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US now has most reported coronavirus cases worldwide

There are now more reported cases of coronavirus in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world. FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo with more.

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  1. How many recovered? People.might be curious, ya know?


  3. Its China of course they're lying.

  4. i wish people would stop saying china is lying about their numbers. their numbers are accurate because they stopped testing when they hit 80k and that was weeks ago.

  5. U.S. has many more people than countries like Italy, Germany and Britain … of course our numbers are going to be higher … the whole country of Canada has fewer people than California alone.

  6. Don't worry china will help us

  7. I bet China is Triple that or worse to bad it's the most dishonest country in the world.

  8. That's the price we are paying right now for being irresponsible elected officials and citizens. And it's very sad to see some (mentally infected) people can't think about how figure out our own problems while blaming China or Demicrats each time they breathe.

  9. Celebrating Marti Gras instead of confessing sin and following Christ..

  10. A relative wrote that a niece went to hospital with asthmatic symptoms and was told to assume she had covid. Assume. Hmmm.

  11. You are TERRIBLE! We have a larger country and we have more tests. How dare you try to compound the useless scare tactics used by the leftist media. Guess you're part of them now. You should be ashamed.

  12. I did not know that this was a competition to see who has the most people infected……NEED MORE INFO ON HOW MANY WHO HAVE RECOVERED,,,,,,,

  13. Bio warfare…..who?and what's gonna be next!! 🙄

  14. well… we have more cases because we have tested more people than any other country on the planet

  15. Because we are testing now and we are putting the facts out there for all to see. Do we believe these other counties are doing the same. We will see more than 200.000 cases before this thing is over. There are people who have caught and gotten over it but we where not testing for this strand.

  16. I guess Trump was wrong and Qanon lied we doomed and stimulas package will not go to most in need sad will start ,die of virus or both . Thanks Trump for just helping people with money get more and those that have none lose everything and starve Shame on you

  17. Biological warfare has now been officially tested and proven effective. Alien invasion hoax must have been too difficult to pull off.
    Wondering what bioweapons are next.
    (Remember the Fema black, multi-person coffins being stockpiled a few years ago?)

  18. How about speaking to cases per million of population ???????? If we have nearly 6 times Italy's population are really worst off or more like South Korea ?

  19. It doesn’t surprise me honestly Americans can’t seem to take anything serious.. we live in such a way that we think nothing can happen to us…

  20. China has had the same number (3,292) of deaths for weeks now. Lying does no one any good China!

  21. The sanctuary are getting hit the hardest <> Think about it < If the invaders new the words ( Stay home meant they wouldn't be in the USA 3rd world thinkers

  22. DE Amerlicans had months to prepared for this, instead they seat back relaxed watching China bleed

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