Valentines Day Date Night Get Ready With Me! My shower, hair, beauty and outfit for our romantic evening!
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** This video contains a paid partnership with Head & Shoulders

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Tom Ford scrub –
Charlotte Tilbury cleanser –
Daisy toner –
Vita Liberata tanning drops –
La Mer moisturiser –
Dyson Airwrap –
Vita Liberata tinted cream –
Bareminerals Bare Pro –
Charlotte Tilbury concealer –
ABH brow wiz –
Givenchy brow gel –
Tom Ford bronzer –
YSL blush –
Chantecaille highlighter –
Bobbi Brown palette –
Max Factor Masterpiece Max –
Caudalie beauty elixir –
Tom Ford Sable Smoke –

Pink dress –

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  1. Stunning, absolutely gorgeous.

  2. So beautiful, elegant,classy,as usual. Perfection.💝

  3. Head and shoulders still does animal experiments and is I think a PG brand a more natural more friendly would be better for your new philosophy

  4. I love the video you look stunning I would wear that outfit beautiful.

  5. you look so lovely for date night . Thank you for lisitng the products that you use.
    My friend uses head & shoulders she tried so many salon products so much money wasted & she tried the head & shouldres & only thing that has helped. Thank you for posting that !! Have a lovley evening ( Judy )

  6. This video is filmed so beautifully, you continue to inspire me in each and every one of your videos xx

  7. Love the dress! Where did you get it from ? can't find the link thanks!

  8. Your delivery was softer and slower than usual. Must say that I prefer this style of narrating. Very relaxing and intriguing to listen to. Beautiful video.

  9. I would love to know the color you use on your brows. I’m a blonde too but can’t seem to find a color that isn’t too dark on me. Thanks for your help! Loved the video ❤️

  10. Everything was absolutely perfect and beautiful!! Thanks😘

  11. What shower brush for your hair do you use?

  12. Beautiful lady were is your dress from


  14. Although the video was a paid partnership, I love that you spent just as much time talking through and showing your full "get ready" routine and not just that one product. It was classy and lovely as always.

  15. I am obsessed with everything in this video! Your makeup, your set up, your routine! I love how everything looks so pretty and classy! Loved the makeup look and you are my new favorite makeup guru! So beautiful!

  16. Loved it , so simple and relaxing , have fun darling

  17. You look FABULOUS. You couldn't have done any better. Love you!

  18. You are so elegant u look beautiful May u have good night😗❤

  19. So elegant and feminine love it

  20. LOVE👑💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💋

  21. So beautiful Josie! Happy Valentine’s Day !

  22. I loved this so much, I didn’t want it to end. Love u. Xxxxxxx

  23. I think you looked great, but a pop of red on the lips, fingers, accessories would've taken this number to a sexier eye-popping level for a special valentines evening… your guy would've been pleasantly surprised because he would have not expected the pop of color.

  24. Amo seus vídeos, não entendo quase nada mas adoro.😘

  25. Lovely as always! 🙂 you are such an inspiration! 🙂

  26. You look stunning!!! Hope you had a wonderful date night! Cheers.

  27. OMG I love this video and I love your look today!! <3

  28. hi! what shade is your tom ford bronzer and ysl blush?

  29. Hi! May you indicate your size did you get for each item please? It’s difficult shopping on line in different countries and different brands. Thank you.

  30. Love your get ready with me's.

  31. Josie, you seem to have tried a lot of face self tanners! Could you recommend us your favourites and tell us how each one works please? Hugs from Costa Rica!

  32. The filming was beautiful but it would have been helpful if you'd listed the products down below. Recently, there has been an overload of advertisements from this channel and I'm a little disappointed to see so many ads. :/

  33. Stunning look! Happy Valentines Day to you and Charlie! ❤️❤️

  34. Where r the shoes from 😀😀

  35. Happy Valentine’s Day. Love the dress. Where did you get it. Thank you 💕

  36. Hello my name is Asiya, i 'm from Kazakhstan.

  37. You are very beautiful woman and I love ur hair soft and shiny, 100% flake free… I love to use "Head & shoulders" dandruff shampoo, nice quality of product for beautiful hair everyday! Happy Valentine's day, honey! Kisses, Xx 💋💞💝

  38. Head and Shoulders has been around for at least 40 years they must be doing something right. My 22 year old daughter uses it and I can’t tell you how many compliments she gets on her shiny bouncy hair. She just has oily scalp not dandruff.

  39. I’m so glad you are using LaMer facial moisturizer, it is the best thing I’ve ever used! The downside is the price, but if it keeps us away from Botox and fillers it’s worth it. I’ve never done it and I never plan to. Gorgeous look for Vday!

  40. you look absolutely stunning Josie! I hope you're having a fantastic valentines day! much love from Germany xx

  41. Hi Josie. I stumbled on your channel a few weeks ago and I am your fan already. I really like the color combo of your outfit. It’s really chic, classy, and so on. I want to wear bright colors as well, but I just don’t feel good every time I wore it. It made me anxious and uncomfortable. Perhaps you can make a video about how to make darker colors look luxurious as well? Or maybe you’ve made this kind of video, could you please give me the link? Thankyou so much for every thing you did on this channel. Greetings from Indonesia ❤️

  42. i'm very exciting and enjoy 😊 🌹🌹🌹happy valentine's day 😘😘😘😘

  43. Josie, you look gorgeous! P.S. I really like your velvet shoes! Thank you and enjoy Valentine's Day!

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