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Varney: Check your 401(k) before supporting impeachment

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on impeachment moving forward as the economy continues to prosper.

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  1. They have to get Trump out The stock market is getting out of control Obama did a great job keeping it down to around five percent.


  3. Your "prosperity" is a Fed-supported stock market bloated with corporate buybacks. The actual economy has not changed hardly at ALL in the past 4 years, except the debt you created.
    401ks aren't going to sustain anyone through a recession.

  4. President Trump is like the climate on this one. NOTHING Changes! BUILD THE WALL TRUMP 2020 !

  5. My 401k has doubled in last 3 years. 10 years of obo and my 401k didn't move %20.

  6. My 401k is completely independent of trump he isn't responsible for it

  7. Most Demacrats have no 401k or common sense

  8. Consumer spending is propping up the economy. Most of which is fueled by debt (credit cards). Over 40 million Americans are still repaying debt from last years holiday shopping season. Once consumers can no long service that debt…there will be problems. Stop making this political. There are obviously cracks in the economy that cant be ignored.

  9. Democrat's bad taste in their mouth.

  10. I may actually get to retire early! 401K is on fire! Trump 2020!!!

  11. They want their power back and continue their nefarious wrongful acts for their masters/elite globalists. They have proven they do not care for its citizens and rely on misinformed, illegal aliens for votes. We cannot allow a Dem to take office or we are doomed. The good news is that President Trump is a Godsend and protected. God/prophecy states that President Trump will be serving another term. Despite the backlash, lies, from Dems/MSM, and Rhinos, , President Trump still stands…… what are the odds? Have faith patriots 🙂

  12. Schiff and Nadler aren't the Varsity squad if you're wanting to get something done. Pelosi, their "boss" can't remember where she put the gavel. AOC sneaks into the chamber late at night and beats the Greed New Deal gavel when nobody's looking.

  13. I want to hear what Hunter, Shifty, Eric, Joe, Hillary have to say. Why are the Dems not moving it to the Senate now?

  14. Trump's evil swamp minions on fox trying to threaten and scare people into supporting this idiot manchild. Trump is getting so desperate it's funny as all hell!

  15. Dems have spent 3 years crusading to find dirt, with which to impeach President Trump. Now they want to impeach him for doing a little of the same.

  16. Im up 40k this year due to The Trump economy

  17. WOW!!! Varney is such a lying Ahole. . . Not as bad as the POS inhabiting the WH.

  18. HISTORIES MOST ICONIC DUO IDIOTS NADLER AND SCHIFF> Beavis and Butt-head > Dumb and Dumber>Tom and Jerry > Wanyne and Garth>Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble>Michael > Abbott and Costello>Sponge bob and Patrick> Borat and Azamat.

  19. The success of my 401K is not in any way related to the illegal acts done by President Bone Spurs.


  21. Hate mongers are running the dog and pony show real people are not welcome,

  22. You spread it thin like butter. Who cuts of his right hand hates himself

  23. It is great for the 40 % of the country that has a 401K but don't any of you care about Americans that don't?

  24. The rotten demon crats will stop at nothing for power they are a complete anti American party now that's why I left and Pelosi is the worst speaker in our history

  25. Varney is barmy…. Its an ethical issue Varney…. He's the laughing stock of the world and we don't want him because he bends laws to suit him by employing underhand tactics, lies and populist theories!!

  26. TDS is the only thing driving this continual attempt at a coup of our elected president. Keep it up never trumpers because it's helping President Trump win 2020. He is the rite man for the job. My 401 is looking great. Thanks Don. I needed that. Trump 2020 😉

  27. The only high crimes and treason are on the other side.

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