of Javed Zarif….Saudi Arabia should take some lessons from Shia Iran…….From Bangladesh…. 🇧🇩🇸🇦🇮🇷 love to Saudi and also love for Iran…

  18. IDK why I hate John Bolton (pissy Advisor) more as compared to Adolf Hitler and Narander Modi.

  19. Only stupid Americans would think it's wise to place sanctions on a man who was the main negotiator years before on striking a deal with them to which it was the US who broke the agreement at first place!.

    I am so glad that i got to see the people around the world finally realize the evil the US do!. 10 year's ago all you would see was dumb red necks post rubbish.

  20. No sanctions left to impose on Iran, they impose sanctions on individuals.

  21. Hoo wants too be the next president of Amerika hoo hates Iran…no one…i think soo…long live IRAN🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

  22. IsraHell and it's dog the United Hostage States of Zionica are the only countries which are spreading terrorism across the globe. Period.

  23. The whole world should sanction the US for creatung chaos around the world and killing civilian

  24. i'm from iran an i know this guy 'zarif' much better than all of u. he's a pro west prime minister and while our general policy is against the US he tried to have a good relationship with them but he failed! thank god at the moment even OUR gullible pro west governers do not trust the US, not anymore!

  25. This Sanction tingy is getting ridiculous….


  27. US is sanctioning any countries at its will but can't do to China or Saudi Arabia. 😀😂

  28. It clearly proves how US is afraid of informing people about truth.

  29. Bolton needs straitjacket on and straight into psychiatric institution!

  30. I think there's something wrong somewhere else…….

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