Varney: Trump dominated the world stage in London

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on the president’s visit to London and the contrast of impeachment.

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  1. Is a blond dye head Susan Li an insult to ethnic purity or career self-marketing, or even worse, just a clowning portrait of a failing representation of her ethnicity?

  2. Has anybody ever seen a single hair of gray on the heads of, Carl Quintanilla, David Faber, Phil LeBeau, Andrew Ross Sorkin, or Robert Frank and Michael Santoli (good luck viewing their Wikipedia pages, there are none), however, these are the crown heads of and on the financial network CNBC, and as such must remain forever young, least their financial punditry/reporting become stale before its delivered, in the financial world as in show business, appearance is the bottom dollar…and no cents…appearance has become their ‘stock-n-trade’… And don’t bother searching for gray hairs among their female on air talent either, while some are aged, all I could find was red greasy lips, and as much dyed blond hair as on any CNN cablecast… Nobody appears as old as yesterday’s stock quotes on this network…

  3. Mr. Varney thank you for every day show if you there I do not miss it and also I really do like the

    Lady’s and Gentlemen working with you.

  4. he wuz made funuv…..LOL!!!! I LUUV PEECHES BTW!!!!

  5. These idiots couldn't pilot a inner tube. Just let President Trump drive the yacht. It's what "WE THE PEOPLE" hired him for. Walk these traitorous land lubbers off the plank Mate!

  6. These idiots couldn't pilot a inner tube. Just let President Trump drive the dam yacht. It's what "WE THE PEOPLE" hired him for. Walk these traitorous land lubbers off the plank Mate!

  7. There is a dislike button, if anyone try to ridiculed our POTUS, give them the thumb down, thanks. Trump 2020

  8. Thanks for your positive opinions Varney.

  9. President Trump is NOT two-faced and tells the TRUTH!! He gets things accomplished, and has done EVERYTHING he said he would do for our country….the democrats are foaming at the mouth with jealousy…what a disgrace they are!!

  10. Booming Economy and our President keeps on working hard to prove he's keeping his campaign promises all the while the Democratic party is trying to impeach our President and take him out of office by promoting their Agenda of Lies and Hate for our President! Total SHAM!! Trump did nothing wrong. Adam Schiff made up a story and Sold it Lock Stock and Barrel to the TRUMP HATER's! AMERICA WAKE UP AMERICA LET'S SHUT ADAM SCHIFF AND NANCY PELOSI AND THEIR ENTIRE PARTY DOWN!!!! AMERICA FIRST ALWAYS AND FOREVER 🇺🇸♥️🙏🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏♥️

  11. Why did they try to hand the world's check to him and he said separate checks. Please?


  13. Surely you jest. Guess you are so busy with six months in and six months out in your Marital Status, you are loosing your perspective on things. They laughed at him.

  14. Yes he did, he made everyone laughed hard.

  15. im wondering if trudeau peed his pants again

  16. Huh? He got ridiculed and left in Shame after getting laughed at by the leaders of our 3 closest friends. Nice spin

  17. It's amazing how astute these professional politicians par excellence are — Trump doesn't stand a chance against them! Neil Armstrong landed on Mars? HA HA HA HA HA ! ! ! ! !

  18. It's time we all get together and just start to pray for our wonderful president we should all set a time where we pray for him all the same time I think that'd be great and that be a lot of power going his way let me know

  19. All Hail to His Majesty Trump!!! All Hail America!!! All Hail Trump!!!

  20. And the World Leaders Laughed at Trump just like they have been doing for the Past 3 yrs since He took Office ! 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛


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