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Varney: Socialist frontrunners are being attacked by their own kind

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney discusses how the liberal media is reacting to 2020 Democratic candidates. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Media listening to obama. Even Barry sees what's happening

  2. Pokeahinny wants taxpayers to foot free medical insurance for illegal aliens. She's a wack job!

  3. The democrates will loose no matter who runs.


  5. I definitely like this guy he's pretty cool haha Democrats have no way of winning anything they have no agenda for the American people too bad. Go Trump 20/20 all the way.

  6. They've opened a can of worms that will eat them alive. There will always be someone more radical in which people will follow. KARMA

  7. Liz = make USA into a SOCIALIST VENEZUELA.

  8. Are you done winning yet? Me neither!

  9. Only a Fool would think raising taxes and giving more of your hard earned money to the Government is a good idea!

  10. Poco Hanunt Us needs to drop out of the race! It will be so good to see and hear the end of her fantasies!

  11. Please note I DID NOT POST THIS MESSAGE MULTIPLE TIMES. This has to be something Youtube has done. Sorry.

  12. Please note I DID NOT POST THIS MESSAGE MULTIPLE TIMES. This has to be something Youtube has done. Sorry.

  13. How can anyone believe this habitual liar.

  14. They are setting the scene for Clinton to run.

  15. Ah Yes Locohauntus strikes again!!!!!!!

  16. Warren constantly sounds like she's scolding everyone for leaving the toilet seat up! And for that, everyone in earshot has to pay the price. 🤦

  17. real socialists can see pocahontas is a fake

  18. EW declared WAR on American businesses! What does she expect??

  19. Bernie and Elizabeth need to run for office in Venezuela.

  20. "Communism to me is one-third practice and two-thirds explanation." Will Rogers

  21. The the Dumbocrats talk all they want. They are just exposing their true natures. I hope they enjoy watching Trump get re-elected in 2020.

  22. Sorry to say….Even this screeching woman would be a far better president than the disgusting thing that's in there now

  23. The NYT attacking Warren almost makes me give her a second look.

  24. There’s a new drug and it’s on the news every day about it being tested it’s tested on democrats an libs it’s result as you can see , not to good huh I guess it makes you delusional, hallucinating,
    Well let’s try something else

  25. The Dems have no viable candidates for 2020…. Haha losers.

  26. Gotta love it. Hopefully they (Dems/Liberals) will just literally eat each other!

  27. Shocked !, shocked !, shocked I say !!!!!

  28. THERE is always a reason for the NYT to do and say what they do. There is no panic with the Times. They want Biden in!

  29. That's because Hillary Clinton just advised to vote for Biden

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