Varney: Dems’ hatred of Trump is suspending government

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on the Democrats’ continued push to impeach President Trump while bringing the business of the House to a standstill.

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  1. And Republicans hatred for Obama put a roadblock in all political action in the eight-year term.. Republicans fought everything Obama ever did. It's the same thing you goofy Jack A**.

  2. The American people should be compensated for the idiotic actions of the Democratic Party,
    It has to stop , even democrats should be aware of this crap !
    If they want him out do it the correct way “VOTE”
    It’s too late now , President Trump will win the 2020 election, and hopefully he will make the Democratic leaders pay for what they started !

  3. i'm done with it it has been lies and no evidence to show any crimes ill never vote for DEMBOCRATS again

  4. The Democrats are once again the Confederates……………The Democrats are fools if they think their version of America is American….It's not!!…..theirs is European.

  5. It's sad that even PBS has fallen to the same low as the other former news network's.

  6. Adam Shiftyshit. Just look at him sitting on that big chair acting like a queen.

  7. What keeps comming to light is the corruption of the Bidens, like a turd that floats to the top of the cesspool.

  8. What crap are the Democrats gonna come up with after Trump wins next November.

  9. We know he'll win cause he's spent the last 4 year's campaigning for minions like you..

  10. The constitution is written to balance the powers of our govt.. With out that back to authoritarianism or Monarchy Mr Englishman go back to england

  11. Yes pleas stick your head in the sand ..

  12. I have one thing to say: what will happen to democrats at poles after this? Mr Schiff is doing a great job in damaging his own party.. Great many democrats will vote for…republican this time.

  13. Every day Polise and schiff had out doctor excuses to their democrats so they have an excuse why they get nothing done.

  14. Talkin about fatigued? such an obvious circus led by pencil neck shifty.

  15. It's all a distraction.
    If everyone turned off their TVs and radios, it would expose what's really going on.
    Do not watch or engage

  16. I got out when Kent stated that he won’t testify on items he had already submitted documents for.Yawn. Republicans are standing strong and defending our beloved President.Schiff needs to be taken down .

  17. Another setup. The whistlbowhard would have gone to his boss, not
    Schiff. If this can be found to be a conspiracy to conspire between
    Sxhiff and blowhard: treason, sedition should not be overlooked.

  18. Another setup. The whistlbowhard would have gone to his boss, not
    Schiff. If this can be found to be a conspiracy to conspire between
    Sxhiff and blowhard: treason, sedition should not be overlooked.

  19. Trump and crew needs to go after Biden and son for their legit crimes.

  20. Can a true patriot support Trump?

  21. I didn't think Democrats believed in making money for Americans!!!!!!!

  22. 73 dislikes; " But I hate the guy…I'm going to HOLD MY BREATH till you get him out!!!"

  23. Why does'nt someone fire Shiff for all his lies? Put him on a lie detector & let the truth prevail!!! So everyone get down to BUSINESS! OUR MILITARY ETC NEEDS ALL APPROVED NOW NOT TOMORROW!!!!

  24. Sarchasm and facetiousness on the money lol

  25. The reason these do nothing dems are not doing anything, is because they are too ignorant to know what to do or how to do it. They have to listen to big mommy Pelosi to tell them what to do, what to wear, when to speak. 3rd grade petty nonsense. We the taxpayers pay their salary. We the people need to pay them when they do some work for “we the people” otherwise what are we paying them for? Are we really that ignorant? I DO NOT THINK SO!

  26. None of the Republicans are watching the process, so have they gone fishing? Over two hundred bills sitting on Mitch's desk.

  27. Not that these people did any work before but this kind off proves they are not worth the expense.

  28. Sick. Of. Theses. Dem. Clowns. Wish. It. Would. End.

  29. Pencil neck is leading a fail coup against our PRESIDENT TRUMP. He will ne remember as the guy with the funny neck.

  30. The dirty PURE EVIL dems can't buy OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP like they have so many others with dirty money everyone of these things need to be HANGED BY MILITARY TRIBUNAL NOW GO PRESIDENT TRUMP GO 2020 2024 WE THE GOOD AMERICANS ARE STANDING WITH YOU

  31. All we want is to survive all of us not just some of us

  32. Trump is not hated so much as he is feared that all the DC Democrat corruption will be exposed and curtailed.

  33. I’m a Trump supporter and I’m bored, fake news.

  34. the dems are costing the hardworking people millions of dollars playing their stupid games

  35. We support president trump. We support america and justice and laws. All the dems and fed law are doing is illegal. They use their offices to disable and attempt to over throw america. All need gitmo waterboarded and hanged for their treasons and crimes.

  36. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi for PRISON. TRUMP 2020

  37. Honestly Varney, I did not watch the entire gossip show except Nuenes opening statement which was spot on.

  38. Immature juveniles throwing their fists demanding what they're not entitled to but still trying hard. Daddy Trump is standing strong and firm !!!😂😂

  39. Is there anyone in the democratic party that's has a brain.

  40. Time to start EXECUTING traitors in Congress.

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