Varney: Pelosi's impeachment event was an exercise in 'self-promotion'

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on how Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment meeting was a ‘charade’ compared to the celebration of the US-China trade deal signing.

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  1. If and WHEN Pelosi loses that position as Speaker, I believe we will be reading about her SUICIDE shortly thereafter.

  2. Given the clowns who are impeaching President Trump, the President will wear that as a badge of honor and his supporters, who are growing in number day after day, will applaud him for wearing that badge of honor.

  3. Maxine Waters gonna pawn her pen!

  4. Donald 'doesn't know' a lot for a President…

  5. It was such Joke with Pelosi's and her gang. That's what I stated it was like funeral march. I laugh and it was so sad by the supposed educated people that the American people voted for. Sad, shame and so disrespected to the President of the United State of America who did more for this country within three years then most presidents did in four or eight years. He proved to the American People that you can things done. Does not take four years to get things done. He did more than another one. Very sad, what our nation is going through. This will go down in history. If the youth of today, voted in the Dingbats down the road in about ten to twenty years. They will all get what they deserved, and look around and just look at SF., CA LA, CA and even HI very bad homeless problem. Why because the western states are flying them one way ticket to HI. Sad! If I was governor I would be flying them back to the state them came from. Homeless, never existed in this country, very rare and they had flop houses in NYC. Today, its all about high rents and greedy landlords and should have never happen. That's what will happen to this nation, poverty country and that's what they want. By that time, they will have robots doing a lot of the work and nobody will have job. Sad, so they will send you some crumbs and be happy and everyone will be homeless and living in tent or tipi.

  6. Finally, the funeral procession begins.

  7. What exactly do the DUM DISGUSTING DEMS PLAN ON DOING TO PUNISH THOSE OF US THAT VOTED FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP? WILL THEY figure out ways to punish us, they have succeeded in destroying our excellent economy, what next? Once a person is so overcome with hate it's hard to stop! Raise taxes,

  8. Funeral march for the impeachment documents…ha.ha.ha…STUPID…

  9. Dems would rather nullify free and fair elections than help the people of America prosper. Kind of like the mullahs in Iran.

  10. Long live Queen 👑 Pelosi.

  11. Looks like leftist tears are back on the menu boys!

  12. The next time the Democrats are going to be walking it's not under their own speed and going to have handcuffs on

  13. Really Fox? Are you that naive? Dumbass.

  14. There is something wrong with that lot in the house its like some sort of mad cow disease laughing stock of the country…Trump 2020 role on…

  15. I know the stachue of liberty I don’t care media weather publish or close I don’t care but now I fell safe in my house that is great for me I hv hands to work I can survive on my pristrize Nd Nd my power It’s my degenity Because it’s not easy to give birth of children I take care of my kids my Self Nd grew up my self I’m the person self defender I don’t trust even my husband nor any bodi I kiss my trust from my country government I don’t trust even government I know about tacnology how smart you people are to scam people s

  16. Not a big fan of this. Show both or nothing.

  17. Yeps, impeachment's forever, Nancy. So is being a traitor to the United States of America and disgracing the House of Representatives. Precisely what Americans expect from a Gambino connected Representative.

  18. Senators running for the Presidency should excuse themselves from the impeachment trail, because of biased towards President Donald Trump. Are they not voting for impeachment and removal of Donald Trump as a candidate to their favor?
    Are they not doing the same as what they accused Trump of doing to Joe Binden?

  19. We want a Stuart Varney / Charles Payne ticket in 2024 !!!

  20. Crazy nancy will vote for trump in Nov 2020. She hates trump so much that she vote for trump at the ballot. Lol😆

  21. I swear I can hear the faint blow of a tuba in the distance any time I see Nadler walking.

  22. Pompous Circumstance!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. I can't wait to see President Trump slow clap his hands in her face at the next State of the Union.

  24. I did see it on YouTube. Nancy Stammered and stuttered to her process of Bologna. Towards the end it seems she got her stuff in one sock, and actually put out some coherent sentences. Where is Hunter?
    Nancy did sign the impeachment papers, one letter at a time, 1 pen to each letter, so that everybody can get a commemorative pen. They take such pride in their work.

  25. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are extremely EVIL PEOPLE !!!

  26. you know where you can shove those pens Nancy…………. where the sun don't shine.

  27. Time for the people to rid ourselves of the “ do nothing for the people democrats ! “ all they have done is spent millions trying to frame innocent people with fake crimes ! Russia hoax was bought by Hillary but just bartalk hearsay- Horowitz !) , mueller report page 2 “ no Americans colluded with Russia , Adams schiff lied on cnn and msnbc ! No obstruction! , Horowitz said comey and mcabe and others 17 times lied/had errors on fisa court to spy on trump and changed an email to dupe fisa judge ! and brenan lied about dossier under oath, leaked classified info to media , all that and now Ukraine , bribery, abuse of power, obstruction of congress with no fact witnesses just hearsay and you got a known liar Adam schiff and Pelosi running the show as usual and fake news ! , – it’s horrible! Outrage !

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