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Using Sony's Project Morpheus VR headset | Engadget

Using Sony's Project Morpheus VR headset | Engadget

The cat’s out of the bag and… uh, on our head? Okay, we can do better than that, but what we’re trying to say is that we just used Sony’s new PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset: Project Morpheus. You already know the specs and all that good stuff; we’re here to tell you what it’s like using the still-in-prototype-form virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4. Good news: It’s pretty great! Surprise!

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  1. people and the VR in 2014 😂👇

  2. if they keep upgrading it they might make it like reality and the world could be like smash bros, x men days of future past, or sword art online

  3. Everything about the Oculus looks cooler than Morpheus. You look like an Air Traffic Controller from the future waving those PS Moves about

  4. One big question, will it support people who wear glasses?

  5. never send a pc fanboy to check out console stuff…

  6. I hear about sword art online everytime i check out some vr videos, so i had to check out sao and it turned out it was a very cool japanese anime series about this kid and a whole bunch of online players got stucked in the virtual gaming world because some evil gamedeveloper had shut down the whole system, the problem is they cant log out:)

  7. LOL, the dragon scared him

  8. Anyone else noticed him freaking out at the end lol 

  9. Grand theft auto on this will be awesome!!!

  10. I want sword art online on this, but of course.also be able to log out lol

  11. I don't understand these because there's only limited space in a room and the PS Move (I believe it's called) with the Morpheus are going to be cool yet complicated to work with, kind of like the Rift and the Hydra's…

  12. just ordered my crystal cove developers kit! Yessss

  13. it will be compatible with hella games, dont worry.

  14. What's the music in the background?

  15. Alien isolation with this…..

  16. Wonderful, were one step closer to Sword Art! Let the gemes begin >:D

  17. Why not make a game like in the movie "The Island" fuse with this, that would be incredible

  18. This is a Sony Virtual Reality headset created, designed, and programmed by SONY specifically for Sony Playstation 4 gaming console.  It's primary focus is to bring the VR gaming /media experience to console gamers as mentioned very clearly in the above video provided by Engadget if you don't like this because it's not on your platform of choice don't behave like some sore loser or PC elitist, Instead try to discern whether your argument or complaints make any sense in the first place…..:)  

  19. This doesn't even look immersive

  20. They should make the this VR compatible with Outlast. HAHA

  21. It should have gloves with sensors instead of the move controllers…. that would put the reality in  virtual reality.

  22. so uma coisa porra tanta tecnologia o cara vem e me faz 2 bastão em vês de luvas ficaria muito melhor se invés de 2 bastões ridículos fosse uma luva vc poder ter mais controle sobre as mãos ….so minha opinião 

  23. mm interesting Sony's Project.

  24. can i play call of duty with this?

  25. Imagine horror games on this. Oh fuck no


  27. I hope I can use a regular joystick instead of those dildos muve controlers

  28. Wow even the presenter on this video is a console fan boy, you don't need a $1000 pc but having a good pc will obviously be a little more expensive than a console but you can do a whole lot more on a pc than a console just saying, consoles are also great form of entertainment so no hate on the consoles.

  29. Wow this reminds me of a ps4 concept commercial when he was able to experience the dragon eating him

  30. Worth the buy, i hope it comes out under 30$ dollars it would be great.

  31. Well stated Ben! It's about time consoles take the leap to VR instead of on some expensive PC……

  32. Blah…. Controller please

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