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US to turn away asylum seekers, illegal immigrants due to coronavirus: Report

Retired Colonel David Hunt joins “The Evening Edit” to discuss a New York Times report that the U.S. will be turning away asylum seekers and illegal immigrants at the southern border in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus in detention centers.

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  1. Yet Chinese people are still flying in to the U.S

  2. Trump government's goal: denying asylum, impoverishing the majority of people (so they can be exploited as even cheaper work force), to erasing economic competitors for its friends + shifting even more tax money towards corporations and the rich.

  3. Democrats! We need the wall! It should have been built by now, but Democrats want everybody to get in ! Democrats destroying America!

  4. Where's jorge ramos on all this drama?????

  5. God bless the virus and God bless the 2nd Amendment…. and have mercy on this nation that was once free

  6. Turn them away anyway to bad

  7. Only Pray that the leaders of the world would stop playing the blame game, it don't fix the problem.

  8. G O O D!!!!!
    BOUT TIME!!!
    Sittin here couped up having to stay away from all my family and friends due to my immune system being lowered from the meds i take for 4th stage Liver Cancer …We as a country CANNOT TAKE THAT EXTRA BURDEN….WE NEED TO ALLOCATE ALL ..NOT SOME

  9. One world gov here we come. Let the agenda commence. American propaganda/ political theatre leading the sheep to the slaughter.

  10. We don't want you here , kick rocks right back down the Same road you came up !

  11. The joke is that there are more coronavirus cases in Canada than in Mexico.

  12. Thumbs up for Trump for building the wall at least he was prepared for this thing at the border

  13. Stop briefing you!!!!!! Colonel, you of all people should understand the importance of briefs.

  14. The title….HAHAHAHAHA! Ya think?

  15. So are you saying if we keep covid-19 at the border, that would deter illegal immigrants?

  16. So it took a Virus that is affecting THE WORLD to stop ILLEGALS at our borders???? PHUKING INSANE!!! Should have done this decades ago!!

  17. I don’t want these pussys in America they come benefit off the system and when time is rough they run away nope they could go back we’re they came from

  18. 🙏🏻 some good will come of this for all the upheaval

  19. Excellent! What a concept… enforcing US Law. There is a legal process in place. Follow it. Most asylum seekers are gaming the system. Want asylum? Go to the closest US Embassy and apply. Don't try and sneak into the country illegally and then claim asylum.

  20. Only took a pandemic for America to act like America and follow the laws again

  21. Hunt has no idea what is going on. Why would fox have this clown on

  22. The trump payout scam!!!


  23. Liberals have ceased fighting tooth and nail for open borders and sanctuary cities. Ha. Never thought I’d see the day. The way it should be

  24. The EU, which is a globalist disaster, after a decade of unchecked illegal immigration, decided to close the borders. The US should follow soon.

  25. Except Great Britain. Why are they exempt?

  26. we are on a so called war footing and they are speaking about the border being monitored, ish. really, are we really that worried about this, in one month seventeen hundred Chinese were apprehended that is racist right, the border is open and I can't buy bread, makes sense

  27. Coronavirus has done what our government has never done…close the borders

  28. Thank God…..one thing, why did it take a global virus to get people to follow the law and protect Americans instead of their selfish plans?

  29. This should have been done even before.

  30. Illegals are overwhelming the American healthcare. 🤔🤨

  31. You have to clean up your act.

  32. Course China may have just realized that the all those journalists from all those news organizations are nothing but fake news and they're not into fake news just like most of America isn't maybe those journalists should be stuck in a room filled with people infected with the coronavirus that would be Poetic Justice their lies their deceit she'd cost them dearly possibly even the ultimate price

  33. Well what do you know I guess border walls aren't such a bad idea after all they work pretty good in prisons to maybe Trump doesn't know what he's talking about and maybe the world in other countries need to find weather nut sack is Intel China if they want to be a part of this world they better clean up their act the better get their s*** together and they better start saving some money or putting some money aside to compensate each and every country that's been affected by this pandemic caused by them no if ands or buts!

  34. So they’re asylum seekers or illegal immigrants? Anyway we don’t even have money to give to the needy in US why would we waste money for these people?

  35. Put those ppl in Nancy Pelosi’s district

  36. Excellent Shut the border down completely

  37. There are some very real similarities between the Democrate party and Communist China. They do only what best to position for leverage, control and power.

  38. It's too bad that it takes something like this to finally do what should have been done years ago. There is no telling how many infected people have already crossed. If they would make these bleeding heart liberals have to let these illegals live with them for the first few months they are in the country. They would start singing a different tune.

  39. It’s true, China is a huge health problem for the world. China: the unwashed butthole of the world.

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