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Varney: New York is paying a big price for its economic incompetence

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney’s on billionaire investor Carl Icahn reportedly moving his hedge fund to Florida. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Yeah they ridicule Trump and Rudy but how much better off were they years ago?

  2. hell new York want to give every thing for free in york city with no to pay the bills

  3. CARL ICHAN is one evil man. He took over TWA, depleted our pension funds, sold off our assets to himself and rented back to TWA. At the same time he started a ticket business and sold tickets on TWA at a lower rate than TWA. He caused the downfall of the TWA – all for the sake of money. Many people committed suicide because of loss of jobs. He has blood on his hands for many people.

    One story about Carl Ichan – the flight attendants wanted to collect foreign money from returning tourist for the Women's abuse shelter. Carl Ichan would only allow it if he received a portion of the money collected.

    My pension with TWA had to be taken over by the government because he depleted our fully funded pension before destroying our company. I now get pennies on the dollar (28 cents per dollar) from the government for working there 25 years. My pension should have been around $1,000/month…now it is $280.00/month

    Watch out for this man in Florida…..he may build buildings, and have places named after him – but he does it all on the backs on people that live below $100,000 – 25,000 a year.

  4. B4 Icahn & all the other billionaires or multi-millionaires left NY -I told anyone that would listen -it's the beginning of NY becoming a 3rd world state after CA once all these billion/millionaires left NY for greener pastures as who wants to see their $$ go down the drain being used for dems/illegals & none used for the less fortunate Americans esp veterans. If it were not for Pres Trump, the poor would really be downtrodden & left on the sides whilst these clueless so-called bureaucrats run the NY down the tubes to ruin…see that coming soon too…as they think to keep raising the taxes as the solution -aoc, mayor, gov'nor, etc….they're not biz'man but have been paid a salary all their lives -they dont know how to run a govt…

  5. New York is full of idiots and their dumb


  7. According to AOC, he deserves to get out of all those stupid people who believe that
    They should pay MOST of what they
    make and go someplace else, and I'm sure the people in Florida are happy to have more people with brains that made all those $$$$$$, in Florida to share those $$$$$$ !

  8. and now Trump will be joining these esteem people.

  9. Defintion of DUMS: financial incompetence……..among MANY other things!

  10. Trump is now added to the Exodus🙄

  11. Democrats are the only people who would enjoy turning gold into lead.

  12. Guess he is tired of supporting the liberals socialist agendas. Like free everything.

  13. 17 billion dollars fortune and he complaint about paying taxes?….jummmm…!

  14. Here is hoping the price gets higher and higher.

  15. It is a democrat run state. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. The socialist democrats are slow learners because they keep instituting the same old socialist crap and expecting paradise. Stupid.

  16. Varney is an idiot. The economy has not grown at all. It's financial engineering that drove prices up. Stock buybacks, which were outlawed in 34 for crashing the market. History doesn't repeat itself, it merely escalates on return engagements. Whales have sold stocks, and sit on cash, like Buffett. When the market drops 70% they'll buy back into it for pennies on the dollar as pension funds and retirements funds get slashed. Seniors will die broke on the street.

  17. You know over-night we could fix all our problems start up a Domestic Digital Credits system for the USA only spendable in the USA. and regulate inflation to around 1-2% a year. just issue every citizen a Social Security card with a chip and strip!. and issue every citizen a UBI of 2-3 thousand a month. that does not come from taxes or put on the debt!. that way we would not need to collect taxes from anyone. work and get money on top of those credits, . talk about a booming economy?. no taxes and every consumer has extra funds to spend. can pay rent etc…

  18. “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher

  19. I think we need to start making high ranking government officials take Constitution, economics and budgeting/accounting classes before being sworn into office. If they can't pass, the person with the next amount of votes gets the office.

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